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Literature, Epic Works, Open

Date17 May – 12 August 1928
LocationStedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Participants15 from 7 countries
JudgeClarence, Greve von RosenSWE
JudgeJosé Capelo, Conde de Penha GarciaPOR
JudgeKarel Joan Lodewijk Alberdingk ThijmNED
JudgePieter Cornelis BoutensNED
JudgeRafael CabreraMEX
JudgeHerbert EulenbergGER
JudgeMarius LeblondFRA
JudgeAry LeblondFRA
JudgeJohan de MeesterNED
JudgeGiuseppe PrezzoliniITA
JudgeErnest RhysGBR

Since the submitted works could only include 20,000 words, several chapters could be submitted from recently published books. Overall, the jury had to evaluate 40 literary works by 34 authors from 10 countries.

In the category Epic Works the gold medal was awarded to Hungarian Ferenc Mező for fragments of his book L’Histoire des Jeux Olympiques (History of Olympic Games). Mező was later an IOC member from 1948-61. He had not written a critical story, but a laudatory story of the ancient Olympic Games. The book was first published in 1929 in Budapest in Hungarian, and later in German editions in 1930 and 1935.

The silver medal was earned by German Ernst Weiß for his story Boetius von Orlamünde, which depicts the life of the beggar Boetius, his recalling and confirmation in the taming of his stallion Cyrus. The story was published in 1966 under the title The Aristocrat.

The bronze medal was won by the Dutch couple Margo Scharten-Antink and Carel Scharten for De Nar uit de Maremmen (The Fool of the Maremms). It describes the life story of a painter and also describes something somewhat “sporting“.

PosCompetitorNOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
1Ferenc MezőHUNHistory of the Olympic GamesAz olympiai játékok történeteL’Histoire des Jeux Olympiques (Fragments)Gold
2Ernst WeißGERBoëtius von Orlamünde (The Aristocrat)Boëtius von Orlamünde (Der Aristokrat)Boetius von OrlamündeSilver
3NEDThe Fool from the MaremmaDe Nar in de MaremmenDe Nar in de MaremmenBronze
ACTheodor MayerAUTSportsSportSport
ACWilly MeislAUTSport at the crossroads (fragments)Der Sport am Scheideweg (Fragmente) Der Sport am Scheideweg (Fragments)
ACArthur SteinerAUTMerietta and Her Eleven MenMerietta und ihre elf MännerMerietta und ihre elf Männer
ACMaurice CarêmeBELThe Martyrdom of a SupporterLe Martyr d'un SupporteurLe Martyr d'un Supporteur
ACEdvard Nielsen-StevnsDENVictorSejerherrenSejerherren
ACKasimir EdschmidGERSport for GagalySport um GagalySport um Gagaly
ACHermann RoßmannGERKlas, the FishKlas der FischKlas der Fisch
ACDezső KirályHUNFather Jérôme on the GrandstandL'Abbé Jérôme sur la Tribune
ACDezső KirályHUNFables by La Fontaine and AndersenFables de La Fontaine et d'Andersen
ACHenriëtte Laman Trip-de BeaufortNEDCompanionshipMakkerschapMakkerschap
ACLouis GrivelSUIKnowledge of an athleteConnaissance d'un AthlèteConnaissance d'un Athlète
AC VoittoutSUIAnkle Joints of SteelJarrets d'AcierJarrets d'Acier