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Architecture, Open1

Date 5 May – 27 July 1912
LocationKarlavägen 10, Stockholm
Participants10 from 5 countries

The winners of the architecture prize, Eugène-Edouard Monod and Alphonse Laverrière, had already taken part in the IOC-sponsored International Architecture Competition, held in Lausanne in 1911. With their design entitled (A Modern Olympia on the Banks of Lake Geneva), they had earned the first prize. For Stockholm 1912, they sent in a derivative work (Building Plan of a Modern Stadium). Despite the originality requirement for the Olympic art competitions, the jury (which may have consisted solely of Pierre, Baron de Coubertin himself) apparently did not notice - or bother.

The names of the 1912 Olympic art competitors mostly derive from an anonymous piece of paper in the IOC archives. Although deciphered by Richard Stanton, not all of the names have been matched to known architects, notably Laffen and Eccard.

PosCat NrArtist(s)NOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
1Alphonse Laverrière / Eugène-Édouard MonodSUIBuilding Plan of a Modern StadiumUne "Olympie Moderne" sur les bords du Lac LémanGold
ACA. LaffenUNK
ACAndré CollinFRA
ACFrantz JourdainFRA
ACFritz EccardUNK
ACGuillaume FatioSUI
ACJacob ReesGBR
ACJulius Skarba-WallrafGER
ACKonrad HippenmeierSUI