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Team, Open

Date30 July – 2 August 2021
LocationBaji Koen Equestrian Park, Setagaya, Tokyo
Participants49 from 15 countries
FormatFour rider teams. Best three scores in each round to count for the team total. Team/individual events held concurrently except for a final individual jumping round.

The dressage and jumping stages of the eventing were held at Baji Koen Equestrian Park with the cross-country course held on the Central Breakwater, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay. Team numbers were reduced from four to three, so all riders scores were to be counted towards the medal standings, although this was mitigated slightly by the ability, albeit with a penalty involved, to substitute a rider into the event if a combination was eliminated or withdrawn at the end of one of the phases.

With many of the most prodigious events of the 2020 and 2021 seasons being cancelled from the effects of the pandemic, it was difficult to ascertain the form of the entries, but Germany had taken the 2019 European Championships title while Great Britain had equalled this in 2017 and added the World Equestrian Games gold medal in 2018. The German team was missing Ingrid Klimke due to a serious chest injury, while Britain decided to omit all but one of their world champion team.

For the first time since 2008 Germany did not lead the competition after the dressage phase. Great Britain led the field with a miniscule two-point lead over the German team with New Zealand close behind in third. The title was decided on the cross-country phase when Sandra Auffarth recorded a refusal and Michael Jung fell foul of a newly introduced rule where if a horse dislodged a safety pin from a fence it counted as an eleven-point penalty. This dropped Germany from a close second place to a distant sixth. In contrast, Great Britain recorded three perfect rounds while Australia and France recorded only time penalties.

Sadly, the day was ruined by the death of Robin Godel’s horse Jet Set, which suffered an irreparable ligament rupture and had to be euthanized. The British could afford three fences down if every other team went clear in the show jumping phase, but only knocked two poles down and won by 13 penalties. Unusually the winning team was made up entirely of Olympic débutants.

Germany, despite a perfect round of show jumping, could not make up for the failings of the cross-country phase and failed to overhaul France and Australia for the medal positions. Andrew Hoy of the Australian team was 62 years 175 days old and the oldest Olympic medallist since 1968.

1Great BritainGBR86.3078.30 (1)0.00 (1)8.00 (4)Gold
50Tom McEwen Toledo de Kerser28.9028.900.000.00
26Laura Collett London 5229.8025.800.004.00
2Oliver Townend Ballaghmor Class27.6023.600.004.00
229Ros Canter DNSAllstar B
2AustraliaAUS100.2093.40 (6)2.80 (3)4.00 (2)Silver
30Kevin McNab Don Quidam34.9032.102.800.00
6Shane Rose Virgil35.7031.700.004.00
54Andrew Hoy Vassily de Lassos29.6029.600.000.00
204Stuart Tinney DNSLeporis
3FranceFRA101.5095.10 (9)2.00 (2)4.40 (3)Bronze
34Nicolas Touzaint Absolut Gold33.9033.100.400.40
58Karim Laghouag Triton Fontaine36.4032.400.004.00
10Christopher Six Totem de Brecey31.2029.601.600.00
4GermanyGER114.2080.40 (2)33.80 (7)0.00 (1)
38Sandra Auffarth Viamant du Matz56.5034.1022.400.00
62Michael Jung Chipmunk FRH32.1021.1011.000.00
14Julia Krajewski Amande de Bonneville25.6025.200.400.00
234Andreas Dibowski DNSFRH Corrida
5New ZealandNZL116.4086.40 (3)17.60 (6)12.40 (6)
37Jesse Campbell Diachello44.9030.1014.400.40
13Jonelle Richards-Price Grovine de Reve32.7030.702.000.00
61Tim Price Vitali38.8025.601.2012.00
254Bundy Philpott DNSTresca NZPH
6United StatesUSA125.8094.60 (8)14.80 (4)16.40 (8)
3Doug Payne Vandiver43.8033.006.804.00
27Phillip Dutton Z43.3030.504.808.00
51Boyd Martin Tsetserleg TSF38.7031.103.204.40
279Tamra Smith DNSMai Baum
7ItalyITA144.80115.40 (15)17.40 (5)12.00 (5)
59Arianna Schivo Quefira de l'Ormeau49.7042.902.804.00
35Susanna Bordone Imperial van de Holtakkers44.9033.9011.000.00
11Vittoria Panizzon Super Cillious50.2038.603.608.00
244Stefano Brecciaroli DNSBolivar Gio Granno
8IrelandIRL177.00110.40 (13)50.60 (8)16.00 (7)
60Sarah Ennis Woodcourt Garrison79.7038.1037.604.00
12Sam Watson Flamenco55.3034.3013.008.00
36Austin O'Connor Colorado Blue42.0038.000.004.00
239Cathal Daniels DNSRioghan Rua
9People's Republic of ChinaCHN209.6093.60 (7)92.00 (9)24.00 (9)
31Sun Huadong Lady Chin v’t Moerven Z86.8035.2042.009.60
55Bao Yingfeng Flandia 278.1034.5038.005.60
7Hua Tian Don Geniro44.7023.9012.008.80
218Liang Ruiji DNSAgora de Bordenave
10SwitzerlandSUI339.4099.20 (10)212.20 (10)28.00 (10)1
4Felix Vogg Colero46.5026.7011.808.00
28Melody Johner Toubleu de Rueire36.5036.100.400.00
52Robin Godel Jet Set236.4036.40200.002
265Eveline Bodenmüller Violine de la Brasserie0.000.003
11JapanJPN358.5090.10 (4)232.40 (12)36.00 (12)4
29Toshiyuki Tanaka Talma d’Allou75.5032.7030.8012.00
5Kazuma Tomoto Vinci de la Vigne31.5025.901.604.00
53Yoshiaki Oiwa Calle 44231.5031.50200.005
247Ryuzo Kitajima Feroza Nieuwmoed0.000.006
12BrazilBRA463.60103.60 (11)231.60 (11)128.40 (14)7
63Carlos Parro Goliath62.9036.1022.804.00
39Rafael Losano Fuiloda G336.0036.00200.00100.00
15Marcelo Tosi Glenfly40.3031.508.808
210Márcio Appel Iberon Jmen4.404.409
13PolandPOL479.80104.60 (12)258.00 (13)117.20 (13)
32Małgorzata Cybulska Chenaro 2239.0031.00200.008.00
56Jan Kamiński Jard55.1033.1012.809.20
8Joanna Pawlak Fantastic Frieda185.7040.5045.20100.00
14SwedenSWE744.3091.10 (5)620.00 (15)33.20 (11)10
9Therese Viklund Viscera236.5028.10200.008.40
33Louise Romeike Cato 60240.0028.00200.0012.00
57Ludwig Svennerstål Balham Mist35.0035.0011
269Sara Algotsson Ostholt Chicuelo212.80200.0012.8012
15ThailandTHA1013.10113.10 (14)600.00 (14)300.00 (15)
1Arinadtha Chavatanont Boleybawn Prince342.4042.40200.00100.00
25Weerapat Pitakanonda Carnival March338.2038.20200.00100.00
49Korntawat Samran Bonero K332.5032.50200.00100.00