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5,000 metres, Men

Date3 – 6 August 2021
LocationJapan National Stadium, Kasumigaoka, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Participants38 from 23 countries

Predicting this event was almost impossible as nobody was certain who would run in the 5,000. Some of the top 5,000 metre runners were considering competing in the 1,500, the steeplechase, and the 10,000, so nobody knew what the final field would look like. Uganda’s Joshua Cheptegei was the world record holder but he was also considering the 10,000, in which he had won the 2019 World Championship. Norway’s Jakob Ingebrigtsen would eventually only run the 1,500. One favorite, Ethiopian Getnet Wale, had finished fourth in the steeplechase and would not get out of the 5K heats. Forecasting the event was futile.

In the final Cheptegei controlled the race throughout, taking the early lead, and then leading for several laps with teammate Jacob Kiplimo. Kiplimo led through 2,300 metres before Cheptegei went to the lead, although he allowed Kenyan Nicholas Kipkorir Kimeli to lead briefly.

Cheptegei went back to the front at 4,000 metres and held the lead to the finish, winning the gold medal. He was pushed by Kimeli on the backstretch of the final lap, but then left him easily. Kimeli was challenged by American Paul Chelimo, but they were passed on the final straight by Canada’s Mohammed Ahmed, who had run for the University of Wisconsin in the USA, and would win the silver medal. Chelimo, the 2016 Rio silver medalist, dove at the line to finish ahead of Kimeli and win his second consecutive medal in the event.

Cheptegei became only the fifth world record holder in the 5K to also win an Olympic gold medal in the event, joining Hannes Kolehmainen (1912), Paavo Nurmi (1924), Lauri Lehtinen (1932), and Kenenisa Bekele (2008).

13711Joshua CheptegeiUGA13:30.61 (5 h2)12:58.15 (1)Gold
21418Moh AhmedCAN13:38.96 (2 h1)12:58.61 (2)Silver
33912Paul ChelimoUSA13:30.15 (2 h2)12:59.05 (3)Bronze
42775Nicholas Kipkorir KimeliKEN13:38.87 (1 h1)12:59.17 (4)
53712Jacob KiplimoUGA13:30.40 (4 h2)13:02.40 (5)
61349Birhanu BalewBRN13:39.42 (5 h1)13:03.20 (6)
71430Justyn KnightCAN13:30.22 (3 h2)13:04.38 (7)
81798Mohamed KatirESP13:30.10 (1 h2)13:06.60 (8)
93925Grant FisherUSA13:31.80 (8 h2)13:08.40 (9)
101872Milkesa MengeshaETH13:31.13 (6 h2)13:08.50 (10)
112038Andy ButchartGBR13:31.23 (7 h2)13:09.97 (11)
122246Luis GrijalvaGUA13:34.11 (10 h2)13:10.09 (12)
131956Jimmy GressierFRA13:33.47 (9 h2)13:11.33 (13)
143942Woody KincaidUSA13:39.04 (3 h1)13:17.20 (14)
151353Dawit FikaduBRN13:44.03 (14 h2)13:20.24 (15)
163708Oscar ChelimoUGA13:39.07 (4 h1)13:44.45 (16)
6 h1 r1/22065Marc ScottGBR13:39.61 (6 h1)
7 h1 r1/21959Hugo HayFRA13:39.95 (7 h1)
8 h1 r1/21090David McNeillAUS13:39.97 (8 h1)
9 h1 r1/21877Getnet WaleETH13:41.13 (9 h1)
10 h1 r1/22771Daniel EbenyoKEN13:41.64 (10 h1)
11 h1 r1/23523Jonas RaessSUI13:43.52 (11 h1)
11 h2 r1/21089Morgan McDonaldAUS13:37.36 (11 h2)
12 h1 r1/22883Soufiyan BouqantarMAR13:43.97 (12 h1)
12 h2 r1/23083Narve Gilje NordåsNOR13:41.82 (12 h2)
13 h1 r1/21424Luc BruchetCAN13:44.08 (13 h1)
13 h2 r1/21730Jamal AbdelmajiEOR13:42.98 (13 h2)
14 h1 r1/21871Nibret MelakETH13:45.81 (14 h1)
15 h1 r1/22416Yemaneberhan CrippaITA13:47.12 (15 h1)
15 h2 r1/23417Lesiba MasheleRSA13:48.25 (15 h2)
16 h1 r1/21196Robin HendrixBEL13:58.37 (16 h1)
16 h2 r1/22168Mohamed MohumedGER13:50.46 (16 h2)
17 h1 r1/22686Yuta BandoJPN14:05.80 (17 h1)
17 h2 r1/21198Isaac KimeliBEL13:57.36 (17 h2)
18 h1 r1/22801Nursultan KeneshbekovKGZ14:07.79 (18 h1)
18 h2 r1/22703Hiroki MatsuedaJPN14:15.54 (18 h2)
19 h1 r1/22973Abidine AbidineMTN14:54.80 (19 h1)
AC h1 r1/23020Mike FoppenNED– (DNF h1)
DNS2783Samwel MasaiKEN– (DNS h2)
DNS1099Patrick TiernanAUS– (DNS h2)

