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Featherweight (≤68 kilograms), Men

Date25 July 2021
LocationMakuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Participants17 from 17 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament. All fighters losing to the finalists in each pool advance to repêchage tournament for the bronze medal.

Ulugbek Rashitov from Uzbeskistan was 17th, and last of the seeds, but won the gold medal with a surprising 34-29 victory against British No. 2 seed, Bradly Sinden. The top seed, South Korean Lee Dae-Hun, lost the bronze medal bout against China’s third seed, and reigning Olympic Champion, Zhao Shuai. The other bronze medal went to Hakan Reçber from Turkey.

Abdullah Sediqi escaped armed gangs in Afghanistan and set out for Europe on foot, enduring endless 12-hour walks each day, to arrive in Belgium where he trained in a refugee camp. The pandemic had hit him hard as he lost his mother to coronavirus before he could return to see her again. Chosen as a member of the Refugee Team, he was handed a near-impossible task in his very first fight, facing Zhao Shuai. Unfazed, he put up fierce resistance to the Chinese gold medallist from Rio but was eventually eliminated on a 22-20 score. While it wasn’t enough to take the match into golden score, the defeated Refugee Athlete could leave the Makuhari Messe Hall with his head held high, knowing that he had given it his all.

1417Ulugbek RashitovUZBGold
2402Bradly SindenGBRSilver
=3403Zhao ShuaiCHNBronze
=3410Hakan ReçberTURBronze
=5413Nedžad HusićBIH
=5401Lee Dae-HunKOR
=7408Mirhashem HosseiniIRI
=7415Tom BurnsNZL
=9411Bernardo PiéDOM
=9412Abdelrahman WaelEGY
11416Seydou FofanaMLI
=12406Jaouad AchabBEL
=12407Edival PontesBRA
=12414Abdullah SediqiEOR
=12405Javier PérezESP
=12404Ricardo SuzukiJPN
=12409Huang Yu-JenTPE

Round One (25 July 2021 — 19:45)

Match #1 Ulugbek RashitovUZB Seydou FofanaMLI

Round Two (25 July 2021 — 10:15)

Winner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.

Match #1 Nedžad HusićBIH Ricardo SuzukiJPN
Match #2 Abdelrahman WaelEGY Javier PérezESP Final Score (22 - 20)
Match #3 Mirhashem HosseiniIRI Huang Yu-JenTPE Final Score (18 - 15)
Match #4 Ulugbek RashitovUZB Lee Dae-HunKOR Golden Point (Round 4, 0:43)
Match #5 Bradly SindenGBR Tom BurnsNZL
Match #6 Hakan ReçberTUR Edival PontesBRA Final Score (25 - 18)
Match #7 Bernardo PiéDOM Jaouad AchabBEL Final Score (18 - 11)
Match #8 Zhao ShuaiCHN Abdullah SediqiEOR Final Score (22 - 20)

Quarter-Finals (25 July 2021 — 14:15)

Winner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.

Match #1 Nedžad HusićBIH Abdelrahman WaelEGY Final Score (8 - 7)
Match #2 Ulugbek RashitovUZB Mirhashem HosseiniIRI Final Score (34 - 22)
Match #3 Bradly SindenGBR Hakan ReçberTUR
Match #4 Zhao ShuaiCHN Bernardo PiéDOM Final Score (13 - 8)

Semi-Finals (25 July 2021 — 16:15)

Winner of each match advanced to the final round.

Match #1 Ulugbek RashitovUZB Nedžad HusićBIH Final Score (28 - 5)
Match #2 Bradly SindenGBR Zhao ShuaiCHN Final Score (33 - 25)

Repêchage Round One (25 July 2021 — 19:15)

Winner of each match advanced to the bronze medal match.

Match #1 Lee Dae-HunKOR Seydou FofanaMLI Final Score (11 - 9)
Match #2 Hakan ReçberTUR Tom BurnsNZL Final Score (23 - 8)
Match #3 Lee Dae-HunKOR Mirhashem HosseiniIRI Final Score (30 - 21)

Bronze Medal Matches (25 July 2021 — 20:45)

Match #1 Hakan ReçberTUR Nedžad HusićBIH Final Score (22 - 13)
Match #2 Zhao ShuaiCHN Lee Dae-HunKOR Final Score (17 - 15)

Final Round (25 July 2021 — 21:45)

Match 1/2 Ulugbek RashitovUZB Bradly SindenGBR Final Score (34 - 29)