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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date20 February 1980 — 9:00
LocationMt. Van Hoevenberg Recreation Area, Lake Placid (Cross Country Complex)
Participants40 from 10 countries
Venue detailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 177 m
Maximum Climb: 76 m
Total Climbing: 315 m

Finland was the defending champion and Sweden the reigning 1978 World Champion, but both teams failed badly on the first leg of the 1980 Olympic cross-country relay. Finland was down in eighth place, 1:56 behind the leader, followed by Sweden 2:18 behind after the first leg. Vasily Rochev had put the Soviet team into the lead, 24 seconds ahead of Norway’s Lars Erik Eriksen, followed by USA, Italy, Switzerland and West Germany. On the second leg, Norway’s long distance specialist Per Knut Aaland surprised by catching Soviet skiier Nikolay Bazhukov and giving Norway a one-second lead at the exchange. The 20-year old, Thomas Eriksson, advanced Sweden from ninth to third, but was 2:08 behind the leader. On the third leg, Ove Aunli, bronze medalist from the 15 km race, could not match Yevgeny Belyeyev, who brought the Soviet Union back into the lead, leaving Norway 52 seconds behind. In the close battle for third place, West Germany was leading, closely followed by Italy. Matti Pitkänen, who had the unfortunate fate of coming fourth in all the individual races at the 1978 World Championships, had brought Finland up to fifth, 41 seconds behind the bronze position, and Sweden had dropped down to sixth, 11 seconds behind their Nordic neighbors. On the last leg, Nikolay Zimyatov easily led the Soviet team to another gold medal, 1:42 ahead of Norway’s Oddvar Brå. The fight for the bronze medal was much closer. Finland’s Juha Mieto went immediately away from his rival in the 15 km race, Thomas Wassberg, and soon overtook Italy, passing West Germany’s young Jochen Behle in the final stage of his anchor leg, and securing the bronze medal for Finland. Wassberg passed Italy midway on his anchor leg and brought reigning World Champion Sweden into a disappointing fifth place in the final standings.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
14Soviet UnionURS1-57:03.46Gold
4-1Vasily Rochev29:21.4129:21.41 (1)
4-2Nikolay Bazhukov29:52.5759:13.98 (2)
4-3Yevgeny Belyayev29:21.781-28:35.76 (1)
4-4Nikolay Zimyatov28:27.701-57:03.46 (1)
3-1Lars Erik Eriksen29:45.9629:45.96 (2)
3-2Per Knut Aaland29:26.7759:12.73 (1)
3-3Ove Aunli30:14.801-29:27.53 (2)
3-4Oddvar Brå29:18.241-58:45.77 (2)
2-1Harri Kirvesniemi31:17.4531:17.45 (8)
2-2Pertti Teurajärvi30:17.701-01:35.15 (7)
2-3Matti Pitkänen30:08.391-31:43.54 (5)
2-4Juha Mieto28:16.642-00:00.18 (3)
46West GermanyFRG2-00:22.74
6-1Peter Zipfel30:57.6530:57.65 (7)
6-2Wolfgang Müller30:27.071-01:24.72 (4)
6-3Dieter Notz29:37.291-31:02.01 (3)
6-4Jochen Behle29:20.732-00:22.74 (4)
1-1Sven-Åke Lundbäck31:39.4431:39.44 (9)
1-2Thomas Eriksson29:41.451-01:20.89 (3)
1-3Benny Kohlberg30:33.621-31:54.51 (6)
1-4Thomas Wassberg28:48.202-00:42.71 (5)
10-1Maurilio De Zolt30:15.9630:15.96 (4)
10-2Benedetto Carrara31:10.761-01:26.72 (5)
10-3Giulio Capitanio30:01.621-31:28.34 (4)
10-4Giorgio Vanzetta29:41.592-01:09.93 (6)
5-1Hansüli Kreuzer30:37.3430:37.34 (6)
5-2Konrad Hallenbarter30:51.731-01:29.07 (6)
5-3Edi Hauser31:45.121-33:14.19 (7)
5-4Gaudenz Ambühl30:22.382-03:36.57 (7)
88United StatesUSA2-04:12.17
8-1Bill Koch29:55.2829:55.28 (3)
8-2Tim Caldwell32:21.541-02:16.82 (8)
8-3Jim Galanes31:17.721-33:34.54 (8)
8-4Stan Dunklee30:37.632-04:12.17 (8)
7-1František Šimon30:25.9630:25.96 (5)
7-2Miloš Bečvář33:38.631-04:04.59 (9)
7-3Jiří Švub30:42.951-34:47.54 (9)
7-4Jiří Beran29:31.122-04:18.66 (9)
9-1Paul Fargeix32:20.6532:20.65 (10)
9-2Gérard Durand-Poudret33:15.451-05:36.10 (10)
9-3Michel Thierry32:47.101-38:23.20 (10)
9-4Jean-Paul Pierrat30:20.412-08:43.61 (10)