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Singles, Women

Date15 – 17 February 2022
LocationShoudu Tiyguan, Beijing
Participants30 from 23 countries
FormatTotal of points from short program and free skating.

Of the three Russian skaters who competed at the 2018 Games, gold medallist Alina Zagitova took an indefinite break from the sport in December 2019, saying she lacked motivation to continue competing, silver medallist Yevgeniya Medvedeva announced her retirement a few weeks before the Beijing Games on account of a chronic back injury, and the third member of the team, Mariya Sotskova, was serving a 10-year ban for forging a medical certificate to explain a doping violation for a diuretic.

But despite this, the Russian conveyor belt of talent rolled on. Although Anna Shcherbakova was the current world champion, she had been conclusively beaten by her young teammate Kamila Valiyeva at both the Russian National and European Championship in the previous months and it was Valiyeva who had earned the title of favourite as the Winter Olympics approached. With Aleksandra Trusova ranked second in the world it was widely accepted that the training group, coached by Eteri Tutberidze, would sweep the medal positions.

All this changed dramatically after the events of the team competition when it was revealed that Valiyeva had tested positive for trimetazidine at the Russian Championships in December. The lab result was revealed to Russian authorities on the 8th of February, the day the team event finished. The next day, however, she had her provisional suspension lifted by the Russian Skating Union and that decision was upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport two days before the start of the women’s event on the grounds that, as a 15-year-old and by WADA rules a “Protected person”, she was subject to different rules than adult athletes, that the delay in processing her test impinged upon her ability to establish certain legal requirements for her benefit, and that she did not test positive during the Games itself. The IOC decided that if Valiyeva finished in the top three positions there would be no medal presentation at these Olympic Games and if she reached the free skating portion of the competition an extra skater would also qualify alongside her.

Valiyeva’s display in the short program, while not quite up to the standard of her performances prior to the Games, was enough to give her a narrow lead over Shcherbakova and Kaori Sakamoto of Japan with the third Russian, Alexandra Trusova, trailing in fourth after falling on a triple Axel attempt. This paled into insignificance compared to the events of the free skating two days later. Firstly, Trusova produced a hugely athletic performance in which the woman nicknamed “The Quad Queen” landed all five of her quadruple jumps to move ahead of Sakamoto. Shcherbakova, having suffered falls at her previous two major competitions, this time skated cleanly though without the bravura of Trusova’s performance. It was still enough to keep her at the top of the leader board.

Then came Valiyeva. Perhaps understandably considering the intense pressure she had been under in the previous days, her performance made for very uncomfortable viewing. She fell twice, stumbled on further occasions and was reduced to tears by the time she left the ice. She was also visibly upset by criticism from her coach, Eteri Tutberidze, immediately afterwards. This incident was later commented on by the usually diplomatic IOC President Thomas Bach – ““When I saw how she was received by her entourage with what appeared to be a tremendous coldness, it was chilling to see this, rather than giving her comfort or help.” When the scores were announced she had fallen out of the medal positions and into fourth place.

Shcherbakova, the gold medallist, appeared numbed by the situation whilst silver medallist Trusova was herself in a dire emotional state “Everyone has a gold medal, everyone, but not me,” she wailed. “I hate skating. I hate it. I hate this sport. I will never go out on the ice again! Never! I hate it! It’s impossible, it’s impossible! You cannot do it this way.” In the end, with Valiyeva dropping off the podium, a medal ceremony did eventually take place.

PosNrSkaterNOCPointsShort ProgramFree Skating
1Anna ShcherbakovaROC255.9580.20 (2)175.75 (2)Gold
2Aleksandra TrusovaROC251.7374.60 (4)177.13 (1)Silver
3Kaori SakamotoJPN233.1379.84 (3)153.29 (3)Bronze
4Kamila ValiyevaROC224.0982.16 (1)141.93 (5)
5Wakaba HiguchiJPN214.4473.51 (5)140.93 (6)
6Yu YeongKOR213.0970.34 (6)142.75 (4)
7Alysa LiuUSA208.9569.50 (8)139.45 (7)
8Loena HendrickxBEL206.7970.09 (7)136.70 (9)
9Kim Ye-RimKOR202.6367.78 (9)134.85 (11)
10Mariah BellUSA202.3065.38 (11)136.92 (8)
11Anastasiya GubanovaGEO200.9865.40 (10)135.58 (10)
12Katia KurakovaPOL185.8459.08 (24)126.76 (12)
13Viktoryia SafonavaBLR184.8361.46 (17)123.37 (13)
14Olga MikutinaAUT182.2061.14 (18)121.06 (14)
15Ekaterina RyabovaAZE179.9761.82 (16)118.15 (15)
16Karen ChenUSA179.9364.11 (13)115.82 (17)
17Nicole SchottGER177.6563.13 (14)114.52 (19)
18Lindsay van ZundertNED175.8159.24 (22)116.57 (16)
19Madeline SchizasCAN175.5660.53 (20)115.03 (18)
20Eliška BřezinováCZE175.4164.31 (12)111.10 (21)
21Eva-Lotta KiibusEST171.7559.55 (21)112.20 (20)
22Alexia PaganiniSUI168.9161.06 (19)107.85 (22)
23Mana KawabeJPN166.7362.69 (15)104.04 (23)
24Aleksandra FeiginBUL159.3159.16 (23)100.15 (24)
25Jenni SaarinenFIN153.0456.97 (25)96.07 (25)
26 r1/2Josefin TaljegårdSWE54.51 (26)
27 r1/2Zhu YiCHN53.44 (27)
28 r1/2Natasha McKayGBR52.54 (28)
29 r1/2Kailani CraineAUS49.93 (29)
30 r1/2Anastasiya ShabotovaUKR48.68 (30)

