Olympians Who Competed While Pregnant (25)

Athlete Nation(s) Sport(s) Role(s) Era Notes
Elinor Barker GBR CTR Olympics 2016—2020 Found out shortly after the 2020/21 Olympics that she had been pregnant while competing in Tokyo.
Lisa Brown-Miller USA IHO Olympics 1998 Unknowingly pregnant during the 1998 Winter Olympics with her first child, Alex.
Michele Granger USA SOF Olympics 1996 3 months pregnant in 1996.
Anky van Grunsven NED EDR Olympics / Other 1988—2012 5 months pregnant when she won a gold medal in 2004.
DeAnne Hemmens USA CSP Olympics 1996 2 months pregnant in 1996.
Anna-Maria Johansson SWE HBL Olympics 2012 3 months pregnant in 2012.
Magda Julin SWE FSK Olympics 1920 3 months pregnant in 1920.
Mary Keitany KEN ATH Olympics 2012 2 months pregnant in 2012.
Amelie Kober GER SBD Olympics 2006—2014 2 months pregnant in 2010.
Kateřina Kůrková-Emmons CZE SHO Olympics 2004—2012 1 month pregnant in 2008.
Nur Suryani Binti Mohamed Taibi MAS SHO Olympics 2012—2020 34 weeks pregnant in 2012.
Kristie Moore CAN CUR Olympics 2010 5 months pregnant in 2010.
Mara Navarria ITA FEN Olympics 2012—2020 Discovered after London Olympics that she was in early pregnancy during the Games.
Cornelia Pfohl GER ARC Olympics 1992—2004 In early pregnancy (daughter Mara) when she won a bronze medal in 2000 and 7 months pregnant in 2004. Daughter Roselinda born only 57 days after her last Olympic event.
Kim Rhode USA SHO Olympics 1996—2016 Discovered weeks after London Olympics that she was in early pregnancy.
Heather Richardson-Bergsma USA SSK Olympics 2010—2018 1 month pregnant in 2018.
Diana Sartor GER SKN Olympics 2002—2006 9 weeks pregnant in 2006.
Anita Spring AUS VBV Olympics 1996 4 months pregnant in 1996.
Juno Stover-Irwin USA DIV Olympics 1948—1960 3½ months pregnant when she won a bronze medal in 1952.
Malin Swedberg SWE FBL Olympics 1996—2000 3 months pregnant in 2001.
Kerstin Szymkowiak GER SKN Olympics 2010 2 months pregnant when she won a silver medal in 2010.
Martina Valcepina ITA STK Olympics 2010—2022 1 month pregnant with twins during the Sochi Olympics.
Joana Vasconcelos POR CSP Olympics 2012—2020 3 months pregnant in 2021.
Kerri Walsh Jennings USA VBV/VVO Olympics 2000—2016 1 month pregnant in 2012 (not known until after the Olympics).
Elizabeth Zaragoza ESA ATH Olympics 2004 Competed at the Athens 2004 Olympics in the 5,000 metres but learned she was pregnant while at the Games.