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Sprint, Men

Date4 – 6 August 2021
LocationIzu Velodrome, 1826 Ono, Izu, Shizuoka 410-2402, Japan
Participants30 from 18 countries
FormatQualifying over 3½ laps, or 875 metres. Match races over 3 laps, or 750 metres.

Great Britain occupied first and second place in the 2016 final in Rio but now the domination in track cycling had switched to the Netherlands and, with their 1-2 at the 2020 UCI World Championships, Harrie Lavreysen and Jeffrey Hoogland were favourites. After all, they were still fresh from the team sprint title they had won at the Izu Velodrome a day earlier.

In qualifying, the mark was set early on by Britain’s Jack Carlin, the 2018 World Championship sprint silver medallist, who broke Jason Kenny’s Olympic record with a 9.306. World record holder Nicholas Paul of Trinidad and Tobago posted 9.316 but Carlin managed to hold onto the lead until just four raiders remained to tackle the 3.5 laps of the track, but what big names still had to go. There was the Dutch pair of Lavreysen and Hoogland, the ROC’s Rio bronze medallist Denis Dmitriyev, and the defending champion Jason Kenny.

Hoogland showed his class in setting a new Olympic record 9.215 while the next to go, Lavreysen, equalled his compatriot’s time. Dmitriyev registered 9.331 for fifth place while last to go, Jason Kenny’s 9.510, could only see him qualify in eighth place.

From the 30 starters in qualifying the fastest 24 went through to the first round. One of the most intriguing contests was the race between the reigning champion Kenny and Malaysia’s Azizulhasni Awang, known affectionately as “The Pocket Rocket”, because he did not have the physique typical of a track cyclist but was the bronze medallist behind the two Dutch riders at the 2020 World Championships. Kenny beat Awang to progress to the last 16, however, as did all the fancied riders. It was more of the same in the next round as the favourites all qualified, with the pick of the next races being between Kenny and Dmitriyev.

Kenny lost to Dmitriyev, and with it went the chance of retaining his title and that all-important ninth Olympic medal. Dmitriyev then beat Nicholas Paul to progress to the semi-finals where he was joined by the Netherlands pair Hoogland and Lavreysen. The last four was made up by Britain’s Jack Carlin. The two Dutch riders reached the final while Jack Catlin maintained Great Britain’s record of having won a sprint medal at every Olympic since Beijing 2008 when he beat Denis Dmitriyev over two races to win the bronze medal race.

The all-Dutch final required three races to decide which one of the two riders, Harrie Lavreysen or Jeffrey Hoogland, would take gold. Hoogland won the first race before a close second race saw Lavreysen level it, and in the deciding race, Lavreysen came from behind on the final run-in to the line to snatch victory and became the first Netherlands rider to win Olympic sprint gold since Jacques van Egmond at Los Angeles in 1932. It was also Lavreysen’s second gold of the Tokyo Games after being a member of the winning sprint team.

1185Harrie LavreysenNEDGold
2184Jeffrey HooglandNEDSilver
3128Jack CarlinGBRBronze
4211Denis DmitriyevROC
5144Maximilian LevyGER
6227Nicholas PaulTTO
7122Sébastien VigierFRA
8131Jason KennyGBR
9172Yuta WakimotoJPN
10179Muhammad Azizulhasni Bin AwangMAS
11196Sam WebsterNZL
12180Muhammad SahromMAS
13225Jaïr Tjon En FaSUR
14100Nick WammesCAN
15141Stefan BötticherGER
16205Patryk RajkowskiPOL
17206Mateusz RudykPOL
18108Xu ChaoCHN
1994Hugo BarretteCAN
20112Kevin QuinteroCOL
21119Rayan HelalFRA
2284Matthew RichardsonAUS
2378Nathan HartAUS
24193Ethan MitchellNZL
25214Pavel YakushevskyROC
26171Yudai NittaJPN
27219Jean SpiesRSA
28113Tomáš BábekCZE
29175Sergey PonomaryovKAZ
30226Kwesi BrowneTTO

Qualifying Round (4 August 2021 — 15:30)

