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Individual, Men

Date16 July 1912 — 14:00-18:00
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants31 from 8 countries
FormatOne round. Maximum points 190.

There were 15 obstacles, with four of them jumped twice, or a total of 19 obstacles. Ten points were given for each obstacle cleared. The maximum height of the jumps was 1.4 metres. The water jump was 4.0 metres in length. Deductions were as follows: 1st refusal - 2 points; 2nd refusal - 4 points; 3rd refusal - 6 points; fall from horse - 6 points; hitting fence with horse’s foreleg - 1 point; hitting fence with horse’s hindleg - 1 point; knocking down a fence with the horse’s foreleg - 4 points; knocking down a fence with the horse’s hindleg - 2 points; hitting the water with the horse’s hindleg - 2 points; hitting the water with the horse’s foreleg - 4 points; and exceeding the time limit - 2 points for each 5-second interval beyong the time limit. The course was 1,533 metres in length, and the time limit was 3:50.0, for a calculated speed of 400 metres/minute.

Jean Cariou (FRA) tied for first place with Rabod Wilhelm von Kröcher (GER) with four faults, or a score of 186. In the jump-off, shortened to six obstacles (maximum score of 60), Cariou had five faults to seven for von Kröcher. Of interest, Cariou had competed in the three-day event, finishing third in the individual. He had the highest total score in sections 1-3, and 5, but was brought down by his performance in the jumping section, where he finished 15th of 19 competitors. Cariou won the Count Géza Andrassy (HUN) Challenge Prize, in addition to his gold medal.

1Jacques CariouFRAMignon1863:46.055/1:16.0Gold
2Rabod Wilhelm von KröcherGERDohna1863:37.253/1:10.0Silver
3Emmanuel de Blommaert de SoyeBELClonmore1853:18.0Bronze
4Herbert ScottGBRShamrock1843:26.4
5Sigismund FreyerGERUltimus1833:24.0
=6Wilhelm, Count von HohenauGERPretty Girl1813:19.0
=6Ernst CasparssonSWEKiriki1813:29.4
=6Nils AdlercreutzSWEIlex1813:30.0
=9Grand Duke Dmitry Pavlovich RomanovRUSUnité1803:23.6
=9Charles LewenhauptSWEArno1803:33.0
=9Gustaf LewenhauptSWEMedusa1803:35.0
=9Ernst DelochGERHubertus1803:39.0
=13Pierre Dufour d'AstafortFRAAmazone1793:38.6
=13Carl-Axel TorénSWEFalken1793:41.2
15Karol von RómmelRUSSiablik1783:49.0
=16Enrique DeichlerCHIChile1763:40.0
=16Aleksandr RodzyankoRUSEros1763:21.0
=18Sergey ZagorskyRUSBandoura1743:18.0
=18Friedrich Karl, Prince von PreußenGERGibson Boy1743:25.0
=18Friedrich Ernst, Count von GroteGERPolyphem1743:39.8
21Mikhail PleshkovRUSYvette1733:46.8
=22Åke HökSWEMona1703:38.8
=22Aleksey SelikhovRUSTugela1703:42.4
24Karl KildalNORGarcia1683:34.2
25Elías YáñezCHIPatria1663:35.0
26Jørgen JensenNORJessy1653:38.6
27Paul KennaGBRHarmony1624:12.0
28Jens FalkenbergNORFlorida1614:31.6
29Edward NashGBRThe Flea1534:30.2
30Guy ReyntiensBELBeau Soleil1474:23.0
DNFErnest MeyerFRAUrsule