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Moguls, Men

Date8 – 11 February 1998
LocationIizuna Kogen Resort, Iizuna
Participants33 from 13 countries
Venue detailsGradient: 26.5°
Length: 250 m
Start Elevation: 1270 m
Vertical Drop: 105 m
Width: ?

The defending champion, Jean-Luc Brassard (CAN) had won two of the five World Cup events in the 1997-98 season, and was considered a co-favorite with Jonny Moseley (USA), who had won the other three. Moseley led the qualifying, with the surprising Finn cousins, Janne Lahtela and Sami Mustonen, in second and third, respectively. Neither of the Finns had ever medaled at a World Cup event. Brassard placed seventh in the qualifying. In the final, Lahtela and Mustonen again surprised, placing 1-2 until Moseley made his run. But Moseley won the gold medal comfortably. He had the fastest run of the final and the highest point score, using his signature “helicopter cross,” a 360° twist with crossed skis. Lahtela would return in 2002 to win the gold medal. He competed at every Olympic moguls competition thru 2006. Moseley would also return in 2002 and placed fourth at Salt Lake. Brassard placed fourth in Nagano, hurt by his air points score.

1Jonny MoseleyUSAGold
2Janne LahtelaFINSilver
3Sami MustonenFINBronze
4Jean-Luc BrassardCAN
5Lauri LassilaFIN
6Jesper RönnbäckSWE
7Ryan JohnsonCAN
8Stéphane RochonCAN
9Kurre LansburghSWE
10Alex WilsonUSA
11Julien Regnier-LafforgueFRA
12Fabrice OugierFRA
13Gota MiuraJPN
14Patrik SundbergSWE
15Daigo HaraJPN
16Thony HemeryFRA
17Dominick GauthierCAN
18Yugo TsukitaJPN
19Armen RafayelyanARM
20Olivier CotteFRA
21Adrian CostaAUS
22Roger HållanderSWE
23Jim MoranUSA
24Yevgeny SennikovRUS
25Richard UssherNZL
26Aleksey BannikovKAZ
27Andrey IvanovRUS
28Tim DudgeonGBR
29Aleh KulieshouBLR
30Takehiro SakamotoJPN
31Evan DybvigUSA
ACVitaly GlushchenkoRUSDNF

Qualifying Round (8 – 11 February 1998 — 11:00)

Top 16 finishers advanced to final.

Judge #1 (Turns)Harry GanjaCAN
Judge #2 (Turns)Martine KohlyFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Miki MiyazakiJPN
Judge #4 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #5 (Turns)Philip RichardSUI
Judge #6 (Air)Reinhard KrampflGER
Judge #7 (Air)Hans KasnikAUT
17Jonny MoseleyUSA26.5313.27.2025.78Q
213Janne LahtelaFIN25.4313.36.5227.58Q
316Sami MustonenFIN25.1613.06.5227.47Q
429Kurre LansburghSWE25.1413.26.5528.31Q
519Ryan JohnsonCAN25.1212.67.0327.98Q
621Thony HemeryFRA25.0613.55.5526.18Q
727Jean-Luc BrassardCAN24.7313.15.9727.40Q
82Stéphane RochonCAN24.6213.16.0728.11Q
926Lauri LassilaFIN24.5313.26.1529.03Q
1017Alex WilsonUSA24.3212.26.6728.10Q
1118Fabrice OugierFRA24.2612.46.3027.72Q
128Julien Regnier-LafforgueFRA24.2013.05.7728.20Q
1332Patrik SundbergSWE24.1912.26.3027.30Q
1412Jesper RönnbäckSWE24.1612.46.2227.81Q
1525Gota MiuraJPN24.1412.96.0428.97Q
1611Daigo HaraJPN24.0412.66.3729.42Q
1715Dominick GauthierCAN23.9013.15.3728.19
1814Yugo TsukitaJPN23.8112.15.6225.90
1910Armen RafayelyanARM23.4912.25.1725.81
206Olivier CotteFRA23.4612.16.0728.66
215Adrian CostaAUS23.4511.16.3726.29
2223Roger HållanderSWE23.3511.65.9226.80
231Jim MoranUSA22.9011.55.9328.05
243Yevgeny SennikovRUS22.7611.36.0028.08
2528Richard UssherNZL20.7511.15.3231.96
2633Aleksey BannikovKAZ20.189.95.1029.06
2722Andrey IvanovRUS18.737.25.8527.34
284Tim DudgeonGBR16.328.33.8832.64
2920Aleh KulieshouBLR11.133.04.5034.37
3030Takehiro SakamotoJPN8.682.04.1238.07
3124Evan DybvigUSA4.551.72.850.00
AC9Vitaly GlushchenkoRUSDNF
AC31Sam TempleGBRDNF

Final Round (8 – 11 February 1998 — 12:00)

Judge #1 (Turns)Harry GanjaCAN
Judge #2 (Turns)Martine KohlyFRA
Judge #3 (Turns)Miki MiyazakiJPN
Judge #4 (Turns)Morten SkarpaasNOR
Judge #5 (Turns)Philip RichardSUI
Judge #6 (Air)Reinhard KrampflGER
Judge #7 (Air)Hans KasnikAUT
116Jonny MoseleyUSA26.9314.57.1225.10
215Janne LahtelaFIN26.0014.36.4525.30
314Sami MustonenFIN25.7614.46.6026.77
410Jean-Luc BrassardCAN25.5214.45.8525.22
58Lauri LassilaFIN25.4313.86.6726.17
63Jesper RönnbäckSWE25.3213.76.3725.28
712Ryan JohnsonCAN25.2513.86.8827.35
89Stéphane RochonCAN25.0113.46.1524.64
913Kurre LansburghSWE24.7113.56.2726.23
107Alex WilsonUSA24.6813.46.3726.31
115Julien Regnier-LafforgueFRA24.6413.66.0025.93
126Fabrice OugierFRA24.2213.45.7725.88
132Gota MiuraJPN23.0613.35.4428.11
144Patrik SundbergSWE23.0012.15.7725.66
151Daigo HaraJPN12.136.02.8631.27
AC11Thony HemeryFRADNF