Fastest eighteen advnce to round one

1Jeffrey HooglandNED9.215QOR
2Harrie LavreysenNED9.215Q
3Jack CarlinGBR9.306Q
4Nicholas PaulTTO9.316Q
5Denis DmitriyevROC9.331Q
6Jaïr Tjon En FaSUR9.472Q
7Mateusz RudykPOL9.493Q
8Jason KennyGBR9.510Q
9Yuta WakimotoJPN9.518Q
10Sébastien VigierFRA9.551Q
11Xu ChaoCHN9.584Q
12Nick WammesCAN9.587Q
13Stefan BötticherGER9.593Q
14Patryk RajkowskiPOL9.594Q
15Hugo BarretteCAN9.596Q
16Kevin QuinteroCOL9.626Q
17Muhammad Azizulhasni Bin AwangMAS9.626Q
18Sam WebsterNZL9.631Q
19Maximilian LevyGER9.646Q
20Rayan HelalFRA9.669Q
21Matthew RichardsonAUS9.685Q
22Nathan HartAUS9.696Q
23Muhammad SahromMAS9.700Q
24Ethan MitchellNZL9.705Q
25Pavel YakushevskyROC9.723
26Yudai NittaJPN9.728
27Jean SpiesRSA9.787
28Tomáš BábekCZE9.856
29Sergey PonomaryovKAZ9.932
30Kwesi BrowneTTO9.966

Round One (4 August 2021 — 16:35)

Winner of each heat advanced to round two.

Heat One (16:35)

1Jeffrey HooglandNED9.821
2Ethan MitchellNZLat 0.233

Heat Two (16:38)

1Harrie LavreysenNED10.005
2Muhammad SahromMASat 0.063

Heat Three (16:41)

1Jack CarlinGBR9.829
2Nathan HartAUSat 0.306

Heat Four (16:44)

1Nicholas PaulTTO9.824
2Matthew RichardsonAUSat 0.618

Heat Five (16:47)

1Denis DmitriyevROC9.859
2Rayan HelalFRAat 0.479

Heat Six (16:50)

1Maximilian LevyGER9.922
2Jaïr Tjon En FaSURat 0.002

Heat Seven (16:53)

1Sam WebsterNZL10.099
2Mateusz RudykPOLat 0.180

Heat Eight (16:56)

1Jason KennyGBR9.791
2Muhammad Azizulhasni Bin AwangMASat 0.032

Heat Nine (16:59)

1Yuta WakimotoJPN9.997
2Kevin QuinteroCOLat 0.084

Heat Ten (17:02)

1Sébastien VigierFRA10.182
2Hugo BarretteCANat 0.020

Heat Eleven (17:05)

1Patryk RajkowskiPOL10.465
2Xu ChaoCHNat 0.291

Heat Twelve (17:08)

1Nick WammesCAN10.228
2Stefan BötticherGERat 0.015

Round One Repêchage (4 August 2021 — 17:31)

Winner of each heat advanced to round two.

Heat One (17:31)

1Muhammad Azizulhasni Bin AwangMAS10.056
2Kevin QuinteroCOLat 0.204
3Ethan MitchellNZLat 0.549

Heat Two (17:34)

1Muhammad SahromMAS9.667
2Hugo BarretteCANat 0.619
3Mateusz RudykPOLat 0.668

Heat Three (17:37)

1Jaïr Tjon En FaSUR10.016
2Xu ChaoCHNat 0.062
3Nathan HartAUSat 0.185

Heat Four (17:40)

1Stefan BötticherGER10.030
2Rayan HelalFRAat 0.032
3Matthew RichardsonAUSat 0.421

Round Two (4 August 2021 — 18:13)

Winner of each heat advanced to round three.

Heat One (18:13)

1Jeffrey HooglandNED10.034
2Stefan BötticherGERat 0.111

Heat Two (18:16)

1Harrie LavreysenNED9.766
2Jaïr Tjon En FaSURat 0.259

Heat Three (18:19)

1Jack CarlinGBR9.884
2Muhammad SahromMASat 0.132

Heat Four (18:22)

1Nicholas PaulTTO9.798
2Muhammad Azizulhasni Bin AwangMASat 0.026

Heat Five (18:25)

1Denis DmitriyevROC10.127
2Nick WammesCANat 0.107

Heat Six (18:28)

1Maximilian LevyGER10.247
2Patryk RajkowskiPOLat 0.149

Heat Seven (18:31)

1Sam WebsterNZL9845
2Sébastien VigierFRAat 0.038

Heat Eight (18:34)

1Jason KennyGBR9916
2Yuta WakimotoJPNat 0.021

Round Two Repêchage (4 August 2021 — 18:47)

Winner of each heat advanced to round three.

