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Heavyweight, Freestyle (≤97 kilograms), Men

Date6 – 7 August 2021
LocationMakuhari Messe, 2-1, Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Participants15 from 15 countries

This was probably the most anticipated wrestling class at the Tokyo Olympics, as the two top seeds were considered by many as the best freestyle wrestlers in the world. The #1 seed was ROC team member Abdulrashid Sadulayev, who had won the gold medal at the Rio Olympics as a light-heavyweight and was twice a World Champion at that weight.

After Rio he moved up to the heavyweight class to face Kyle Snyder, the #2 seed in Tokyo, who was the defending gold medallist in this class. Snyder had faced Sadulayev at the World Championships in 2017-19, winning in 2017, but the Russian came out on top in 2018-19. Nobody else was given much chance for the gold medal.

Sadulayev and Snyder both made it to the semi-finals, seemingly wrestling carefully, just to be certain there were no mistakes on the way to the expected final. In the semis, Sadulayev defeated Cuban Reineris Salas by a safe margin on points, 4-0. Likewise, Snyder took out Turkey’s Süleyman Karadeniz on points, 5-0.

The final was relatively close, but in the second period, Sadulayev started to establish control and moved ahead, eventually winning on points, 6-3, to earn his second gold medal as Snyder had to settle for silver.

Salas won a bronze medal in the repêchage final over Azerbaijani Şərif Şərifov, but only by judges’ decision after they tied in points, 3-3, in regulation time. Karadeniz did not fare as well, losing the bronze medal to Italian Abraham Conyedo, 6-2.

1Abdulrashid SadulayevROC1301253Gold
2Kyle SnyderUSA1101268Silver
=3Reineris SalasCUB9001314Bronze
=3Abraham ConyedoITA9001611Bronze
=5Şərif ŞərifovAZE4001013
=5Süleyman KaradenizTUR7001321
7Alisher YergaliKAZ60078
8Elizbar OdikadzeGEO4001120
9Magomedgadji NurovMKD40096
10Jordan SteenCAN200416
11Magomed IbragimovUZB10033
12Aliaksandr HushtynBLR10034
13Mohammad Hossein MohammadianIRI10036
14Albert SaritovROU10016
15Mohamed SaadaouiTUN00005
DNSMohamed FardjALG00000

Round One

Date6 August 2021 — 11:30
Match #106 Aug 11:30Abdulrashid SadulayevROCDecision by shutoutŞərif ŞərifovAZE
Match #206 AugElizbar OdikadzeGEODecisionMohammad Hossein MohammadianIRI
Match #306 AugReineris SalasCUBDecisionAliaksandr HushtynBLR
Match #406 AugMagomedgadji NurovMKDDecision by shutoutMohamed SaadaouiTUN
Match #506 AugAlisher YergaliKAZForfeitMohamed FardjALG
Match #606 AugSüleyman KaradenizTURDecisionMagomed IbragimovUZB
Match #706 AugAbraham ConyedoITADecisionAlbert SaritovROU
Match #806 AugKyle SnyderUSATechnical superiorityJordan SteenCAN


Date6 August 2021 — 12:50
Match #106 Aug 12:50Abdulrashid SadulayevROCTechnical superiority by shutoutElizbar OdikadzeGEO
Match #206 AugReineris SalasCUBDecisionMagomedgadji NurovMKD
Match #306 AugSüleyman KaradenizTURDecisionAlisher YergaliKAZ
Match #406 AugKyle SnyderUSADecision by shutoutAbraham ConyedoITA


Date6 August 2021 — 18:35
Match #106 Aug 18:35Abdulrashid SadulayevROCDecision by shutoutReineris SalasCUB
Match #206 AugKyle SnyderUSADecision by shutoutSüleyman KaradenizTUR

Repêchage Round One

Date7 August 2021
Match #107 AugŞərif ŞərifovAZEDecisionElizbar OdikadzeGEO
Match #207 AugAbraham ConyedoITADecisionJordan SteenCAN

Repêchage Final

Date7 August 2021 — 18:45
Match #107 Aug 18:45Reineris SalasCUBDecisionŞərif ŞərifovAZE
Match #207 AugAbraham ConyedoITADecisionSüleyman KaradenizTUR

Final Round

Date7 August 2021 — 20:05
Match 1/207 Aug 20:30Abdulrashid SadulayevROCDecisionKyle SnyderUSA