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Parallel Giant Slalom, Women

Date14 – 15 February 2002
LocationPark City Mountain Resort, Park City, Utah
Participants30 from 12 countries
Course SetterXavier Perrier-MichonFRA
DetailsGates: 27
Length: 549 m
Start Altitude: 2300 m
Vertical Drop: 180 m

This was the Olympic début for parallel giant slalom, as in 1998, a giant slalom run as a two-run time trial had been conducted. In this event, 30 boarders started with 16 advancing to the single-elimination match racing rounds. The finals matched the two favored French teammates, the 1998 giant slalom gold medalist, Karine Ruby, and Isabelle Blanc, who was on track to win the silver medal in Nagano, when she missed the final gate in the second run. Ruby was a five-time World Champion, while Blanc had been parallel World Champion in 1999 and World Cup champion in 2000. In the final, Blanc dominated the first run, winning by 1.89 seconds. On the second run, Ruby came back to win by 0.15 seconds but could not make up the margin, and Blanc had the gold medal. Ruby would compete again at the 2006 Winter Olympics, switching to boardercross. She then began training to become a mountain guide and was killed in late May 2009 when she fell into a crevasse on Mont Blanc. The biggest surprise of the competition was Poland’s Jagna Marczułajtis, who had never placed better than 12th in a World Cup race. Matched against Austrian Maria Kirchgasser in the first round, she advanced to the semi-finals when Kirchgasser fell on the second run. After losing to Blanc in the semis, Marczułajtis lost the bronze-medal match against Italy’s Lidia Trettel.

1Isabelle BlancFRAGold
2Karine RubyFRASilver
3Lidia TrettelITABronze
4Jagna MarczułajtisPOL
5Maria KirchgasserAUT
6Julie PomagalskiFRA
7Isabella Dal BalconITA
8Lisa KosglowUSA
9Dagi Mair unter der EggenITA
10Åsa WindahlSWE
11Katharina HimmlerGER
12Marion PoschITA
13Steffi von SiebenthalSUI
14Jana ŠedováSVK
15Mariya TikhvinskayaRUS
16Ran IidaJPN
17Sondra Van ErtUSA
18Sara FischerSWE
19Nadia LiversSUI
20Daniela MeuliSUI
21Heidi RenothGER
22Tomoka TakeuchiJPN
23Manuela RieglerAUT
24Nicolien SauerbreijNED
25Florine ValdenaireFRA
26Rosey FletcherUSA
27Lisa OdynskiUSA
28Claudia RieglerAUT
DNFDoris GüntherAUT
DNFMilena MeisserSUI

Qualifying Round

Date14 February 2002 — 10:00
1Maria KirchgasserAUT41.44Q
2Karine RubyFRA41.45Q
3Lidia TrettelITA41.94Q
4Isabelle BlancFRA42.20Q
5Julie PomagalskiFRA42.25Q
6Isabella Dal BalconITA42.26Q
7Lisa KosglowUSA42.30Q
8Dagi Mair unter der EggenITA42.32Q
9Jagna MarczułajtisPOL42.39Q
10Åsa WindahlSWE42.41Q
11Katharina HimmlerGER42.54Q
12Marion PoschITA42.59Q
13Steffi von SiebenthalSUI42.68Q
14Jana ŠedováSVK42.92Q
15Mariya TikhvinskayaRUS42.97Q
16Ran IidaJPN43.06Q
17Sondra Van ErtUSA43.15
18Sara FischerSWE43.21
19Nadia LiversSUI43.27
20Daniela MeuliSUI43.46
21Heidi RenothGER43.54
22Tomoka TakeuchiJPN43.76
23Manuela RieglerAUT44.04
24Nicolien SauerbreijNED44.71
25Florine ValdenaireFRA44.96
26Rosey FletcherUSA45.11
27Lisa OdynskiUSA45.47
28Claudia RieglerAUT51.87
DNFDoris GüntherAUT
DNFMilena MeisserSUI

Round One

Date15 February 2002
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Maria KirchgasserAUTQ
2Ran IidaJPN+0.50DQ

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Jagna MarczułajtisPOL+0.01Q
2Dagi Mair unter der EggenITA+0.61

Heat #3

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Julie PomagalskiFRA+0.94Q
2Marion PoschITA+2.07

Heat #4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Isabelle BlancFRA+0.13Q
2Steffi von SiebenthalSUI+2.07

Heat #5

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Lidia TrettelITAQ
2Jana ŠedováSVK+2.07+0.04

Heat #6

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Isabella Dal BalconITA+0.06Q
2Katharina HimmlerGER+0.29

Heat #7

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Lisa KosglowUSA+0.75Q
2Åsa WindahlSWE+2.07

Heat #8

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Karine RubyFRAQ
2Mariya TikhvinskayaRUS+2.07+0.82


Date15 February 2002
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Jagna MarczułajtisPOL+2.07Q
2Maria KirchgasserAUTDQ

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Isabelle BlancFRA+0.00Q
2Julie PomagalskiFRA+0.00+2.07

Heat #3

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Lidia TrettelITAQ
2Isabella Dal BalconITA+1.52+2.07

Heat #4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Karine RubyFRAQ
2Lisa KosglowUSA+0.63+2.07


Date15 February 2002
FormatWinner of each heat advanced to final.

Heat #1

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Isabelle BlancFRAQ
2Jagna MarczułajtisPOL+0.03DQ

Heat #2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Karine RubyFRA+1.92Q
2Lidia TrettelITA+2.07

Final Round

Date15 February 2002

Heat 1/2

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Isabelle BlancFRA+0.15
2Karine RubyFRA+1.89

Heat 3/4

PosCompetitorNOCRun 1Run 2
1Lidia TrettelITA+0.17
2Jagna MarczułajtisPOLDQ