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Individual, Open

Date12 August 1984 — 07:00-14:00
LocationSanta Anita Park, Arcadia, California
Participants51 from 21 countries
FormatTwo rounds. Total score for both rounds determined placement.

The event was slightly different as the top 25 riders in round one, instead of 20, were advanced to the second round. The favorite was probably American Melanie Smith who, aboard Calypso, had led the 1982 World Cup and was third in 1983 behind her countryman Norman Dello Joio and Austrian Hugo Simon. The US team for Los Angeles was so strong that Dello Joio was not even selected for it, as they opted instead for Joe Fargis and Conrad Homfeld, who were stablemates in Petersburg, Virginia.

Fargis led round one with a clean trip, tied with Britain’s Michael Whitaker, while Holmfeld and Smith were in a five-way tie for third with 4.00 faults. Holmfeld then posted a clean ride in round two for a total of 4.00 faults. Fargis rode cleanly in his second round, until the final barrier, on which his horse, Touch of Class, knocked over the top rail. Fargis and Holmfeld thus tied with 4.00 faults and would have to jump-off. Fargis won the gold medal with another perfect round, leaving Holmfeld with silver.

Smith dropped back in round two and tied for seventh, but Whitaker had a disastrous ride, with 28.50 faults, and placed 24th. The bronze came down to a jump-off among Switzerland’s Heidi Robbiani and Bruno Candrian, Canada’s Mario Deslauriers. Robbiani secured third-place with a clean ride in the jump-off, as Deslauriers placed fourth with 4 faults, and Candrian had 8 faults.

1Joe FargisUSATouch of Class4.000.0058.06Gold
2Conrad HomfeldUSAAbdullah4.008.0051.03Silver
3Heidi RobbianiSUIJessica V8.000.0053.39Bronze
4Mario DeslauriersCANAramis8.004.0057.07
5Bruno CandrianSUISlygof8.008.0058.10
6Luis Antonio ÁlvarezESPJexico de Parc8.50
=7Frédéric CottierFRAFlambeau C12.00
=7Paul SchockemöhleFRGDeister12.00
=7Melanie SmithUSACalypso12.00
10Luis AstolfiESPFeinschnitt Z13.75
=11Peter LutherFRGLivius16.00
=11Franke SloothaakFRGFarmer16.00
13Tim GrubbGBRLinky17.25
=14John WhitakerGBRRyan's Son20.00
=14Gerardo TazzerMEXMagod20.00
=14Ian MillarCANBig Ben20.00
=14Pierre Durand, Jr.FRAJappeloup de Luze20.00
18Fernando SenderosMEXMassacre20.75
19Hugh GrahamCANElrond21.00
=20Philippe RozierFRAJiva24.00
=20Giorgio NutiITAImpedoumi24.00
=22Bruno ScolariITAJoyau d'Or28.00
=22Hugo SimonAUTThe Freak28.00
24Michael WhitakerGBROverton Amanda28.50
25Herman Van Den BroeckBELWellington32.25
26Jeff McVeanAUSKing Omega36.75
AC r2/2Shuichi TokiJPNThe ShintoDNF
28Gerry MullinsIRLRockbartonDNQ
=29Ove HansenNORSancerreDNQ
=29Greg EurellAUSMr. ShrimptonDNQ
31Jaime AzcárragaMEXRoyal TodayDNQ
32Jorge CarneiroBRATestarudoDNQ
33Caio Sérgio CaioBRAVirtuosoDNQ
34Yoshihiro NakanoJPNColmanDNQ
35Alfredo SoneCHITrumaoDNQ
=36George SannaAUSKiteDNQ
=36Graziano MancinelliITAIdeal de la HayeDNQ
38Willi MelligerSUIVan GoghDNQ
39Peter ErikssonSWEImperatorDNQ
40Justo AlbarracínARGCollon Cura de TatuDNQ
41Alberto HonrubiaESPKaouaDNQ
=42Américo SimonettiCHIAmarantoDNQ
=42Ferdi TytecaBEL't SoulaikyDNQ
44Víctor ContadorCHITostaoDNQ
45Marcelo BlessmanBRAAlpesDNQ
=46Takashi TomuraJPNPurplexDNQ
=46Eduardo ZoneARGCardalDNQ
ACMartín MalloARGGonzoDNF
ACAxel VerlooyBELVrijheidDNF
ACOswaldo MéndezGUALove ForeverEL
ACJohn CottleNZLArturoEL

Round One (12 August 1984 — 07:00-14:00)

Top 25 riders and ties advanced to round two.