Heat One (18:47)

1Yuta WakimotoJPN10.323
2Stefan BötticherGERat 0.176

Heat Two (18:50)

1Sébastien VigierFRA9.900
2Jaïr Tjon En FaSURat 0.085

Heat Three (18:53)

1Muhammad SahromMAS10317
2Patryk RajkowskiPOLat 0.260

Heat Four (18:56)

1Muhammad Azizulhasni Bin AwangMAS10131
2Nick WammesCANat 0.104

Round Three (5 August 2021 — 15:48)

Winner of each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (15:48)

1Jeffrey HooglandNED9831
2Muhammad Azizulhasni Bin AwangMASat 0.040

Heat Two (15:51)

1Harrie LavreysenNED9635
2Muhammad SahromMASat 0.449

Heat Three (15:54)

1Jack CarlinGBR9.963
2Sébastien VigierFRAat 0.171

Heat Four (15:57)

1Nicholas PaulTTO10.091
2Yuta WakimotoJPNat 0.457

Heat Five (16:00)

1Denis DmitriyevROC9828
2Jason KennyGBRat 0.076

Heat Six (16:03)

1Maximilian LevyGER10355
2Sam WebsterNZLat 0.132

Round Three Repêchage (6 August 2021 — 16:21)

Winner of each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat One (16:21)

1Jason KennyGBR10.066
2Muhammad Azizulhasni Bin AwangMASat 0.042
3Yuta WakimotoJPNat 0.325

Heat Two (16:24)

1Sébastien VigierFRA10.169
2Sam WebsterNZLat 0.101
3Muhammad SahromMASat 0.133

Quarter-Finals (5 August 2021 — 16:45)

Best two of three races. Winner of each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat One (16:45)

PosCyclistNOCRace 1 TimeRace 2 Time
1Jeffrey HooglandNED10.2049.902
2Sébastien VigierFRAat 2.440at 0.059

Heat Two (16:48)

PosCyclistNOCRace 1 TimeRace 2 Time
1Harrie LavreysenNED10.24310.551
2Jason KennyGBRat 0.047at 0.942

Heat Three (16:51)

PosCyclistNOCRace 1 TimeRace 2 Time
1Jack CarlinGBR9.6809.795
2Maximilian LevyGERat 2.507at 0.396

Heat Four (16:54)

PosCyclistNOCRace 1 TimeRace 2 TimeRace 3 Time
1Denis DmitriyevROCat 0.2599.82410.381
2Nicholas PaulTTO9.648relegatedat 4.3831

Semi-Finals (6 August 2021 — 16:10)

Best two of three races. Winner of each heat advanced to final.

Heat One (16:10)

PosCyclistNOCRace 1 TimeRace 2 Time
1Jeffrey HooglandNED9.6929.786
2Denis DmitriyevROCat 0.107at 0.010

Heat Two (16:13)

PosCyclistNOCRace 1 TimeRace 2 Time
1Harrie LavreysenNED9.7479.784
2Jack CarlinGBRat 0.067at 0.042

Final Round (5 – 6 August 2021 — 18:00)

Heat 1/2 (6 August 2021 — 18:03)

PosCyclistNOCRace 1 TimeRace 2 TimeRace 3 Time
1Harrie LavreysenNEDat 0.0129.77610.681
2Jeffrey HooglandNED9.724at 0.015at 0.208

Heat 3/4 (6 August 2021 — 18:00)

PosCyclistNOCRace 1 TimeRace 2 Time
1Jack CarlinGBR9.7869.934
2Denis DmitriyevROCat 0.486at 0.015

Heat 5-8 (5 August 2021 — 18:27)

1Maximilian LevyGER9.879
2Nicholas PaulTTOat 0.152
3Sébastien VigierFRAat 0.644
4Jason KennyGBRat 0.879