Round One

Date3 August 2021 — 19:56
FormatTop five in each heat and next five fastest advanced to the final.

Heat #1

PosLaneCompetitorNOCTime (Automatic)
120Nicholas Kipkorir KimeliKEN13:38.87Q
212Moh AhmedCAN13:38.96Q
31Woody KincaidUSA13:39.04Q
411Oscar ChelimoUGA13:39.07Q
519Birhanu BalewBRN13:39.42Q
69Marc ScottGBR13:39.61
72Hugo HayFRA13:39.95
84David McNeillAUS13:39.97
97Getnet WaleETH13:41.13
105Daniel EbenyoKEN13:41.64
1114Jonas RaessSUI13:43.52
128Soufiyan BouqantarMAR13:43.97
1315Luc BruchetCAN13:44.08
1410Nibret MelakETH13:45.81
1517Yemaneberhan CrippaITA13:47.12
1618Robin HendrixBEL13:58.37
1713Yuta BandoJPN14:05.80
1816Nursultan KeneshbekovKGZ14:07.79
196Abidine AbidineMTN14:54.80
DNF3Mike FoppenNED

Heat #2

PosLaneCompetitorNOCTime (Automatic)
114Mohamed KatirESP13:30.10Q
216Paul ChelimoUSA13:30.15Q
310Justyn KnightCAN13:30.22Q
415Jacob KiplimoUGA13:30.40Q
519Joshua CheptegeiUGA13:30.61Q
611Milkesa MengeshaETH13:31.13q
78Andy ButchartGBR13:31.23q
818Grant FisherUSA13:31.80q
913Jimmy GressierFRA13:33.47q
104Luis GrijalvaGUA13:34.11q
111Morgan McDonaldAUS13:37.36
1217Narve Gilje NordåsNOR13:41.82
133Jamal AbdelmajiEOR13:42.98
145Dawit FikaduBRN13:44.03q1
156Lesiba MasheleRSA13:48.25
162Mohamed MohumedGER13:50.46
1712Isaac KimeliBEL13:57.36
187Hiroki MatsuedaJPN14:15.54
DNS9Samwel MasaiKEN
DNS20Patrick TiernanAUS


Date6 August 2021 — 21:00
PosLaneCompetitorNOCTime (Automatic)
112Joshua CheptegeiUGA12:58.15
26Moh AhmedCAN12:58.61
311Paul ChelimoUSA12:59.05
43Nicholas Kipkorir KimeliKEN12:59.17
58Jacob KiplimoUGA13:02.40
610Birhanu BalewBRN13:03.20
72Justyn KnightCAN13:04.38
85Mohamed KatirESP13:06.60
915Grant FisherUSA13:08.40
1013Milkesa MengeshaETH13:08.50
1116Andy ButchartGBR13:09.97
121Luis GrijalvaGUA13:10.09
139Jimmy GressierFRA13:11.33
144Woody KincaidUSA13:17.20
157Dawit FikaduBRN13:20.24
1614Oscar ChelimoUGA13:44.45