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Combined, Men

Date9 – 13 February 1998
LocationHappo'one, Hakuba
Participants38 from 21 countries
FormatOne downhill run and two slalom runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 55
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 995 m
Vertical Drop: 165 m

Because of the weather delays in Hakuba that had delayed the start of the downhill, the combined downhill also had to be postponed, and the slalom was conducted before the downhill for the first time in Olympic history. Usually the combined event had the downhill one day and the slalom the next day, but because of the weather, the combined slalom was held on 10 February, and the combined downhill three days later, on 13 February. In fact, the open downhill was held on the same day, in the morning, while the combined downhill went off in the afternoon. The slalom leader was surprise Austrian Mario Reiter, who was almost not named to the Austrian Olympic team. In second was one of the favorites, Norwegian Lasse Kjus, but he was almost two seconds behind Reiter. Kjus had already won a silver medal in the downhill in the morning. He then posted the second fastest time in the combined downhill, trailing only Austrian Günther Mader. But as the last seeded skier down the hill, Reiter was able to hold onto his lead and win the gold medal, with Kjus taking silver. This did make Kjus the first Olympic skier to win two medals in one day.

17Mario ReiterAUT3:08.061:31.85 (1)1:36.21 (6)Gold
22Lasse KjusNOR3:08.651:33.66 (2)1:34.99 (2)Silver
33Christian MayerAUT3:10.111:35.05 (4)1:35.06 (3)Bronze
45Günther MaderAUT3:10.191:35.36 (6)1:34.83 (1)
510Andrzej Bachleda-CuruśPOL3:11.531:34.49 (3)1:37.04 (9)
629Alessandro FattoriITA3:17.001:40.71 (11)1:36.29 (7)
723Aleš BrezavščekSLO3:20.091:44.15 (14)1:35.94 (5)
811Peter PenSLO3:20.811:43.83 (13)1:36.98 (8)
939Jürgen HaslerLIE3:23.151:45.27 (15)1:37.88 (10)
1032Erik SelettoITA3:23.231:47.46 (17)1:35.77 (4)
1125Thomas GrobCHI3:28.601:47.92 (18)1:40.68 (12)
1230Mykola SkriabinUKR3:30.251:47.17 (16)1:43.08 (15)
1336Rainer GrobCHI3:34.491:53.13 (19)1:41.36 (13)
1434Zurab DzhidzhishviliGEO3:35.651:55.26 (20)1:40.39 (11)
1538Patrick-Paul Schwarzacher-JoyceIRL3:39.031:56.22 (21)1:42.81 (14)
DNF4Kjetil André AamodtNOR1:35.26 (5)– (DNF)
DNF1Finn Christian JaggeNOR1:35.38 (7)– (DNS)
DNF15Hermann MaierAUT1:35.90 (8)– (DNS)
DNF16Kristian GhedinaITA1:40.35 (10)– (DNS)
DNF31Luca CattaneoITA1:42.92 (12)– (DNS)
DNF6Matt GrosjeanUSA– (DNF)
DNF9Paul AccolaSUI– (DNF)
DNF18Petar DichevBUL– (DQ)
DNF19Ed PodivinskyCAN– (DNF)
DNF28Linas VaitkusLTU– (DNF)
DNF9Jernej KoblarSLO– (DNF)
DNF13Kalle PalanderFIN– (DNF)
DNF14Bruno KernenSUI– (DNF)
DNF17James OrmondGBR– (DNF)
DNF20Jürg GrünenfelderSUI– (DNF)
DNF21Arne HardenbergDEN– (DNF)
DNF22Patrik JärbynSWE– (DNF)
DNF24Tejs BrobergDEN– (DNF)
DNF26Jason RosenerUSA– (DNF)
DNF27Yasuyuki TakishitaJPN– (DNF)
DNF35Andrew FreshwaterGBR– (DNF)
DNF37Chad FleischerUSA– (DNF)
DQ12Marcel MaxaCZE1:36.17 (9)[1:39.10] (DQ)
DNS33Tommy MoeUSA– (DNS)