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Featherweight, Freestyle (≤57 kilograms), Men

Date4 – 5 August 2021
LocationMakuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Participants16 from 16 countries

The seeding seemed a bit unusual as the 2018 and 2019 World Champion, Zavur Uguyev, of the Russian Olympic Committee team, was seeded only #2 behind Serbia’s Stevan Mićić. Mićić had wrestled in college in the United States at the University of Michigan and had won a Big 10 Conference Championship but had no major international titles. Seeded #3 was Indian freestyler Ravi Kumar, the 2020 and 2021 Asian Champion.

Mićić failed to live up to his seeding, being dominated in round one by Japan’s Yuki Takahashi, 7-0. Uguyev had a difficult first round match-up, facing American Thomas Gilman, the silver medallist at Worlds in 2017, but Uguyev held on to win a tight bout, 5-4. Uguyev continued to have tight matches but made it to the final, where he faced Ravi, who had been completely untested in winning three matches, one by fall and two by technical superiority.

Despite Uguyev’s early struggles he defeated Kumar in the final to win the gold medal, by a 7-4 decision. Gilman went through the repêchage to win a bronze medal, while the other bronze went to Kazakhstan’s Nurislam Sanayev, who had lost in the semi-finals to Ravi.

1Zavur UguyevROC12002617Gold
2Ravi KumarIND14123822Silver
=3Nurislam SanayevKAZ9002512Bronze
=3Thomas GilmanUSA801247Bronze
=5Georgi VangelovBUL12202923
=5Reza AtriIRI8001220
7Gulomjon AbdullaevUZB5001719
8Yuki TakahashiJPN400114
9Erdenebatyn BekhbayarMGL40076
10Óscar TigrerosCOL100626
11Süleyman AtlıTUR10023
12Liu MinghuCHN100210
13Arsen HarutyunyanARM10016
14Stevan MićićSRB00007
15Diamantino FaféGBS00007
16Abdelhak KherbacheALG000011

Round One

Date4 August 2021 — 11:30
Match #104 Aug 11:30Yuki TakahashiJPNDecision by shutoutStevan MićićSRB
Match #204 AugNurislam SanayevKAZDecision by shutoutDiamantino FaféGBS
Match #304 AugGeorgi VangelovBULFallAbdelhak KherbacheALG
Match #404 AugRavi KumarINDTechnical superiorityÓscar TigrerosCOL
Match #504 AugReza AtriIRIDecisionSüleyman AtlıTUR
Match #604 AugErdenebatyn BekhbayarMGLDecisionArsen HarutyunyanARM
Match #704 AugGulomjon AbdullaevUZBDecisionLiu MinghuCHN
Match #804 AugZavur UguyevROCDecisionThomas GilmanUSA


Date4 August 2021 — 12:50
Match #104 Aug 12:50Nurislam SanayevKAZDecisionYuki TakahashiJPN
Match #204 AugRavi KumarINDTechnical superiorityGeorgi VangelovBUL
Match #304 AugReza AtriIRIDecisionErdenebatyn BekhbayarMGL
Match #404 AugZavur UguyevROCDecisionGulomjon AbdullaevUZB


Date4 August 2021 — 18:15
Match #104 Aug 18:15Ravi KumarINDFallNurislam SanayevKAZ
Match #204 AugZavur UguyevROCDecisionReza AtriIRI

Repêchage Round One

Date5 August 2021
Match #105 AugGeorgi VangelovBULFallÓscar TigrerosCOL
Match #205 AugThomas GilmanUSATechnical superiorityGulomjon AbdullaevUZB

Repêchage Final

Date5 August 2021 — 11:00
Match #105 Aug 11:00Nurislam SanayevKAZDecisionGeorgi VangelovBUL
Match #205 AugThomas GilmanUSADecisionReza AtriIRI

Final Round

Date5 August 2021 — 19:30
Match 1/205 Aug 19:55Zavur UguyevROCDecisionRavi KumarIND