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20 kilometres, Men

Date14 July 1908
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants44 from 11 countries

The Sporting Life noted that Clarrie Kingsbury )was undoubtedly favourite for this event) but that is difficult to fathom given that Leon Meredith was in the field. Meredith was the greatest British long-distance track racer of this era, but he did not fare well at the 1908 Olympics. In the final, Meredith punctured early, his spare bike was not readily available and he lost two laps before remounting and never figured again in the race.

Clarrie Kingsbury did go on to win this race. A versatile rider, he won NCU titles every year from 1907 to 1912 at distances between ¼-mile and 50 miles.

1Clarrie KingsburyGBRGold
2Ben JonesGBRSilver
3Joseph WerbrouckBELBronze
4Louis WeintzUSA
AC r2/2Leon MeredithGBR
AC r2/2Albert DennyGBR
AC r2/2Andrew HanssonSWE
AC r2/2François BonnetFRA
AC r2/2Octave LapizeFRA
2 h1 r1/2Hermann MartensGER
2 h2 r1/2Charlie BrooksGBR
2 h3 r1/2Frank ShoreRSA
2 h4 r1/2George CameronUSA
2 h5 r1/2David RobertsonGBR
2 h6 r1/2Charles AvrillonFRA
3 h2 r1/2Floris VenterRSA
3 h3 r1/2Harry YoungCAN
3 h4 r1/2Harry PassmoreRSA
3 h5 r1/2Will AndersonCAN
3 h6 r1/2Gustaf WesterbergSWE
4 h1 r1/2André LapizeFRA
4 h2 r1/2Georges LutzFRA
4 h3 r1/2Bert BoufflerGBR
4 h6 r1/2Guglielmo MorisettiITA
5 h1 r1/2Georgius DamenNED
5 h2 r1/2Gerard Bosch van DrakesteinNED
5 h3 r1/2Max TriebschGER
5 h4 r1/2Henri BaumlerFRA
6 h1 r1/2Fred McCarthyCAN
AC h1 r1/2Pierre HosteinFRA
AC h1 r1/2Richard KatzerGER
AC h1 r1/2Dan FlynnGBRDNF
AC h2 r1/2Walt AndrewsCAN
AC h2 r1/2Jean Van BenthemBEL
AC h2 r1/2Paul SchulzeGER
AC h3 r1/2Henri CunaultFRA
AC h3 r1/2Dorus NijlandNED
AC h3 r1/2Frederick HamlinGBRDNF
AC h4 r1/2Alwin BoldtGER
AC h4 r1/2Johannes van SpengenNED
AC h4 r1/2William LowerGBRDNF
AC h5 r1/2Ioannis SantorinaiosGREDNF
AC h5 r1/2Paul TexierFRADNF
AC h6 r1/2Léon CoeckelbergBELDQ

Round One (14 July 1908 — 10:00-17:30)

Winner of each heat advanced to the final together with the leader for the greatest number of laps in the 3 fastest heats.

Heat One (10:00)

1Leon MeredithGBR33:21.0Q
2Hermann MartensGER33:21.2
3Joseph WerbrouckBEL33:21.4q
4André LapizeFRA
5Georgius DamenNED
6Fred McCarthyCAN
ACPierre HosteinFRA
ACRichard KatzerGER

Heat Two ()

1Clarrie KingsburyGBR32:33.8Q
2Charlie BrooksGBR32:34.0
3Floris VenterRSA32:34.4
4Georges LutzFRA
5Gerard Bosch van DrakesteinNED
ACFrançois BonnetFRAq
ACWalt AndrewsCAN
ACJean Van BenthemBEL
ACPaul SchulzeGER

Heat Three (12:00)

1Louis WeintzUSA33:39.8Q
2Frank ShoreRSA33:40.0
3Harry YoungCAN33:45.2
4Bert BoufflerGBR
5Max TriebschGER
ACHenri CunaultFRA
ACDorus NijlandNED
DNFFrederick HamlinGBR

Heat Four ()

1Ben JonesGBR32:39.0Q
2George CameronUSA32:39.2
3Harry PassmoreRSA32:39.4
4Octave LapizeFRAq
5Henri BaumlerFRA
ACAlwin BoldtGER
ACJohannes van SpengenNED
DNFWilliam LowerGBR

Heat Five (14:30)

1Andrew HanssonSWE34:53.6Q
2David RobertsonGBR34:53.8
3Will AndersonCAN34:55.6
DNFIoannis SantorinaiosGRE
DNFPaul TexierFRA

Heat Six ()

1Albert DennyGBR33:40.6Q
2Charles AvrillonFRA33:40.8
3Gustaf WesterbergSWE33:41.4
4Guglielmo MorisettiITA
DQLéon CoeckelbergBEL

Final Round (14 July 1908 — 17:30)

Match 1/2 (17:30)

1Clarrie KingsburyGBR34:13.6
2Ben JonesGBRat 3 inches
3Joseph WerbrouckBEL
4Louis WeintzUSA
ACLeon MeredithGBR
ACAlbert DennyGBR
ACAndrew HanssonSWE
ACFrançois BonnetFRA
ACOctave LapizeFRA