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500 metres, Women

Date5 – 7 February 2022
LocationShoudu Tiyguan, Beijing
Participants32 from 15 countries
FormatPlacements 1-8 based on final and B final. Deeper placements based on placements in earlier rounds, and best time skated.
Olympic Record 42.422 / Choi Min-Jeong KOR / 13 February 2018

One of the medal contenders for the 500 m, Poland’s Natalia Maliszewska, was unable to race in Beijing as she was still in quarantine due to a positive COVID19 test. Even more dramatically, 2019 World Champion Lara van Ruijven (NED) had passed away in 2020 as the result of an autoimmune disease.

All of the other favorites were there: 2018 champion Arianna Fontana, as well as her main rival and 2021 World Champion Suzanne Schulting. In addition to Fontana, Schulting, and Maliszewska, the fourth skater to win a 500 m World Cup earlier in the season was Canada’s Kim Boutin, also the 2018 bronze medalist.

There were no upsets in the heats, but the quarter-finals saw the surprise exit of 2018 World Champion Choi Min-Jeong. Boutin led most of the first semi-final. At the bell, Fontana displayed her form by overtaking the Canadian on the outside, winning by a clear margin. Boutin held on for second, beating Yelena Seryogina by half a blade. Schulting also impressed in her semi, opening a large gap right from the start and finishing unchallenged. Belgium’s Hanne Desmet seemed to hold on for second, but was tripped by Qu Chunyu and thus advanced to the final along with second-placed Zhang Yuting.

The final had some trouble getting underway. After a false start, the field got underway, with Schulting and Fontana battling it out for the lead. The Italian fell, but as this was within the first half lap, the race was restarted again. Despite Fontana starting from the inside lane, it was Schulting leading after the first curve. But unlike the semi-finals, she was unable to build out that advantage, with Fontana remaining closely behind. With 1½ laps to go, the Italian made a decisive pass on the inside of Schulting, and Fontana held on to retain the title she won in 2018, making her the third athlete with back-to-back wins in the event. For Fontana, it was her 10th Olympic medal in the sport, a record. With Schulting in second and Boutin in third, the podium was very similar to PyeongChang, with only Schulting taking her compatriot Yara van Kerkhof’s place in second.

PosNrSkaterNOCLast RacePositionsBest Time
13Arianna FontanaITAAF-11-1-142.387Gold
21Suzanne SchultingNEDAF-21-1-142.379Silver
335Kim BoutinCANAF-32-1-142.391Bronze
445Zhang YutingCHNAF-42-3-242.803
55Hanne DesmetBELAF-54-2-342.941
6141Yelena SeryoginaROCBF-13-2-242.685
710Petra JászapátiHUNBF-23-1-242.848
850Alyson CharlesCANBF-34-4-242.891
997Arianna ValcepinaITASF-55-3-242.691
1041Qu ChunyuCHNSF-DQ0-2-243.275
1143Fan KexinCHNQF-30-3-142.829
1265Sumire KikuchiJPNQF-30-3-342.829
1352Maame BineyUSAQF-30-3-342.919
1440Choi Min-JeongKORQF-40-4-142.853
154Selma PoutsmaNEDQF-40-4143.472
166Xandra VelzeboerNEDQF-DQ0-0-142.563
178Kristen SantosUSAQF-DQ0-0-143.579
187Sofya ProsvirnovaROCQF-DQ0-0-243.331
1914Florence BrunelleCANQF-DQ0-0-243.477
2013Martina ValcepinaITAQF-DQ0-0-243.606
2127Zsófia KónyaHUNR1-30-0-343.905
2280Patrycja MaliszewskaPOLR1-30-0-344.130
2328Valentina AščićCROR1-30-0-344.681
2423Michaela SejpalováCZER1-30-0-345.060
259Yekaterina YefremenkovaROCR1-40-0-443.140
2647Lee Yu-BinKORR1-40-0-443.141
2711Nikola MazurPOLR1-40-0-443.732
2851Kamila StormowskaPOLR1-40-0-444.053
2984Gwendoline DaudetFRAR1-40-0-445.515
3020Tifany Huot-MarchandFRAR1-40-0-454.758
3174Kathryn ThomsonGBRR1-40-0-41:06.594
3232Corinne StoddardUSAR1-40-0-4

Round One (5 February 2022 — 19:00)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to quarter-finals.

