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Painting, Open

Date 4 May – 27 July 1924
LocationGrand Palais des Champs-Elysées, Paris
Participants64 from 10 countries

The gold medal winner was Luxembourger Jean Jacoby, who with two art gold medals in total, is the most successful artist in the history of the Olympic Games. Later in Amsterdam 1928, he was awarded the gold medal for his drawing Rugby. In Paris he received the medal for Three Sport Studies, named Rugby, Départ and Corner (Football).

The silver medal was won by Irish painter and author Jack Yeats for Swimming. He was the son of the painter John Butler Yeats and a brother of the poet William Butler Yeats, who won the 1923 Nobel Prize for literature.

Dutch Johan van Hell earned the bronze medal for Skaters. He was a Dutch visual artist and musician. Even as a young boy he knew that he wanted to combine these two art directions during his lifetime.

1Jean JacobyLUXThree Sport StudiesGold
2Jack YeatsIRLSwimmingSilver
3Johan van HellNEDSkatersBronze
ACT. ElsenBELPortrait of a Golfer
ACMédard TytgatBELEducations of the Infants
ACMédard TytgatBELSalute to the Flags
ACMédard TytgatBELWinter Sports
ACJohan V. AndersenDENWrestling
ACChristian AsmussenDENOn the Hands
ACFolmer BonnénDENSignal Attendant
ACSigurd Kielland BrandtDENWrestling
ACSigurd Kielland BrandtDENRally of Yachts Crossing
ACMogens LorentzenDENMarathon
ACAase LundsteenDENFootball Poster
ACAase LundsteenDENGymnastics Poster
ACKnud MerrildDENFemale Gymnasts
ACKnud MerrildDENJeu de Paume
ACKnud MerrildDENThe Swimmer
ACKnud MerrildDENThe Boxer
ACKnud MerrildDENBaseball
ACKnud MerrildDENThe Beautiful Suzanne
ACSigurd SwaneDENThe Dance
ACSigurd SwaneDENAvant l'exercice
ACSigurd SwaneDENThe Champion
ACSigurd SwaneDENThe Great Chiefs of Persia
ACEnayat Allah IbrahimEGYPeasant of Lower Egypt
ACEnayat Allah IbrahimEGYPeasant of Higher Egypt
ACEnayat Allah IbrahimEGYPastègue
ACGeorges Achille-FouldFRAThe Swimmer
ACR. G. P. BaronFRADecorative Frise for Interior Rooms of Clubs
ACR. G. P. BaronFRADecorative Panel
ACRené BesserveFRADraft of the Wrestlers
ACSimone BoutarelFRASports Drawings
ACMaurice BussetFRASki Jump
ACMaurice BussetFRAArrival of the Hydroplane
ACMaurice BussetFRADepart of the Hydroplane
ACMarguerite CarpentierFRASalute to the Athlete
ACGéo CimFRAThe Mounted Cavalry
ACGéo CimFRARugby Players
ACMadeleine CottyFRAForgotten Games
ACMadeleine CottyFRABobsled Course
ACPaul de Plument de BailhacFRASwimmers and Artistic Divers if Deirhé
ACLéon Auguste DerruauFRAWalking Course of La Meute
ACGeorges RasettiFRARugby
ACRaymond GrunbergFRASporting Silhouettes
ACJean GuinardFRABoxing Knockout
ACPauline LacroixFRAA Fine Runner
ACLouise Amélie LandréFRABefore the Swim
ACLouise Amélie LandréFRABefore the Representation
ACLouise Amélie LandréFRARepetition
ACJacques Henri LartigueFRARunning Course
ACJacques Henri LartigueFRAResting Athlete
ACJacques Henri LartigueFRABoxing
ACJacques Henri LartigueFRA110 Metre Hurdles
ACPaul LorretteFRAFour Enhanced Drawings
ACPaul LorretteFRAFemale Sporting Silhouettes
ACYvonne MeleyFRATennis
ACYvonne MeleyFRAGolf
ACAndré PlansonFRAFootball
ACAndré PlansonFRAAthletics
ACAndré PlansonFRAReturn of the Champions
ACHenri Jean PontoyFRAThe 6-Day Bicycle Race
ACRené RousselFRADiscus Throw
ACHélène SchwabFRAPortrait of F. Hurdman Lucas in His Cabin
ACLucien SeevagenFRAThe Chase
ACGeorges VillaFRAThree Panels on Fencing
ACPierre Segond-WeberFRAArab Boxer Bob Youssef
ACGeorge BamberGBRFide and Fiducia
ACGeorge BamberGBRFinis Coronat Opus
ACGeorge BamberGBRBearing the Banner … Seek thy Star
ACCharles SimpsonGBROtter Hunt
ACCharles SimpsonGBRWild Swans
ACCharles SimpsonGBRWild Ducks by the Light of the Moon
ACCharles SimpsonGBRDuck Hunt
ACSeán KeatingIRLThe Fowler
ACJohn LaveryIRLSteven Donoghue
ACJack YeatsIRLBefore the Start
ACAlbert SimonLUXThree Works on Sports Champions
ACBas VethNEDDawn Breaking
ACBas VethNEDArrival of the Winner of the Race to the Sun
ACJos CroinNEDPortrait of a Soldier in Costume
ACFreek EngelNEDNavigation
ACEd GerdesNEDPortrait of M. Westerouen van Meeteren
ACIsaac IsraëlsNEDBoxing Match
ACIsaac IsraëlsNEDBoxers Seconds
ACIsaac IsraëlsNEDNegro Champion
ACIsaac IsraëlsNEDNegro Champion's Second
ACMartin MonnickendamNEDThe Amazon
ACMax NautaNEDThe Champion
ACEgbert SchaapNEDRace of Sailing Yachts to Tjotter
ACWilly SluiterNEDDavos Winter
ACWilly SluiterNEDMatch between Beckett and Tommy Burns
ACWilly SluiterNEDFootball
ACWilly SluiterNEDLawn Tennis
ACCornelis VreedenburghNEDRegatas
ACPiet van der HemNEDCorrida de Toros
ACWillem van HasseltNEDFootball Association
ACCornelis van SteenwijkNEDThe Boxer (T. Vigé)
ACBernard van VlijmenNEDFinish of Cycling Road Race
ACHendrik WolterNEDThe Skiier Gunter
ACHendrik WolterNEDSkaters on Dutch Canals
ACAleksandr YakovlevRUS
ACMariya Princess NizharadzeRUS
ACOscar FrühSUIJockeys
ACAlbert WeltiSUIThe Games of the Hurnuss
ACR. A. M. GuilmartFRASportsmanlike Attitudes, Rowing