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Slopestyle, Women1

Date14 – 15 February 2022
LocationGenting Snow Park, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province
Participants26 from 16 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 600 m
Course Name: Secret Garden Olympic Slopestyle
Finish Elevation: 1902 m
Number of Jibbing Features: 3
Number of Jump Features: 3
Start Elevation: 2100 m
Vertical Drop: 198 m

The defending Olympic champion from Switzerland, Sarah Höfflin, returned to Beijing to defend her title, but her best recent results in slopestyle were runner-up at the 2019 and 2020 Winter X Games. Both of those events had been won by Estonia’s Kelly Sildaru, who was champion again in the recent 2022 edition, as well as the 2019 World Championships and the 2020 Winter Youth Olympics. She had also won two of the three events in the most recent World Cup season, but had missed 2021 due to injuries. In her absence, China’s Eileen Gu, who had already won the big air event at the Games, had taken the crowns at both the Winter X Games and the World Championships.

Slidaru won the qualifying round, with Gu in third and Johanne Killi of Norway between them. Killi was the Winter X Games bronze medalist in this event in 2016 and 2017 and had been fifth at the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics. Höfflin, meanwhile, did not make the final.

After the first run of the final, Slidaru seemed fully in command, scoring well above her fellow competitors. In the second run, however, Mathilde Gremaud, who had crashed on her first run, managed the highest score of the entire tournament and put herself in the gold medal position. Gremaud had been the runner-up at the last Olympics, but was better known as a big air skier and had earlier earned bronze in that event in Beijing. Nonetheless, despite a valiant effort from Gu in the third run, which saw her come within 0.4 of Gremaud’s score, the Swiss skier remained unbeaten, with Slidaru slipping down to bronze. Killi had weaker runs and placed sixth overall.

1Mathilde GremaudSUI63.46 (12)86.56 (1)Gold
2Eileen GuCHN79.38 (3)86.23 (2)Silver
3Kelly SildaruEST86.15 (1)82.06 (3)Bronze
4Anastasiya TatalinaROC72.03 (5)75.51 (4)
5Maggie VoisinUSA72.78 (4)74.28 (5)
6Johanne KilliNOR86.00 (2)73.11 (6)
7Tess LedeuxFRA68.13 (9)72.91 (7)
8Kirsty MuirGBR70.11 (6)71.30 (8)
9Katie SummerhayesGBR66.56 (10)64.75 (9)
10Silvia BertagnaITA68.90 (8)61.85 (10)
11Olivia AsselinCAN64.68 (11)– (11)
12Marin HamillUSA69.43 (7)– (DNS)
13Megan OldhamCAN63.10 (13)
14Lara WolfAUT62.56 (14)
15Anni KäräväFIN61.73 (15)
16Margaux HackettNZL54.93 (16)
17Alia EichingerGER50.68 (17)
18Darian StevensUSA50.01 (18)
19Sandra EieNOR49.08 (19)
20Sarah HöfflinSUI48.96 (20)
21Kseniya OrlovaROC45.31 (21)
22Dominique OhacoCHI44.85 (22)
23Yang ShuoruiCHN39.05 (23)
24Elisa NakabITA32.70 (24)
25Laura WallnerAUT30.70 (25)
26Abi HarriganAUS26.31 (26)
DNSCaroline ClaireUSA– (DNS)

Qualifying Round

Date14 February 2022 — 10:00
FormatFirst twelve advanced to final.
Judge #1Vinzenz WörleGER
Judge #2Vegard OyeNOR
Judge #3Chiho TakaoJPN
Judge #4Tobias GratzAUT
Judge #5Charly RoyerFRA
Judge #6Victoria BeattieAUS
Judge #7Ian MeaderUSA
Judge #8Philippe LaroseCAN
Judge #9Adam FrisellSWE
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsRun #1Run #2
1Kelly SildaruEST86.1580.96 (2)86.15 (1)Q
2Johanne KilliNOR86.0081.48 (1)86.00 (2)Q
3Eileen GuCHN79.3857.28 (11)79.38 (3)Q
4Maggie VoisinUSA72.7872.78 (3)65.93 (7)Q
5Anastasiya TatalinaROC72.0363.85 (9)72.03 (4)Q
6Kirsty MuirGBR70.1170.11 (4)63.91 (8)Q
7Marin HamillUSA69.4369.43 (5)37.36 (18)Q
8Silvia BertagnaITA68.9065.25 (7)68.90 (5)Q
9Tess LedeuxFRA68.1322.13 (20)68.13 (6)Q
10Katie SummerhayesGBR66.5666.56 (6)59.11 (12)Q
11Olivia AsselinCAN64.6864.68 (8)6.75 (26)Q
12Mathilde GremaudSUI63.4639.41 (16)63.46 (9)Q
13Megan OldhamCAN63.106.45 (25)63.10 (10)
14Lara WolfAUT62.5662.56 (10)24.38 (25)
15Anni KäräväFIN61.7355.80 (12)61.73 (11)
16Margaux HackettNZL54.9354.93 (13)37.28 (19)
17Alia EichingerGER50.6826.45 (19)50.68 (13)
18Darian StevensUSA50.016.18 (26)50.01 (14)
19Sandra EieNOR49.0849.08 (14)31.31 (22)
20Sarah HöfflinSUI48.9635.38 (17)48.96 (15)
21Kseniya OrlovaROC45.3145.31 (15)32.20 (21)
22Dominique OhacoCHI44.8517.28 (22)44.85 (16)
23Yang ShuoruiCHN39.0518.46 (21)39.05 (17)
24Elisa NakabITA32.708.60 (24)32.70 (20)
25Laura WallnerAUT30.7030.36 (18)30.70 (23)
26Abi HarriganAUS26.3116.10 (23)26.31 (24)
DNSCaroline ClaireUSA– (DNS)– (DNS)

Final Round

Date15 February 2022 — 9:30
Judge #1Vinzenz WörleGER
Judge #2Vegard OyeNOR
Judge #3Chiho TakaoJPN
Judge #4Tobias GratzAUT
Judge #5Charly RoyerFRA
Judge #6Victoria BeattieAUS
Judge #7Ian MeaderUSA
Judge #8Philippe LaroseCAN
Judge #9Adam FrisellSWE
PosNumberCompetitorNOCPointsRun #1Run #2Run #3
1Mathilde GremaudSUI86.561.10 (11)86.56 (1)46.96 (7)
2Eileen GuCHN86.2369.90 (3)16.98 (10)86.23 (1)
3Kelly SildaruEST82.0682.06 (1)46.71 (8)78.75 (2)
4Anastasiya TatalinaROC75.5139.38 (7)74.16 (3)75.51 (3)
5Maggie VoisinUSA74.2835.48 (8)74.28 (2)66.03 (6)
6Johanne KilliNOR73.1124.86 (9)73.11 (4)71.78 (4)
7Tess LedeuxFRA72.9172.91 (2)23.08 (9)28.81 (8)
8Kirsty MuirGBR71.3041.86 (6)71.30 (5)69.21 (5)
9Katie SummerhayesGBR64.7560.01 (4)64.75 (6)23.31 (9)
10Silvia BertagnaITA61.8548.50 (5)61.85 (7)7.83 (10)
11Olivia AsselinCAN16.83 (10)– (DNS)– (DNS)
DNSMarin HamillUSA– (DNS)– (DNS)– (DNS)