Heat #1 (19:00)

12Selma PoutsmaNED43.472Q
21Florence BrunelleCAN43.477Q
34Valentina AščićCRO44.681
43Tifany Huot-MarchandFRA54.758

Heat #2

11Fan KexinCHN43.275Q
22Sofya ProsvirnovaROC43.331Q
33Zsófia KónyaHUN43.905
44Gwendoline DaudetFRA45.515

Heat #3

11Kim BoutinCAN42.732Q
22Petra JászapátiHUN42.848Q
33Maame BineyUSA42.919q
44Kamila StormowskaPOL44.053

Heat #4

11Suzanne SchultingNED42.379QOR
22Alyson CharlesCAN42.991Q
33Arianna ValcepinaITA43.070q
44Yekaterina YefremenkovaROC43.140

Heat #5

11Arianna FontanaITA42.940Q
22Zhang YutingCHN43.233Q
34Michaela SejpalováCZE45.060
43Corinne StoddardUSA

Heat #6

11Choi Min-JeongKOR42.853Q
22Martina ValcepinaITA43.606Q
34Patrycja MaliszewskaPOL44.130
43Kathryn ThomsonGBR1:06.594

Heat #7

11Xandra VelzeboerNED42.563Q
22Qu ChunyuCHN42.691Q
33Sumire KikuchiJPN42.829q
44Lee Yu-BinKOR43.141

Heat #8

12Kristen SantosUSA43.579Q
21Yelena SeryoginaROC43.605Q
34Hanne DesmetBEL43.702q
43Nikola MazurPOL43.732

Quarter-Finals (7 February 2022 — 19:30)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to semi-finals.

Heat #1 (19:30)

11Kim BoutinCAN42.391Q
23Arianna ValcepinaITA42.891Q
34Fan KexinCHN1:03.594
42Alyson CharlesCAN1:07.206ADV
DQ5Florence BrunelleCAN

Heat #2

12Petra JászapátiHUN43.476Q
25Yelena SeryoginaROC43.712Q
33Maame BineyUSA46.099
44Selma PoutsmaNED1:07.285
DQ1Xandra VelzeboerNED

Heat #3

12Arianna FontanaITA42.635Q
25Hanne DesmetBEL42.991Q
33Zhang YutingCHN54.211ADV
41Choi Min-JeongKOR1:04.939
DQ4Sofya ProsvirnovaROC

Heat #4

11Suzanne SchultingNED42.922Q
22Qu ChunyuCHN43.029Q
33Sumire KikuchiJPN56.092
DQ4Kristen SantosUSA
DQ5Martina ValcepinaITA

Semi-Finals (7 February 2022 — 20:13)

Top two finishers in each heat advanced to final.

Heat #1 (20:13)

12Arianna FontanaITA42.387Q
21Kim BoutinCAN42.664Q
34Yelena SeryoginaROC42.685
45Alyson CharlesCAN42.829
53Arianna ValcepinaITA44.044

Heat #2

11Suzanne SchultingNED42.475Q
25Zhang YutingCHN43.196Q
34Petra JászapátiHUN43.198
42Hanne DesmetBEL55.304ADV
DQ3Qu ChunyuCHN

Final Round (7 February 2022 — 20:41)

B Final (20:41)

11Yelena SeryoginaROC42.972
23Petra JászapátiHUN43.004
32Alyson CharlesCAN43.273

A Final (20:46)

11Arianna FontanaITA42.488
22Suzanne SchultingNED42.559
33Kim BoutinCAN42.724
44Zhang YutingCHN42.803
55Hanne DesmetBEL42.941