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Shot Put, Both Hands, Men

Date11 July 1912
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants7 from 4 countries

This was the only time this event was held at the Olympic Games. It was rarely contested at major meets, but the world record was 28.00 metres, set by America’s Ralph Rose at Oakland just a month before the Olympics (2 June). Rose barely qualified for the final, placing third behind his teammate, Pat McDonald, who led the qualifying, and Finland’s Elmer Niklander. In the final, McDonald improved with both hands and led until Rose’s very last throw with his left hand. Until then, Rose was in third place, still trailing the other two finalists. But his last left-handed mark was an improvement of almost one metre, and vaulted him to the gold medal.

1Ralph RoseUSA26.50 (3)27.70 (1)GoldOR
2Pat McDonaldUSA26.77 (1)27.53 (2)Silver
3Elmer NiklanderFIN26.67 (2)27.14 (3)Bronze
4Larry WhitneyUSA24.09 (4)
5Einar NilssonSWE23.37 (5)
6Paavo AhoFIN23.30 (6)
7Mkrtich MkryanTUR19.78 (7)
DNSErik SvenssonSWE
DNSJanne AnderssonSWE
DNSGéza PogányHUN
DNSHenry KlagesUSA
DNSRussell BeattyUSA
DNSHerbert ThatcherUSA
DNSKálmán KirchhofferHUN
DNSSzilárd JoanovitsHUN
DNSNikolaos GeorgantasGRE
DNSImre MudinHUN
DNSRezső UjlakiHUN
DNSEric LemmingSWE
DNSCarl Johan LindSWE
DNSEmil MagnussonSWE
DNSHenning MöllerSWE
DNSGunnar NilssonSWE
DNSOtto NilssonSWE
DNSRobert OlssonSWE
DNSHugo WieslanderSWE
DNSGeorge PhilbrookUSA
DNSJim ThorpeUSA

Qualifying Round (11 July 1912 — 14:00)

Qualifiers were separated into two groups. Three puts with each hand, the best put with each hand to be totalled for the final result. Top three throwers advanced to the final.

1Pat McDonaldUSA26.77Q
2Elmer NiklanderFIN26.67Q
3Ralph RoseUSA26.50Q
4Larry WhitneyUSA24.09
5Einar NilssonSWE23.37
6Paavo AhoFIN23.30
7Mkrtich MkryanTUR19.78

Qualifying Round, Group A (11 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Larry WhitneyUSA24.0913.48/10.61×/××/×
2Einar NilssonSWE23.3712.52/10.05×/10.85×/×
3Paavo AhoFIN23.3012.54/10.2512.72/10.29×/10.58

Qualifying Round, Group B (11 July 1912 — 14:00)

1Pat McDonaldUSA26.7713.95/11.3714.92/11.74×/11.85
2Elmer NiklanderFIN26.6714.24/11.84×/××/12.43
3Ralph RoseUSA26.5015.11/11.04×/11.1915.23/11.27
4Mkrtich MkryanTUR19.78×/8.9310.85/××/×

Final Round (11 July 1912)

1Ralph RoseUSA27.7014.78/11.34×/11.6515.10/12.47
2Pat McDonaldUSA27.5315.08/11.79×/12.29×/12.45
3Elmer NiklanderFIN27.1413.55/12.42×/×14.71/×