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Discus Throw, Men

Date8 – 10 August 1984
LocationLos Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
Participants20 from 14 countries

The Soviet boycott prevented Imrich Bugár (TCH), the 1983 World Champion and 1982 European Champion, from competing. Also absent was 1980 bronze medalist and 1983 Pan American Games Champion Luis Delís (CUB). In their absence the American trio of 1976 gold medalist Mac Wilkins, John Powell, and Art Burns was expected to dominate and possibly sweep the medals. Wilkins took the lead in round one with 65.96 (216-5). But in round four, Rolf Danneberg (FRG) threw 66.60 (218-6) which would win the gold medal in a major upset. Wilkins improved to 66.30 (217-6¼) in round five but it was only good for silver. Powell did get a bronze medal, with Burns fifth, trailing Norway’s Knut Hjeltnes.

1307Rolf DannebergFRG63.48 (2)66.60 (1)Gold
2946Mac WilkinsUSA65.86 (1)66.30 (2)Silver
3934John PowellUSA62.92 (4)65.46 (3)Bronze
4680Knut HjeltnesNOR60.80 (11)65.28 (4)
5889Art BurnsUSA62.60 (6)64.98 (5)
6341Alwin WagnerFRG61.56 (8)64.72 (6)
7529Luciano ZerbiniITA63.44 (3)63.50 (7)
8803Stefan FernholmSWE62.84 (5)63.22 (8)
9441Erik de BruinNED61.56 (7)62.32 (9)
10402Bob WeirGBR60.92 (10)61.36 (10)
11424Kostas GeorgakopoulosGRE60.94 (9)60.30 (11)
AC r2/2507Marco MartinoITA60.76 (12)– (AC)
13 r1/2314Werner HartmannFRG59.92 (13)
14 r1/2473Bob GrayCAN59.34 (14)
15 r1/2120Richard SlaneyGBR57.66 (15)
16 r1/248Brad CooperBAH53.70 (16)
17 r1/2747Henry SmithSAM51.90 (17)
18 r1/2651Dominique BéchardMRI41.10 (18)
AC r1/2394Mohamed NaguibEGY– (AC)
AC212Vésteinn HafsteinssonISL59.58 (AC)DQ
DNS497Marco BucciITA– (DNS)

Qualifying Round (8 August 1984 — 9:30)

Top 12 and ties and all those reaching 62.00 metres advanced to the final.

PosAthleteNOCDistance2nd Best
1Mac WilkinsUSA65.86Q
2Rolf DannebergFRG63.48Q
3Luciano ZerbiniITA63.44Q
4John PowellUSA62.92Q
5Stefan FernholmSWE62.84Q
6Art BurnsUSA62.60Q
7Erik de BruinNED61.5661.06q
8Alwin WagnerFRG61.56q
9Kostas GeorgakopoulosGRE60.94q
10Bob WeirGBR60.92q
11Knut HjeltnesNOR60.80q
12Marco MartinoITA60.76q
13Werner HartmannFRG59.92
14Bob GrayCAN59.34
15Richard SlaneyGBR57.66
16Brad CooperBAH53.70
17Henry SmithSAM51.90
18Dominique BéchardMRI41.10
ACMohamed NaguibEGYNM
ACVésteinn HafsteinssonISL59.58DQ1
DNSMarco BucciITA

Qualifying Round, Group A (8 August 1984)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup A Round OneGroup A Round TwoGroup A Round Three
12Rolf DannebergFRG63.4859.6663.48-
23John PowellUSA62.9262.92--
37Kostas GeorgakopoulosGRE60.9460.7460.6660.94
44Bob WeirGBR60.92××60.92
59Knut HjeltnesNOR60.8060.8059.32×
65Marco MartinoITA60.7659.5860.76×
710Werner HartmannFRG59.9257.9059.8859.92
88Brad CooperBAH53.70×52.0653.70
96Henry SmithSAM51.9051.2850.9451.90
1011Dominique BéchardMRI41.1039.8441.1040.24
DNS1Marco BucciITA

Qualifying Round, Group B (8 August 1984)

PosOrdAthleteNOCDistanceGroup B Round OneGroup B Round TwoGroup B Round Three
15Mac WilkinsUSA65.8660.5465.86-
210Luciano ZerbiniITA63.4463.44--
36Stefan FernholmSWE62.84×62.84-
41Art BurnsUSA62.6062.60--
53Erik de BruinNED61.5660.7661.0661.56
67Alwin WagnerFRG61.56×61.56×
78Bob GrayCAN59.3456.3856.6259.34
82Richard SlaneyGBR57.6656.0256.7857.66
AC9Mohamed NaguibEGY×--NM
AC4Vésteinn HafsteinssonISL59.5859.0255.9859.58DQ2

Final Round (10 August 1984 — 17:30)

12Rolf DannebergFRG66.6064.74×63.6466.60×66.22
27Mac WilkinsUSA66.3065.96×65.20×66.30×
36John PowellUSA65.4664.6863.3464.1264.0665.1465.46
44Knut HjeltnesNOR65.2864.7262.4065.2863.7862.5064.32
511Art BurnsUSA64.9863.72×××63.3264.98
68Alwin WagnerFRG64.7261.8262.7662.7063.9461.1664.72
75Luciano ZerbiniITA63.5060.1861.1463.50××60.14
81Stefan FernholmSWE63.2263.08×62.2063.2262.2059.82
912Erik de BruinNED62.3256.8862.3260.10
103Bob WeirGBR61.3659.8661.36×
119Kostas GeorgakopoulosGRE60.30×59.1660.30
AC10Marco MartinoITA×××NM