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1,500 metres, Women

Date 9 February 1972 — 10:00-11:45
LocationMakomanai Speed Skating Rink, Sapporo
Participants31 from 12 countries
StarterSaburo TakabayashiJPN
RefereeViktor KapitonovURS

This was the first women’s event in 1972, and although there was no clear favorite, several skaters were highly considered. This would include Soviet Nina Statkevich, 1971 World Champion, who won the 1,500 at that event; Holland’s Atje Keulen-Deelstra, 1970 World Champion and recent winner of the 1972 European Championship, who had won the 1,500 at the Europeans; her teammate Stien Baas-Kaiser, at her best in the distances, and the world record holder at 2:15.8, set in January 1971 in Davos; and American Dianne Holum, who had won the 1,000 at the 1971 World Championships, and placed fourth overall at the Worlds in 1970 and 1971. Keulen-Deelstra was off in the first pair and set a mark to shoot at, 2:22.05. She waited for the fifth pair which featured Holum and Statkevich. They were together through 700 metres, and ahead of Keulen-Deelstra’s splits, but Holum then pulled away, finishing in 2:20.85, which would bring her the gold medal. Statkevich fell off, eventually finishing only sixth. Baas-Kaiser was in the 12th pair, but she started very slowly, and although she had the fastest final lap, she fell just short of catching Holum, finishing in 2:21.05 for a silver medal. Keulen-Deelstra’s time held up for the bronze. Holum would compete for only a few more weeks, at the 1972 World Sprints and World Championships, winning both 1,000s at the Sprints. She would then turn to coaching, later taking on a promising young Wisconsin skater named Eric Heiden. Holum’s daughter, Kirstin, would later skate for the US at the 1998 Nagano Olympics.

15ODianne HolumUSA2:20.85ORGold
212OStien Baas-KaiserNED2:21.05Silver
31OAtje Keulen-DeelstraNED2:22.05ORBronze
411OEllie van den BromNED2:22.27
56ORosemarie TaupadelGDR2:22.35
65INina StatkevichURS2:23.19
714IConnie CarpenterUSA2:23.93
811ISigrid SundbyNOR2:24.07
912IKapitolina SeryoginaURS2:24.29
103IMonika PflugFRG2:24.69
116ISatomi KoikeJPN2:25.16
1214OKim Bok-SoonPRK2:25.48
1310IHan Pil-HwaPRK2:25.64
149OLyudmila SavrulinaURS2:25.85
157OPaula DufterFRG2:26.00
163OTuula VilkasFIN2:27.09
1713IEmiko TaguchiJPN2:28.19
1810OKaname IdeJPN2:28.34
192ILisbeth BergNOR2:28.36
208ISylvia FilipssonSWE2:29.38
214ISylvia BurkaCAN2:29.60
228OChoi Jung-HuiKOR2:29.79
2316OKirsti BiermannNOR2:29.94
249ILeah PoulosUSA2:31.29
251IYlva HedlundSWE2:31.31
2615OAnn-Sofie JärnströmSWE2:31.53
277IGayle GordonCAN2:31.86
284OJeon Seon-OkKOR2:32.06
292OKim Myung-JaPRK2:32.55
3013OJennifer JacksonCAN2:35.22
3115IMonika StützleFRG2:37.15