=1Michael WhitakerGBROverton Amanda0.00Q
=1Joe FargisUSATouch of Class0.00Q
=3Mario DeslauriersCANAramis4.00Q
=3Bruno CandrianSUISlygof4.00Q
=3Heidi RobbianiSUIJessica V4.00Q
=3Conrad HomfeldUSAAbdullah4.00Q
=3Melanie SmithUSACalypso4.00Q
8Luis Antonio ÁlvarezESPJexico de Parc4.25Q
9Luis AstolfiESPFeinschnitt Z5.25Q
=10Frédéric CottierFRAFlambeau C8.00Q
=10Paul SchockemöhleFRGDeister8.00Q
=10Franke SloothaakFRGFarmer8.00Q
13Tim GrubbGBRLinky8.25Q
14Shuichi TokiJPNThe Shinto10.50Q
=15Hugo SimonAUTThe Freak12.00Q
=15Ian MillarCANBig Ben12.00Q
=15Pierre Durand, Jr.FRAJappeloup de Luze12.00Q
=15Peter LutherFRGLivius12.00Q
=15John WhitakerGBRRyan's Son12.00Q
=15Giorgio NutiITAImpedoumi12.00Q
=15Gerardo TazzerMEXMagod12.00Q
22Jeff McVeanAUSKing Omega12.50Q
23Fernando SenderosMEXMassacre12.75Q
24Hugh GrahamCANElrond13.00Q
=25Herman Van Den BroeckBELWellington16.00Q
=25Philippe RozierFRAJiva16.00Q
=25Bruno ScolariITAJoyau d'Or16.00Q
28Gerry MullinsIRLRockbarton16.25
=29Greg EurellAUSMr. Shrimpton16.50
=29Ove HansenNORSancerre16.50
31Jaime AzcárragaMEXRoyal Today18.00
32Jorge CarneiroBRATestarudo21.25
33Caio Sérgio CaioBRAVirtuoso23.25
34Yoshihiro NakanoJPNColman24.00
35Alfredo SoneCHITrumao24.25
=36George SannaAUSKite24.50
=36Graziano MancinelliITAIdeal de la Haye24.50
38Willi MelligerSUIVan Gogh24.75
39Peter ErikssonSWEImperator25.75
40Justo AlbarracínARGCollon Cura de Tatu26.50
41Alberto HonrubiaESPKaoua27.00
=42Ferdi TytecaBEL't Soulaiky28.25
=42Américo SimonettiCHIAmaranto28.25
44Víctor ContadorCHITostao40.00
45Marcelo BlessmanBRAAlpes44.00
=46Eduardo ZoneARGCardal48.25
=46Takashi TomuraJPNPurplex48.25
ACMartín MalloARGGonzoDNF
ACAxel VerlooyBELVrijheidDNF
ACOswaldo MéndezGUALove ForeverEL
ACJohn CottleNZLArturoEL

Round Two (12 August 1984 — 07:00-14:00)

1Conrad HomfeldUSAAbdullah0.00
=2Mario DeslauriersCANAramis4.00
=2Frédéric CottierFRAFlambeau C4.00
=2Peter LutherFRGLivius4.00
=2Paul SchockemöhleFRGDeister4.00
=2Bruno CandrianSUISlygof4.00
=2Heidi RobbianiSUIJessica V4.00
=2Joe FargisUSATouch of Class4.00
9Luis Antonio ÁlvarezESPJexico de Parc4.25
=10Hugh GrahamCANElrond8.00
=10Ian MillarCANBig Ben8.00
=10Pierre Durand, Jr.FRAJappeloup de Luze8.00
=10Philippe RozierFRAJiva8.00
=10Franke SloothaakFRGFarmer8.00
=10John WhitakerGBRRyan's Son8.00
=10Fernando SenderosMEXMassacre8.00
=10Gerardo TazzerMEXMagod8.00
=10Melanie SmithUSACalypso8.00
19Luis AstolfiESPFeinschnitt Z8.50
20Tim GrubbGBRLinky9.00
=21Giorgio NutiITAImpedoumi12.00
=21Bruno ScolariITAJoyau d'Or12.00
23Hugo SimonAUTThe Freak16.00
24Herman Van Den BroeckBELWellington16.25
25Jeff McVeanAUSKing Omega24.25
26Michael WhitakerGBROverton Amanda28.50
ACShuichi TokiJPNThe ShintoEL