Short Program (15 February 2022 — 18:08)

Judge #1Patricia HoughtonGBR
Judge #2Ernestien BakkerNED
Judge #3Wang YuCHN
Judge #4Bernhard JustAUT
Judge #5Janice HunterCAN
Judge #6Kristina LundgrenUSA
Judge #7Stanislava ŠmídováCZE
Judge #8Kadi ZvirikEST
Judge #9An Na-YeongKOR
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Kamila ValiyevaROC82.1644.5137.65Q
2Anna ShcherbakovaROC80.2042.8737.33Q
3Kaori SakamotoJPN79.8443.2236.62Q
4Aleksandra TrusovaROC74.6040.1235.48-1.00Q
5Wakaba HiguchiJPN73.5139.5333.98Q
6Yu YeongKOR70.3436.8033.54Q
7Loena HendrickxBEL70.0936.0934.00Q
8Alysa LiuUSA69.5036.8532.65Q
9Kim Ye-RimKOR67.7835.2732.51Q
10Anastasiya GubanovaGEO65.4034.4330.97Q
11Mariah BellUSA65.3833.4332.95-1.00Q
12Eliška BřezinováCZE64.3135.7428.57Q
13Karen ChenUSA64.1131.2433.87-1.00Q
14Nicole SchottGER63.1333.0130.12Q
15Mana KawabeJPN62.6933.6630.03-1.00Q
16Ekaterina RyabovaAZE61.8232.4329.39Q
17Viktoryia SafonavaBLR61.4632.7228.74Q
18Olga MikutinaAUT61.1432.5428.60Q
19Alexia PaganiniSUI61.0632.0329.03Q
20Madeline SchizasCAN60.5329.6130.92Q
21Eva-Lotta KiibusEST59.5530.8929.66-1.00Q
22Lindsay van ZundertNED59.2432.1232.12Q
23Aleksandra FeiginBUL59.1632.3626.80Q
24Katia KurakovaPOL59.0828.4230.66Q
25Jenni SaarinenFIN56.9727.7929.18Q
26Josefin TaljegårdSWE54.5126.1128.40
27Zhu YiCHN53.4426.3727.07
28Natasha McKayGBR52.5426.2027.30-1.00
29Kailani CraineAUS49.9322.7827.15
30Anastasiya ShabotovaUKR48.6824.0425.64-1.00

Free Skating (17 February 2022 — 18:08)

Judge #1Yelena FominaRUS
Judge #2Ernestien BakkerNED
Judge #3Yuriy KliushnykovUKR
Judge #4Wang YuCHN
Judge #5Kristina LundgrenUSA
Judge #6Patricia HoughtonGBR
Judge #7Bernhard JustAUT
Judge #8Kadi ZvirikEST
Judge #9Janice HunterCAN
PosNrSkaterNOCPointsTech. ElementsProgr. ComponentsDeductions
1Aleksandra TrusovaROC177.13106.1670.97
2Anna ShcherbakovaROC175.75100.4975.26
3Kaori SakamotoJPN153.2978.9074.39
4Yu YeongKOR142.7574.1668.59
5Kamila ValiyevaROC141.9373.3170.62-2.00
6Wakaba HiguchiJPN140.9372.6769.26-1.00
7Alysa LiuUSA139.4571.9567.50
8Mariah BellUSA136.9268.2568.67
9Loena HendrickxBEL136.7066.1970.51
10Anastasiya GubanovaGEO135.5870.0665.52
11Kim Ye-RimKOR134.8568.6166.24
12Katia KurakovaPOL126.7666.2460.52
13Viktoryia SafonavaBLR123.3765.5457.83
14Olga MikutinaAUT121.0661.1259.94
15Ekaterina RyabovaAZE118.1559.5858.57
16Lindsay van ZundertNED116.5761.7454.83
17Karen ChenUSA115.8251.6165.21-1.00
18Madeline SchizasCAN115.0353.6862.35-1.00
19Nicole SchottGER114.5256.2860.24-2.00
20Eva-Lotta KiibusEST112.2054.2758.93-1.00
21Eliška BřezinováCZE111.1054.8158.29-2.00
22Alexia PaganiniSUI107.8550.0157.84
23Mana KawabeJPN104.0447.8760.17-4.00
24Aleksandra FeiginBUL100.1549.8951.26-1.00
25Jenni SaarinenFIN96.0745.9654.11-4.00