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1,000 metres, Women

Date17 February 1980 — 10:31
LocationJames C. Sheffield Speed Skating Oval, Lake Placid
Participants37 from 16 countries
Olympic Record 1:28.43 / Tatyana Averina URS / 7 February 1976
RefereeGene SandvigUSA

The second pair matched Leah Poulos-Mueller, the 1979 World Sprint champion, and Nataliya Petrusyova, the 1980 World Champion. At 200 metres they were almost equal, Poulos-Mueller marginally ahead. By 600 metres, Petrusyova has a .29 second lead, but over the final lap, she was too strong, finishing 1.31 seconds ahead of Poulos-Mueller, in 1:24.10, an Olympic record. In the next pair East Germany’s Sylvia Albrecht, who had been fourth at the 1979 World Sprints, skated steadily throughout to finish in 1:26.46. She was over a second behind Poulos-Mueller, but it would be good enough for the bronze medal, and after three pairs, the medals were decided. The sixth pair matched 500 champion Karin Enke and Beth Heiden, but they would finish fourth and fifth. Petrusyova would compete thru 1985, becoming one of the top skaters of the early 80s, winning the 1980 and 1981 World Championships, the 1982 World Sprints, and the 1981-82 European Championships. Later in 1980, she would break Tatyana Barabash’s world record, recording 1:23.01 at Medeo in March.

12INataliya PetrusyovaURS1:24.10GoldOR
22OLeah Poulos-MuellerUSA1:25.41Silver
33OSylvia AlbrechtGDR1:26.46Bronze
46OKarin EnkeGDR1:26.66
56IBeth HeidenUSA1:27.01
617OAnnie BorckinkNED1:27.24
74ISylvia BurkaCAN1:27.50
85OAnn-Sofie JärnströmSWE1:28.10
91ISylvia FilipssonSWE1:28.18OR
1015OAnnette KarlssonSWE1:28.25
117OValentina LalenkovaURS1:28.27
127IBjørg Eva JensenNOR1:28.55
1315ISijtje van der LendeNED1:28.72
=145ISarah DocterUSA1:28.80
=1410OHaitske Valentijn-PijlmanNED1:28.80
1616IErwina Ryś-FerensPOL1:28.82
1710IMiyoshi KatoJPN1:28.97
184OChrista RothenburgerGDR1:29.69
199OBrenda WebsterCAN1:29.84
201OIrina KovrovaURS1:29.94
218IMonika HolznerFRG1:30.13
223IMakiko NagayaJPN1:30.27
2312ISigrid SmudaFRG1:30.29
248OKathy VogtCAN1:30.33
259IYuko YaegashiJPN1:30.72
2614ILee Nam-SunKOR1:31.30
2718ICao GuifengCHN1:31.74
2814OAnneli RepolaFIN1:31.76
2911ISilvia BrunnerSUI1:31.79
3012OLee Seong-AeKOR1:32.04
3119IZhang LiCHN1:32.20
3217IShen ZhenshuCHN1:32.49
3313IBrigitte FlierlFRG1:33.61
3416OKim Yeong-HuiKOR1:34.17
3518OKim FerranGBR1:34.19
3611OMarzia PerettiITA1:35.66
3713OMandy HorsepoolGBR1:36.31