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Air Pistol, 10 metres, Team, Mixed

Date27 July 2021
LocationAsaka Shooting Range, Nerima, Tokyo
Participants40 from 15 countries

The 10 m air pistol event was the first ever mixed shooting event at the Olympics. It was also the first team shooting event after 97 years, as shooting team events were discontinued after the 1924 Games. While in 1924 team events had at least four members per team, the teams in Tokyo consisted only of two shooters, so it was more of a pairs event. At the World Championships this event was first held in 2018 and had been won by Vitalina Batsarashkina/Artyom Chernousov, while silver went to Wang Qian/Wang Mengyi and bronze to Olena Kostevych/Oleh Omelchuk. Batsarashkina had already won Olympic gold in the women’s event two days earlier and the Chinese pair Jiang Ranxin/Pang Wei had each won a bronze medal in their individual events. The world record holders for the first qualification round, Manu Bhaker/Saurabh Chaudhary of India, also took part. They had scored 586 of 600 at the World Cup in München in May 2019, and both had won individual gold at the 2018 Youth Olympics.

The Indian pair won the first qualification stage followed by Batsarashkina/Chernousov and Jiang/Pang, after which eight teams qualified for the second stage. As Bhaker/Chaudhary only finished seventh in the second qualification stage, they did not reach the medal finals. At this stage the top two teams contested a gold medal match, while the third and fourth placed teams went to the bronze medal match. After six series of the gold medal match Batsarashkina/Chernousov led by 8 to 4, but the next four series were won by Jiang/Pang to give them a 12-8 lead. In the 13th series Jiang/Pang had the first chance to win gold but Batsarashkina/Chernousov won the next two series to equalize at 14-14. Thus, the last series decided the outcome and the Chinese pair won gold. The bronze medal match was decided in the 14th series and gave Ukraine their first shooting medal of the Tokyo Games.

11203/1218Jiang Ranxin / Pang WeiCHNGold
21901/1912Vitalina Batsarashkina / Artyom ChernousovROCSilver
32101/2105Olena Kostevych / Oleh OmelchukUKRBronze
41982/1985Zorana Arunović / Damir MikecSRB
51493/1495Haniyeh Rostamiyan / Javad ForoughiIRI
61207/1215Wang Qian / He ZhengyangCHN
71471/1483Manu Bhaker / Saurabh ChaudharyIND
81061/1072Dina Aspandiyarova / Daniel RepacholiAUS
91613/1620Chu Ga-Eun / Jin Jong-OKOR
102118/2121Sandra Uptagrafft / James HallUSA
111614/1621Kim Bo-Mi / Kim Mo-SeKOR
121415/1418Carina Wimmer / Christian ReitzGER
131733/1734Tsolmonbaatar Anudari / Enkhtaivan DavaakhuuMGL
141252/1254Laina Pérez / Jorge GrauCUB
151903/1911Margarita Chernousova / Anton AristarkhovROC
162114/2128Alexis Lagan / Nick MowrerUSA
171473/1485Yashaswini Singh Deswal / Abhishek VermaIND
181311/1315Radwa Abdel Latif / Samy Abdel RazekEGY
192071/2072Olfa Charni / Ala Al-OthmaniTUN
201576/1577Satoko Yamada / Kojiro HorimizuJPN

Qualifying Round One

Date27 July 2021 — 9:00
FormatThree rounds of 10 shots by round for each team member. Top eight team based on total points advance to stage two.
PosNumberCompetitorsNOCPointsInner 10s
1India 1IND58226Q
1471Manu Bhaker 286
1483Saurabh Chaudhary 296
2ROC 1ROC58119Q
1901Vitalina Batsarashkina 289
1912Artyom Chernousov 292
3People's Republic of China 1CHN58119Q
1203Jiang Ranxin 292
1218Pang Wei 289
2101Olena Kostevych 292
2105Oleh Omelchuk 288
1982Zorana Arunović 288
1985Damir Mikec 289
1061Dina Aspandiyarova 285
1072Daniel Repacholi 291
7People's Republic of China 2CHN57613Q
1207Wang Qian 283
1215He Zhengyang 293
8Islamic Republic of IranIRI57518Q
1493Haniyeh Rostamiyan 286
1495Javad Foroughi 289
9Republic of Korea 2KOR57513
1613Chu Ga-Eun 286
1620Jin Jong-O 289
10United States 2USA57312
2118Sandra Uptagrafft 290
2121James Hall 283
11Republic of Korea 1KOR57311
1614Kim Bo-Mi 288
1621Kim Mo-Se 285
1415Carina Wimmer 281
1418Christian Reitz 290
1733Tsolmonbaatar Anudari 278
1734Enkhtaivan Davaakhuu 293
1252Laina Pérez 280
1254Jorge Grau 288
15ROC 2ROC56619
1903Margarita Lomova-Chernousova 276
1911Anton Aristarkhov 290
16United States 1USA56517
2114Alexis Lagan 278
2128Nick Mowrer 287
17India 2IND56410
1473Yashaswini Singh Deswal 281
1485Abhishek Verma 283
1311Radwa Abdel Latif 282
1315Samy Abdel Razek 281
2071Olfa Charni 277
2072Ala Al-Othmani 284
1576Satoko Yamada 277
1577Kojiro Horimizu 282

Qualifying Round Two

Date27 July 2021 — 9:45
FormatTwo rounds of 10 shots by round for each team member. Top two teams advance to gold medal match, team 3-4 advance to bronze medal match.
PosNumberCompetitorsNOCPointsInner 10s
1People's Republic of China 1CHN38710Q
1203Jiang Ranxin 192
1218Pang Wei 195
2ROC 1ROC38615Q
1901Vitalina Batsarashkina 192
1912Artyom Chernousov 194
2101Olena Kostevych 195
2105Oleh Omelchuk 191
1982Zorana Arunović 193
1985Damir Mikec 191
5Islamic Republic of IranIRI38213
1493Haniyeh Rostamiyan 186
1495Javad Foroughi 196
6People's Republic of China 2CHN38012
1207Wang Qian 190
1215He Zhengyang 190
7India 1IND38011
1471Manu Bhaker 186
1483Saurabh Chaudhary 194
1061Dina Aspandiyarova 189
1072Daniel Repacholi 191

Final Round

Date27 July 2021 — 11:00
Match 1/227 JulJiang / PangCHN16 – 14Batsarashkina / ChernousovROC
Match 3/427 JulKostevych / OmelchukUKR16 – 12Arunović / MikecSRB