Rowing at the 1912 Summer Olympics

Dates 17 – 19 July 1912
Medal Events 4

The rowing events at Stockholm were conducted at Djurgårdsbrunnsviken. The course allowed two boats to race concurrently with a straighaway of 1,200 metres and then a very slight starboard turn, followed later by a very slight port turn.

The program was decided in early 1910 and approved by the IOC at their Session in Budapest in 1911. After the IOC Session, the Swedish Rowing Committee was approached about including events for coxless fours, double sculls, and coxed pairs. But with the course encompassing two turns, the committee felt that these boats would be too difficult to handle. Each nation could enter two boats per event. The inrigger coxed fours was contested at Stockholm for the only time in Olympic history.

There were no bronze medals awarded in rowing at the 1912 Olympic Games. The rowing course allowed only two boats at a time, so the finals consisted of only two crews, who won the gold and silver medals. The losing semi-finalists were not awarded bronze medals, although we have listed the number of semi-finalists by nation below in the medal statistics. In both the inrigger coxed fours and the coxed eights, there was only one losing semi-finalist.


Event Status Date Participants NOCs
Single Sculls, Men Olympic 17 – 19 July 1912 13 11
Coxed Fours, Outriggers, Men Olympic 17 – 19 July 1912 55 9
Coxed Fours, Inriggers, Men Olympic 17 – 18 July 1912 30 4
Eights, Men Olympic 17 – 19 July 1912 99 8
184 (184/0) 14 (14/0)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Single Sculls, Men Wally KinnearGBR Polydore VeirmanBEL Everard Butler
Mart Kuusik
Coxed Fours, Outriggers, Men Ludwigshafener RudervereinGER Thames Rowing ClubGBR Polyteknisk Roklub
Kristiania Roklub
Coxed Fours, Inriggers, Men Nykjøbings paa FalsterDEN Roddklubben af 1912SWE Ormsund RoklubNOR
Eights, Men Leander ClubGBR New College, OxfordGBR Berliner Ruderverein von 1876GER

Medal table

NOC Gold Silver Bronze Total
Great Britain GBR 2 2 0 4
Denmark DEN 1 0 1 2
Germany GER 1 0 1 2
Belgium BEL 0 1 0 1
Sweden SWE 0 1 0 1
Norway NOR 0 0 2 2
Canada CAN 0 0 1 1
Russian Federation RUS 0 0 1 1