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Team, Open

Date29 July – 3 August 1984
LocationSanta Anita Park, Arcadia, California / Fairbanks Ranch, Rancho Santa Fe, California
Participants44 from 11 countries
FormatFour rider teams, best three scores to count for the team total. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

Discounting 1980, the last three Olympic champions had been Great Britain in 1968 and 1972 and the United States in 1976. They were expected to battle for the gold medal in Los Angeles and did so. The USA took the lead after the dressage, with Great Britain fourth, trailing Sweden and France. Great Britain had the best ride in the endurance phase, followed by the United States, but it was not enough to overcome the US lead, which was 8.20 points going into the jumping. Britain then had a perfect ride in the jumping, with no faults, which was matched by Canada, France, and West Germany, while the United States had 10 jumping faults. However, when adding up the three best riders’ total scores, the United States won the gold medal by only 3.20 points over the British team. West Germany and France had a similarly close contest for bronze, with the Germans prevailing by 2.00 points.

1United StatesUSA-186.00-155.80 (1)-8.00 (2)-10.00 (6)Gold
Karen Stives Ben Arthur-54.20-49.200.00-5.00
Torrance Watkins Fleischmann Finvarra-60.40-57.60-2.800.00
J. Michael Plumb Blue Stone-71.40-61.20-5.20-5.00
Bruce Davidson J. J. Babu-75.20-49.00-21.20-5.00non-scoring
2Great BritainGBR-189.20-176.60 (4)-7.60 (1)0.00 (=1)Silver
Virginia Holgate-Leng Priceless-56.80-56.40-0.400.00
Lucinda Prior-Palmer-Green Regal Realm-63.80-63.800.000.00
Ian Stark Oxford Blue-68.60-56.40-7.20-5.00
Diana Clapham Windjammer-165.20-70.00-95.200.00non-scoring
3West GermanyFRG-234.00-184.60 (6)-45.20 (4)0.00 (=1)Bronze
Dietmar Hogrefe Foliant-74.40-66.00-8.400.00
Bettina Overesch-Böker-Hoy Peacetime-79.60-66.40-13.200.00
Claus Erhorn Fair Lady-80.00-56.40-23.600.00
Burkhard Tesdorpf Freedom-216.05-62.20-151.60-2.25non-scoring
4FranceFRA-236.00-173.20 (3)-53.20 (5)0.00 (=1)
Pascal Morvillers Gulliver B-63.00-52.60-10.400.00
Marie-Christine Duroy Harley-85.40-58.20-27.200.00
Armand Bigot Jacquou du Bois-87.60-72.00-15.600.00
Daniel Nion Gerome A-115.00-62.40-47.60-5.00non-scoring
5AustraliaAUS-258.40-199.00 (8)-44.40 (3)-15.00 (9)
Andrew Hoy Davey-80.00-65.00-10.00-5.00
Mervyn Bennett Regal Reign-87.40-66.60-10.80-10.00
Vicki Roycroft Looking Ahead-91.00-67.40-23.600.00
Wayne Roycroft Regal MonarchDNF-70.60ELnon-scoring
6New ZealandNZL-280.00-184.20 (5)-54.00 (6)-13.00 (8)
Mark Todd Charisma-51.60-51.600.000.00
Mary Hamilton Whist-98.00-63.20-26.80-8.00
Andrew Nicholson Kahlua-130.40-27.20-25.00
Andrew Bennie Jade-200.80-69.40-126.40-5.00non-scoring
7ItalyITA-280.70-187.20 (7)-88.00 (7)-5.50 (5)
Marina Sciocchetti Master Hunt-67.00-
Mauro Checcoli Spey Cast Boy-67.00-60.40-1.60-5.00
Bartolo Ambrosione Brick-146.70-59.80-86.40-0.50
Geremia Toia Semi ValleyDNF-77.20ELnon-scoring
8SwedenSWE-339.85-173.00 (2)-144.80 (9)-10.25 (7)
Jan Jönsson Isolde-86.40-57.60-28.800.00
Göran Breisner Bobalong-99.65-61.40-38.00-0.25
Christian Persson Joel-153.80-65.80-78.00-10.00
Michael Pettersson Up to Date-198.80-54.00-134.80-10.00non-scoring
9IrelandIRL-363.55-224.00 (11)-118.80 (8)-20.75 (10)
Sarah Gordon Rathkenny-99.20-74.20-20.00-5.00
David Foster Aughatore-119.95-77.20-42.00-0.75
Fiona Wentges Ballylusky-144.40-72.60-56.80-15.00
Margaret Tollerton Ipi TombiDNF-87.80non-scoring
10CanadaCAN-468.40-200.60 (9)-258.40 (10)0.00 (=1)
Kelly Plitz Dialadream-108.40-67.40-36.00-5.00
Edie Tarves Mandrake-165.60-63.60-102.000.00
Martha Griggs Jack the Lad-194.40-74.00-120.400.00
Liz Ashton Ossian-201.20-69.60-131.600.00non-scoring
DNFMexicoMEX-208.00 (10)– (DNF)
Sandra del Castillo Alegre-168.80-81.20-77.60
Armando Romero Homnaje-450.80-77.60-363.20
Juan Roberto Redon GrisDNF-66.40EL
Salvador Suárez ChuviscarDNF-64.00EL