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Individual Pursuit, 4,000 metres, Men

Date24 – 26 July 1996
LocationStone Mountain Velodrome, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Participants18 from 18 countries

The last few World Championships had been traded back-and-forth among Brits Graeme Obree and the 1992 gold medalist, Chris Boardman. But Boardman elected to ride only the road time trial in Atlanta. Obree competed in this event, but placed 12th in qualifying and did not make it to match racing. Qualifying was led by Andrea Collinelli (ITA) with a world record of 4:19.699. He bettered that in the fourth quarter-final, recording 4:19.153 in overtaking Ukraine’s Andriy Iatsenko. Collinelli made the final, where he outlasted France’s Philippe Ermenault to win the gold medal. Collinelli’s victory was aided by a new style bike, in which he rode with his arms outstretched well over the standard handlebars. It was also used by Italy’s Antonella Bellutti to win the women’s pursuit in Atlanta. The unusual position required by their bike was termed the Superman position because it resembled fictional accounts of the Man of Steel flying. Shortly after the Atlanta Olympics, the position was outlawed by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). One month after the Olympics, Collinelli met Boardman at the final of the World Track Championships, Boardman winning as he shattered the world record twice, defeating Collinelli with a time of 4:11.114.

1Andrea CollinelliITAGold
2Philippe ErmenaultFRASilver
3Brad McGeeAUSBronze
4Aleksey MarkovRUS
5Juan MartínezESP
6Heiko SzonnGER
7Andriy YatsenkoUKR
8Walter PérezARG
9Kent BostickUSA
10Artūras KasputisLTU
11Graeme ObreeGBR
12Robert KarśnickiPOL
13Gary AndersonNZL
14Vadim KravchenkoKAZ
15David GeorgeRSA
16Phillip CollinsIRL
AC r1/4Jukka HeinikainenFINovertaken
AC r1/4Peter PietersNEDovertaken

Qualifying Round (24 July 1996 — 10:00)

Top eight advanced to quarter-finals.

1Andrea CollinelliITA4:19.699QWR
2Philippe ErmenaultFRA4:21.295Q
3Aleksey MarkovRUS4:27.074Q
4Juan MartínezESP4:27.909Q
5Brad McGeeAUS4:27.954Q
6Heiko SzonnGER4:29.931Q
7Walter PérezARG4:30.715Q
8Andriy YatsenkoUKR4:30.751Q
9Kent BostickUSA4:33.008
10Artūras KasputisLTU4:33.748
11Graeme ObreeGBR4:34.297
12Robert KarśnickiPOL4:35.193
13Gary AndersonNZL4:36.918
14Vadim KravchenkoKAZ4:37.212
15David GeorgeRSA4:39.531
16Phillip CollinsIRL4:41.207
DNFJukka HeinikainenFINovertaken
DNFPeter PietersNEDovertaken

Heat One (10:00)

1David GeorgeRSA4:39.531
2Phillip CollinsIRL4:41.207

Heat Two

1Robert KarśnickiPOL4:35.193
2Gary AndersonNZL4:36.918

Heat Three

1Andriy YatsenkoUKR4:30.751Q
2Artūras KasputisLTU4:33.748

Heat Four

1Walter PérezARG4:30.715Q
DNFJukka HeinikainenFINovertaken

Heat Five

1Kent BostickUSA4:33.008
2Vadim KravchenkoKAZ4:37.212

Heat Six

1Aleksey MarkovRUS4:27.074Q
2Heiko SzonnGER4:29.931Q

Heat Seven

1Philippe ErmenaultFRA4:21.295Q
DNFPeter PietersNEDovertaken

Heat Eight

1Andrea CollinelliITA4:19.699QWR
2Juan MartínezESP4:27.909Q

Heat Nine

1Brad McGeeAUS4:27.954Q
2Graeme ObreeGBR4:34.297

Quarter-Finals (24 July 1996 — 13:40)

Winner of each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One

1Brad McGeeAUS4:24.943Q
2Juan MartínezESP4:28.310

Heat Two

1Aleksey MarkovRUS4:24.863Q
2Heiko SzonnGER4:31.583

Heat Three

1Philippe ErmenaultFRA4:22.826Q
DNFWalter PérezARGovertaken

Heat Four

1Andrea CollinelliITA4:19.153QWR
DNFAndriy YatsenkoUKRovertaken

Semi-Finals (25 July 1996 — 10:35)

Winner of each heat advanced to final.

Heat One

1Philippe ErmenaultFRA4:24.082Q
2Aleksey MarkovRUS4:26.828

Heat Two

1Andrea CollinelliITA4:22.775Q
2Brad McGeeAUS4:26.121

Final Round (25 July 1996 — 12:40)

Match 1/2 (26 July 1996 — 12:40)

1Andrea CollinelliITA4:20.893
2Philippe ErmenaultFRA4:22.794