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Individual Pursuit, 4,000 metres, Men

Date22 – 24 July 1980
LocationVelotrek, Sportivny kompleks Krylatskoye, Moskva
Participants14 from 14 countries

There were only 14 starters, with a qualifying round advancing eight riders to the quarter-finals. The event was completely open as most of the recent podium finishers at the Worlds were not present in Moskva. In the semi-finals Robert Dill-Bundi of Switzerland defeated Denmark’s Hans-Henrik Ørsted in a world record time of 4:32.29. Dill-Bundi then defeated France’s Alain Bondue in the final to win the gold medal. Ørsted won the bronze medal race. All three medalists turned professional before the end of the year. Ørsted placed third in the pursuit at the World Pro Championships later in 1980. Bondue was World Champion in 1981 and 1982, while Dill-Bundi placed second in the pro pursuit worlds in 1983. But it was Ørsted who had the best record as a pro. He won the World Championship in 1984, 1985, and 1987, and was on the podium in the event every year from 1980-1987.

The medal ceremony was a very unusual sight. Dill-Bundi, Bondue and Ørsted were all from nations that were protesting the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, not by boycotting, but by refusing to have their national flags at the 1980 Olympics. Thus all 3 nations were represented by the Olympic Flag, and 3 Olympic Flags were raised on the 3 flagpoles to represent the 3 medalists.

1Robert Dill-BundiSUIGold
2Alain BondueFRASilver
3Hans-Henrik ØrstedDENBronze
4Harald WolfGDR
5Vladimir OsokinURS
6Sean YatesGBR
7Pierangelo BincolettoITA
8Martin PencTCH
9Kelvin PooleAUS
10Joseph SmeetsBEL
11Sixten WackströmFIN
12Zbigniew WoźnickiPOL
13Antônio SilvestreBRA
14Jhon JarrínECU

Qualifying Round (22 July 1980 — 17:00)

Top eight advanced to the quarter-finals.

1Harald WolfGDR4:39.96Q
2Hans-Henrik ØrstedDEN4:39.98Q
3Alain BondueFRA4:40.08Q
4Robert Dill-BundiSUI4:40.71Q
5Vladimir OsokinURS4:41.51Q
6Pierangelo BincolettoITA4:43.65Q
7Sean YatesGBR4:44.69Q
8Martin PencTCH4:48.15Q
9Kelvin PooleAUS4:48.71
10Joseph SmeetsBEL4:49.48
11Sixten WackströmFIN4:50.17
12Zbigniew WoźnickiPOL4:53.53
13Antônio SilvestreBRA4:54.52
14Jhon JarrínECU5:14.64

Quarter-Finals (23 July 1980 — 19:00)

Winner of each heat advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One

1Robert Dill-BundiSUI4:34.92QOR
2Vladimir OsokinURS4:38.17

Heat Two

1Alain BondueFRA4:36.27Q
2Pierangelo BincolettoITA4:43.84

Heat Three

1Hans-Henrik ØrstedDEN4:38.42Q
2Sean YatesGBR4:41.39

Heat Four

1Harald WolfGDR4:37.18Q
2Martin PencTCH4:47.87

Semi-Finals (24 July 1980 — 18:00)

Winner of each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Alain BondueFRA4:36.23Q
2Harald WolfGDR4:40.10

Heat Two

1Robert Dill-BundiSUI4:32.29QWR
2Hans-Henrik ØrstedDEN4:36.85

Final Round (24 July 1980 — 18:00)

Match 1/2 (18:00)

1Robert Dill-BundiSUI4:35.66
2Alain BondueFRA4:42.96

Match 3/4 (18:00)

1Hans-Henrik ØrstedDEN4:36.54
2Harald WolfGDR4:37.38