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Shot Put, Men

Date17 October 1964
LocationKokuritsu Kyogijo, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Participants22 from 13 countries

Parry O’Brien was back for his fourth Olympics but was no longer the dominant thrower. That honor fell to 1960 bronze medalist Dallas Long. Long had broken the world record five times in 1964, three of them were ratified. He was expected to be challenged by a newcomer, 19-year-old Randy Matson. In Tokyo, O’Brien never got into the medal positions, bronze going to 1962 European Champion Vilmos Varjú. Long led after round one with 19.61 (64-4), but Matson took the lead in round three with 19.88 (65-2¾). In round four they both had their longest throws, Long winning the gold medal with 20.33 (66-8½) to Matson’s 20.20 (66-3¼).

1746Dallas LongUSA19.51 (1)20.33 (1)GoldOR
2747Randy MatsonUSA18.92 (2)20.20 (2)SilverOR
3297Vilmos VarjúHUN18.26 (4)19.39 (3)Bronze
4748Parry O'BrienUSA17.84 (11)19.20 (4)
5298Zsigmond NagyHUN18.14 (5)18.88 (5)
6680Nikolay KarasyovURS17.83 (12)18.86 (6)
7472Les MillsNZL18.05 (=7)18.52 (7)
8678Adolfas VaranauskasURS17.86 (10)18.41 (8)
9512Władysław KomarPOL18.05 (=7)18.20 (9)
10679Viktor LipsnisURS18.90 (3)18.11 (10)
11243Rudolf LangerGER17.90 (9)17.29 (11)
12242Dieter HoffmannGER17.82 (13)17.11 (12)
13280Georgios TsakanikasGRE18.05 (6)16.87 (13)
14 r1/2244Heinfried BirlenbachGER17.77 (14)
15 r1/2511Alfred SosgórnikPOL17.75 (15)
16 r1/2183Martyn LuckingGBR17.67 (16)
17 r1/2360Silvano MeconiITA17.29 (17)
18 r1/2435Lahcen SamsamMAR17.24 (18)
19 r1/2182Mike LindsayGBR17.23 (19)
20 r1/2371Denis Ségui KragbéCIV16.59 (20)
21 r1/2822Teruo ItokawaJPN15.84 (21)
22 r1/2398Im Ho-GeunKOR13.64 (22)
DNS536Gheorghe ZembresteanuROU– (DNS)
DNS342Gideon ArielISR– (DNS)
DNS510Edmund PiątkowskiPOL– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (17 October 1964 — 10:00)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 17.80 metres advanced to the final.

114Dallas LongUSA19.5119.51--Q
22Randy MatsonUSA18.9218.92--Q
34Viktor LipsnisURS18.9018.90××Q
419Vilmos VarjúHUN18.2618.26--Q
512Zsigmond NagyHUN18.1418.14--Q
69Georgios TsakanikasGRE18.0517.7217.2518.05Q
=717Les MillsNZL18.0518.05--Q
=716Władysław KomarPOL18.0518.05--Q
918Rudolf LangerGER17.9017.90--Q
1024Adolfas VaranauskasURS17.8617.86--Q
1120Parry O'BrienUSA17.8417.84--Q
1211Nikolay KarasyovURS17.8317.83--Q
1323Dieter HoffmannGER17.8217.45×17.82Q
141Heinfried BirlenbachGER17.7717.1016.7917.77
153Alfred SosgórnikPOL17.75×17.75×
1622Martyn LuckingGBR17.67××17.67
178Silvano MeconiITA17.2917.2917.20×
1815Lahcen SamsamMAR17.24×17.24×
196Mike LindsayGBR17.2316.7716.7017.23
207Denis Ségui KragbéCIV16.5916.2016.5916.38
215Teruo ItokawaJPN15.8415.7315.8415.56
2225Im Ho-GeunKOR13.6413.4713.6413.37
DNS21Gheorghe ZembresteanuROU
DNS13Gideon ArielISR
DNS10Edmund PiątkowskiPOL

Final Round (17 October 1964 — 15:00)

17Dallas LongUSA20.3319.6119.5519.3420.3319.09×OR
26Randy MatsonUSA20.2018.5319.1919.8820.20×19.62OR
313Vilmos VarjúHUN19.3919.23×19.3919.2918.9719.25
49Parry O'BrienUSA19.2018.9518.8619.2018.3218.6218.84
511Zsigmond NagyHUN18.8818.77×18.5018.43×18.88
61Nikolay KarasyovURS18.8618.8618.26×18.1417.9818.18
73Les MillsNZL18.5218.1918.5018.52
812Adolfas VaranauskasURS18.41×18.3018.41
95Władysław KomarPOL18.2018.20××
102Viktor LipsnisURS18.1117.4517.8618.11
1110Rudolf LangerGER17.2917.2916.90×
124Dieter HoffmannGER17.11××17.11
138Georgios TsakanikasGRE16.8716.87×16.38