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Literature, Lyric Works, Open

Date17 May – 12 August 1928
LocationStedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Participants19 from 9 countries
JudgeClarence, Greve von RosenSWE
JudgeJosé Capelo, Conde de Penha GarciaPOR
JudgeKarel Joan Lodewijk Alberdingk ThijmNED
JudgePieter Cornelis BoutensNED
JudgeRafael CabreraMEX
JudgeHerbert EulenbergGER
JudgeMarius LeblondFRA
JudgeAry LeblondFRA
JudgeJohan de MeesterNED
JudgeGiuseppe PrezzoliniITA
JudgeErnest RhysGBR

Since the submitted works could only include 20,000 words, several chapters could be submitted from recently published books. Overall, the jury had to evaluate 40 literary works by 34 authors from 10 countries.

The gold medal in the category “Lyric Works” was given to Polish writer Kazimierz Wierzyński for his impressionistic poem about famous long-distance runner Paavo Nurmi, called Laur Olimpijski (Olympic Bay Leaf).

The silver medal went to German Rudolf Binding for his Reitvorschrift für eine Geliebte (Riding Provision for a Mistress). The script consisted of “a series of 45 designated short, highly stylized prose lyricism” as the author stated. The sections were called, for example, ‘horse chit-chat’, ‘Riding is saying yes’, ‘Choice of the horse’, ‘Ride from the farm’, ‘Action of the horse’ or ‘The horse of Mohammed’. The script was reprinted several times after his death. The cover was designed by Renée Sintenis, who later also designed the Berlin Bear, nowadays the symbol of the German capital Berlin. Danish poet Johannes Weltzer wrote a poem about Charles Lindbergh and received the bronze medal.

PosCatalogue NumberCompetitorNOCTranslated TitleOriginal TitleTitle in Olympic Report or Catalogue
1Kazimierz WierzyńskiPOLOlympic LaurelLaur OlimpijskiLaur OlimpijskiGold
2Rudolf BindingGERRiding regulations for a mistressReitvorschrift für eine GeliebteReitvorschrift für eine GeliebteSilver
3Johannes WeltzerDENHeroic symphony, dedicated to Charles LindberghSymphonia Héroïca, Charles Lindberg tilegnetSymphonia Héroïca, Charles Lindberg tilegnetBronze
ACH. J. KenAUTVictory WreathsSiegeskränzeSiegeskränze
ACWilly MeislAUTSports EssaySport-EssaySport-Essay
ACLudwig ValentichAUTThe Modern SportDer Moderne SportDer Moderne Sport
ACTony SchallerBELThe Achievement of the OlympianL'Exploit OlympienL'Exploit Olympien
ACMaurits VerdonckBELPopular Aesthetic Education and Physical EducationEducation Esthétique Populaire et Education PhysiqueEducation Esthétique Populaire et Education Physique
AC Het Lichtet OveralBELSong of Praise to the SportLofzang aan de SportLofzang aan de Sport
ACAage HermannDENWrestler UrsusBryderen Ursus Bryderen Ursus
ACÉmile MoussatFRAThe broken athleteL'Athlète BriséL'Athlète Brisé
AC Et quasi cursores vitaï lampada traduntFRAThe Holy GleaningsLes Glanes Sacrées Les Glanes Sacrées
ACGerhart DrabschGERThe German OlympiaDas Deutsche OlympiaDas Deutsche Olympia
ACKarl SchenkGERSpear FightSpeerkampfSpeerkampf
AC Tella tuta bonis metuenda supremisITADedalus and IcarusDédalo e IcaroDédalo e Icaro
ACEdward KosterNEDSports Song in the StadiumSportlied in het StadionSportlied in het Stadion
ACKazimierz Przerwa-TetmajerPOLThe Discus ThrowerDyskobolLe Discobole
ACKazimierz Przerwa-TetmajerPOLJanossik's TournamentO Janosikowym turniejuLe Tournoi de Janossik
ACWilly FavezSUIThe FightLe CombatLe Combat
AC VoittoutSUIThe DefeatLa DéfaiteLa Défaite