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Welterweight, Freestyle (≤65 kilograms), Men

Date6 – 7 August 2021
LocationMakuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Participants16 from 16 countries

Gadzhimurad Rashidov of the ROC team had won the 2019 World Championship and was seeded #1 in Tokyo. He had also been silver medallist at the 2017 and 2018 Worlds at 61 kg. Behind Rashidov, the #2 seed was Indian Bajrang Punia, the 2018 Asian Games and Commonwealth Games Champion, who had been runner-up at the 2018 Worlds.

Both Rashidov and Punia won their opening two matches to reach the semi-finals, although neither had an easy time of it. Punia only won his opening round on a judges’ decision and then led his quarter-final near the end of regulation time over Iran’s Morteza Ghiasi, 2-1, but did manage a throw to win by fall. Rashidov won both his matches on points but had no superiority decisions.

In the semi-finals, both Rashidov and Punia went out, the Russian losing to home country favorite Takuto Otoguro, the 2018 World Champion. Punia lost to Azerbaijani Hacı Əliyev, who was a three-time World Champion at 61 kg, but from back in 2014-17. Əliyev had also won bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics at 57 kg.

The final was a mismatch as Otoguro dominated Əliyev, who only held on, 9-0, to avoid a technical superiority decision. Rashidov and Punia had some measure of redemption when they won their repêchage finals to earn bronze medals.

1Takuto OtoguroJPN12001810Gold
2Hacı ƏliyevAZE10002911Silver
=3Gadzhimurad RashidovROC1000195Bronze
=3Bajrang PuniaIND12101816Bronze
=5Iszmail MuszukajevHUN7001417
=5Daulet NiyazbekovKAZ9023228
7Magomiedmurad GadżyjewPOL501136
8Morteza GhiasiIRI30063
9Tumur Ochir TulgaMGL200510
10Alejandro ValdésCUB1001121
11Agustín DestribatsARG10069
12Ernazar AkmatalievKGZ10033
13Haithem DakhlaouiTUN10015
14Vazgen TevanyanARM00006
15Georgios PilidisGRE000011
16Adama DiattaSEN000014

Round One

Date6 August 2021 — 11:30
Match #106 Aug 11:30Gadzhimurad RashidovROCDecision by shutoutVazgen TevanyanARM
Match #206 AugMagomiedmurad GadżyjewPOLTechnical superiority by shutoutGeorgios PilidisGRE
Match #306 AugTakuto OtoguroJPNDecisionTumur Ochir TulgaMGL
Match #406 AugIszmail MuszukajevHUNDecisionAgustín DestribatsARG
Match #506 AugDaulet NiyazbekovKAZTechnical superiorityAlejandro ValdésCUB
Match #606 AugHacı ƏliyevAZEDecision by shutoutAdama DiattaSEN
Match #706 AugMorteza GhiasiIRIDecisionHaithem DakhlaouiTUN
Match #806 AugBajrang PuniaINDDecisionErnazar AkmatalievKGZ


Date6 August 2021 — 12:50
Match #106 Aug 12:50Gadzhimurad RashidovROCDecisionMagomiedmurad GadżyjewPOL
Match #206 AugTakuto OtoguroJPNDecisionIszmail MuszukajevHUN
Match #306 AugHacı ƏliyevAZEDecisionDaulet NiyazbekovKAZ
Match #406 AugBajrang PuniaINDFallMorteza GhiasiIRI


Date6 August 2021 — 18:15
Match #106 Aug 18:15Takuto OtoguroJPNDecisionGadzhimurad RashidovROC
Match #206 AugHacı ƏliyevAZEDecisionBajrang PuniaIND

Repêchage Round One

Date7 August 2021
Match #107 AugIszmail MuszukajevHUNDecisionTumur Ochir TulgaMGL
Match #207 AugDaulet NiyazbekovKAZTechnical superiority by shutoutAdama DiattaSEN

Repêchage Final

Date7 August 2021 — 18:45
Match #107 Aug 18:45Gadzhimurad RashidovROCDecision by shutoutIszmail MuszukajevHUN
Match #207 AugBajrang PuniaINDDecision by shutoutDaulet NiyazbekovKAZ

Final Round

Date7 August 2021 — 19:30
Match 1/207 Aug 19:55Takuto OtoguroJPNDecisionHacı ƏliyevAZE