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Heavyweight (>78 kilograms), Women

Date30 July 2021
LocationNippon Budokan, Chiyoda, Tokyo
Participants27 from 27 countries

The results of the women’s heavyweight mixed up the expected outcome based on the ranking list. Third seed 2019 world champion Akira Sone from Japan toppled all her mostly prominent opponents with Ippon (full point) and proceeded to the final. There, she faced Idalys Ortiz from Cuba. Ortiz had already won medals in all her previous Olympic appearances, bronze in 2008, gold in 2012, and silver in 2016; additionally she won two World Championships. Her way into the final was less convincing, winning two bouts only by Waza-ari (half point). The final was a clash between two generations, the 21-year-old Sone against Ortiz, 11 years her senior. The end of the contest, however, was not spectacular. Sone was declared the winner after 8:52 min in the Golden Score after Ortiz was charged with a third Shido (penalty). Until this point, neither of the fighters managed to apply a technique for a score. Sone’s gold was Japan’s first gold in this category since 2004, although the country medalled at every Olympics in-between.

The experienced, second seeded Maria Altheman from Brazil was unlucky in her third Olympics. She suffered a foot injury in the second round, when she lost by Ippon to Romane Dicko, the 2021 World Masters winner. Unable to continue, she missed her chance in the repêchage. Dicko lost in the semi-final against Ortiz but claimed bronze in the bout against Kayra Sayıt from Turkey. Born as Ketty Mathé in France, she changed her name to Sayıt and had already represented Turkey at the 2016 Olympics. The second bronze went to Iryna Kindzerska, who was born in Ukraine but married an Azerbaijani and, although later divorced, still represented that country.

1Akira SoneJPNGold
2Idalys OrtizCUBSilver
=3Iryna KindzerskaAZEBronze
=3Romane DickoFRABronze
=5Xu ShiyanCHN
=5Kayra SayıtTUR
=7Maria Suelen AlthemanBRA
=7Han Mi-JinKOR
=9Larisa CerićBIH
=9Maryna SlutskayaBLR
=9Raz HershkoISR
=9Sandra JablonskytėLTU
=9Rochele NunesPOR
=9Ana VelenšekSLO
=9Nihel Cheikh RouhouTUN
=9Yelyzaveta KalaninaUKR
=17Sonia AsselahALG
=17Vanessa MballaCMR
=17Ivana MaranićCRO
=17Sarah AdlingtonGBR
=17Jasmin GrabowskiGER
=17Tahani Al-QahtaniKSA
=17Izayana MarencoNCA
=17Tessie SavelkoulsNED
=17Melissa MojicaPUR
=17Gabriella WoodTTO
=17Nina Cutro-KellyUSA

Round One

Date30 July 2021 — 11:00
FormatWinners advance to round two.
Match #130 Jul 11:00Idalys OrtizCUBbye
Match #230 Jul 11:06Mat 1Rochele NunesPORWaza-ariMelissa MojicaPUR
Match #330 Jul 11:12Mat 1Nihel Cheikh RouhouTUNIpponSarah AdlingtonGBR
Match #430 Jul 11:18Mat 1Xu ShiyanCHNIpponJasmin GrabowskiGER
Match #530 Jul 11:24Maria Suelen AlthemanBRAbye
Match #630 Jul 11:30Mat 1Ana VelenšekSLOIpponNina Cutro-KellyUSA
Match #730 Jul 11:36Romane DickoFRAbye
Match #830 Jul 11:42Mat 1Sandra JablonskytėLTUIpponIvana MaranićCRO
Match #930 Jul 11:48Iryna KindzerskaAZEbye
Match #1030 JulMat 1Larisa CerićBIHIpponIzayana MarencoNCA
Match #1130 JulMat 1Maryna SlutskayaBLRIpponGabriella WoodTTO
Match #1230 JulMat 1Han Mi-JinKORWaza-ariTessie SavelkoulsNED
Match #1330 JulAkira SoneJPNbye
Match #1430 JulMat 1Raz HershkoISRIpponTahani Al-QahtaniKSA
Match #1530 JulMat 1Kayra SayıtTURWaza-ariVanessa MballaCMR
Match #1630 JulMat 1Yelyzaveta KalaninaUKRIpponSonia AsselahALG

Round Two

Date30 July 2021 — 12:06
FormatWinners advance to quarter-finals.
Match #130 Jul 12:06Mat 1Idalys OrtizCUBWaza-ariRochele NunesPOR
Match #230 Jul 12:12Mat 1Xu ShiyanCHNIpponNihel Cheikh RouhouTUN
Match #330 Jul 12:18Mat 1Maria Suelen AlthemanBRAIpponAna VelenšekSLO
Match #430 Jul 12:24Mat 1Romane DickoFRAIpponSandra JablonskytėLTU
Match #530 Jul 12:40Mat 1Iryna KindzerskaAZEIpponLarisa CerićBIH
Match #630 Jul 12:46Mat 1Han Mi-JinKORIpponMaryna SlutskayaBLR
Match #730 Jul 12:52Mat 1Akira SoneJPNIpponRaz HershkoISR
Match #830 Jul 12:58Mat 1Kayra SayıtTURIpponYelyzaveta KalaninaUKR


Date30 July 2021 — 13:04
FormatWinners advance to semi-finals. Losers advance to repêchage for bronze medal tournament.
Match #130 Jul 13:04Mat 1Idalys OrtizCUBIpponXu ShiyanCHN
Match #230 Jul 13:10Mat 1Romane DickoFRAIpponMaria Suelen AlthemanBRA
Match #330 Jul 13:16Mat 1Iryna KindzerskaAZEIpponHan Mi-JinKOR
Match #430 Jul 13:22Mat 1Akira SoneJPNIpponKayra SayıtTUR


Date30 July 2021 — 17:00
FormatWinners advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #130 Jul 17:00Mat 1Xu ShiyanCHNIpponMaria Suelen AlthemanBRAwalkover
Match #230 Jul 17:08Mat 1Kayra SayıtTURIpponHan Mi-JinKOR


Date30 July 2021 — 17:17
FormatWinners advance to gold medal final. Losers advance to bronze medal matches.
Match #130 Jul 17:25Mat 1Idalys OrtizCUBWaza-ariRomane DickoFRA
Match #230 Jul 17:17Mat 1Akira SoneJPNIpponIryna KindzerskaAZE

Final Round

Date30 July 2021 — 18:18
Match 3/530 Jul 18:18Mat 1Iryna KindzerskaAZEIpponXu ShiyanCHN
Match 3/530 Jul 18:28Mat 1Romane DickoFRAIpponKayra SayıtTUR
Match 1/230 Jul 18:38Mat 1Akira SoneJPNIpponIdalys OrtizCUB