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Team Pursuit (8 laps), Men

Date15 – 16 February 2006
LocationOval Lingotto, Torino
Participants36 from 8 countries
FormatTeams of three skaters, time of the third skater counts.
StarterRob HemmesNED
RefereeTore RamtonNOR

The inaugural Olympic team pursuit event had two major favorites, the Netherlands, which had won the 2005 World Championships, and the United States. The latter team was expected to feature 5000 m champion Chad Hedrick and eventual 1000 m champion Shani Davis. However, Davis forfeited his spot on the team to focus on individual events, at the displeasure of Hedrick, who had announced his goal of five golds prior to the Games. This incident was blown up by the US press, but Davis did not compete.

A weak time by the Americans in the ranking round left them drawn against Italy, who had been silver medalists at the first World Championships the previous year. Despite strong efforts by Hedrick, the Italians advanced to the semi-finals against the Dutch. In a close race, up and coming star Sven Kramer stumbled, taking a team mate with him and leaving the Italians certain of a medal. In the other semi-final, the well-trained Canadians easily outraced Norway.

In the final, the Italians were much stronger then their opponents, and grabbed their country’s first ever Olympic speed skating title. Italian newspaper reports of the victory spent much of their columns on explaining the sport to readers unfamiliar with it. Enrico Fabris was the team’s captain, having won Italy’s first ever bronze medal earlier that week in the 5000 m, and winning the 1500 m later in the Games. Ippolito Sanfratello, had been an inline skater for most of his career, but had switched to the ice to compete in the Olympics.

Matteo AnesiStefano DonagrandiEnrico FabrisIppolito SanfratelloErmanno Ioriatti (DNS)
Arne DankersSteven ElmDenny MorrisonJason ParkerJustin Warsylewicz
Sven KramerRintje RitsmaMark TuitertCarl VerheijenErben Wennemars
Håvard BøkkoEskil ErvikØystein GrødumMikael Flygind LarsenLasse Sætre
5Russian FederationRUS
Artyom DetyshevAleksandr KibalkoYevgeny LalenkovDmitry ShepelIvan Skobrev
6United StatesUSA
KC BoutietteChad HedrickCharles LeveilleClay MullDerek Parra
Jörg DallmannStefan HeythausenRobert LehmannTobias SchneiderJens Boden (DNS)
Kesato MiyazakiTeruhiro SugimoriTakahiro UshiyamaTakaharu Nakajima (DNS)

Qualifying Round

Date15 February 2006 — 17:42
FormatRanking determined draw for quarter-finals.
Arne DankersSteven ElmDenny Morrison
Stefano DonagrandiEnrico FabrisIppolito Sanfratello
Rintje RitsmaMark TuitertCarl Verheijen
Eskil ErvikØystein GrødumLasse Sætre
Stefan HeythausenRobert LehmannTobias Schneider
62CRussian FederationRUS3:49.75
Artyom DetyshevAleksandr KibalkoIvan Skobrev
72FUnited StatesUSA3:51.32
Charles LeveilleClay MullDerek Parra
Kesato MiyazakiTeruhiro SugimoriTakahiro Ushiyama


Date15 February 2006 — 19:07
FormatWinners advanced to semi-finals. Next two fastest teams advanced to Final C, the slowest two advanced to Final D.
Match #115 FebNetherlandsNED3:44.65 – 3:47.49Russian FederationRUSQOR
Match #215 FebItalyITA3:43.64 – 3:44.11United StatesUSAQOR
Match #315 FebNorwayNOR3:47.81 – 3:49.68GermanyGERQ
Match #415 FebCanadaCAN3:52.01 – 3:53.88JapanJPNQ


Date16 February 2006 — 17:12
FormatWinners advanced to Final A, losers to Final B.
Match #116 FebItalyITANetherlandsNEDQovertake
Match #216 FebCanadaCAN3:44.91 – 3:47.81NorwayNORQ

Final Round

Date16 February 2006
Final D16 Feb 17:58GermanyGER3:48.28 – 3:50.37JapanJPN
Final C16 Feb 18:05Russian FederationRUS3:46.91 – 3:49.73United StatesUSA
Final B16 Feb 18:48NetherlandsNED3:44.53 – 3:45.96NorwayNOR
Final A16 Feb 18:55ItalyITA3:44.46 – 3:47.28CanadaCAN