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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date23 February 1952 — 12:00
LocationHolmenkollen Langrennssentret, Oslo
Participants52 from 13 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 160 m / 140 m
Maximum Climb: ?
Total Climbing: ?

The Finnish squad was heavily favored in the relay, organized three days after the 50 km race, with the Swedish book Olympiaboken noting, “Finland would win as a given.” In addition to the three skiers who placed second, third and fourth in the 18 km race, they selected Urho Korhonen for the third leg instead of Veikko Hakulinen, the newly crowned 50 km champion. Norway used their quartet from the 18 km race, and Sweden decided to put Martin Lundström, the Olympic Champion at 18 km in 1948, on their anchor leg.

Heikki Hasu took a commanding lead for Finland on the first leg, and at the exchange he was 1:18 ahead of Sweden’s Nils Täpp, with Norway’s Magnar Estenstad another disappointing 33 seconds behind. Estenstad was apparently not fully recovered after the 50 km race. On the second leg, Paavo Lonkila increased Finland’s lead to over 2½ minutes. Norway’s Mikal Kirkholt was able to almost catch the Swede Sigurd Andersson and was only one second behind at the exchange. On the third leg, Martin Stokken had the fastest time and brought Norway into the silver medal position, but Finland and Urpo Korhonen still had a decisive lead. On the anchor leg Tapio Mäkelä impressed with the fastest leg-time of the day, and Finland won with a decisive margin of almost three minutes. In the duel for silver between the two Olympic 18 km champions, Hallgeir Brenden and Martin Lundström, Norway’s Brenden was able to leave Sweden one minute behind at the finish, to the great satisfaction of the home crowd. The other 10 teams competing in the relay were far behind the Nordic medalists. France had the satisfaction to be the best non-Scandavian team and came in fourth, almost 11 minutes behind Finland.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
2-1Heikki Hasu35:0135:01 (1)
2-2Paavo Lonkila35:221-10:23 (1)
2-3Urpo Korhonen35:471-46:10 (1)
2-4Tapio Mäkelä34:062-20:16 (1)
12-1Magnar Estenstad36:5236:52 (3)
12-2Mikal Kirkholt36:071-12:59 (3)
12-3Martin Stokken35:371-48:36 (2)
12-4Hallgeir Brenden34:372-23:13 (2)
8-1Nils Täpp36:1936:19 (2)
8-2Sigurd Andersson36:391-12:58 (2)
8-3Enar Josefsson35:431-48:41 (3)
8-4Martin Lundström35:322-24:13 (3)
7-1Gérard Perrier38:5338:53 (7)
7-2Benoît Carrara37:351-16:28 (4)
7-3Jean Mermet38:001-54:28 (4)
7-4René Mandrillon36:432-31:11 (4)
4-1Hans Eder38:4138:41 (5)
4-2Friedrich Krischan39:501-18:31 (7)
4-3Karl Rafreider38:161-56:47 (5)
4-4Sepp Schneeberger37:492-34:36 (5)
13-1Arrigo Delladio38:4638:46 (6)
13-2Nino Anderlini38:081-16:54 (5)
13-3Federico Deflorian40:511-57:45 (=6)
13-4Vincenzo Perruchon37:482-35:33 (6)
73Unified Team of GermanyGER2-36:37
3-1Hubert Egger38:2638:26 (4)
3-2Albert Mohr39:561-18:22 (6)
3-3Heinz Hauser39:231-57:45 (=6)
3-4Rudi Kopp38:522-36:37 (7)
6-1Vladimír Šimůnek38:5938:59 (8)
6-2Štefan Kovalčík39:501-18:49 (8)
6-3Vlastimil Melich40:241-59:13 (8)
6-4Jaroslav Cardal37:592-37:12 (8)
10-1Fritz Kocher40:5540:55 (12)
10-2Walter Lötscher39:211-20:16 (10)
10-3Alfred Kronig39:442-00:00 (9)
10-4Alfons Supersaxo38:002-38:00 (9)
5-1Moise Crăciun40:0740:07 (10)
5-2Manole Aldescu39:581-20:05 (9)
5-3Dumitru Frățilă40:182-00:23 (11)
5-4Constantin Enache38:002-38:23 (10)
9-1Gunnar Pétursson40:0540:05 (9)
9-2Ebeneser Þórarinsson40:301-20:35 (11)
9-3Jón Kristjánsson39:392-00:14 (10)
9-4Ivar Stefánsson39:552-40:09 (11)
121United StatesUSA2-53:28
1-1George Hovland, Jr.44:0144:01 (13)
1-2John Burton43:231-27:24 (13)
1-3Ted Farwell, Jr.43:062-10:30 (13)
1-4Wendall Broomhall42:582-53:28 (12)
11-1Ivan Staykov40:2740:27 (11)
11-2Petar Kovachev41:161-21:43 (12)
11-3Vasil Gruev41:242-03:07 (12)
11-4Boris Stoev– (–)