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4 × 5 kilometres Relay, Women

Date15 February 1984 — 8:45
LocationVeliko Polje, Igman
Participants48 from 12 countries
DetailsCourse Length: ?
Height Differential: 89 m
Maximum Climb: 38 m
Total Climbing: 153 m

After their excellent team showing in the 10 and 5 km races, Norway was expected to repeat their 1968 Olympic relay gold. East Germany, the defending Olympic champion, was not expected to be among the medal contenders, with only Carola Anding left from their 1980 gold winning team. The Soviet Union, silver medalists at the 1980 Olympics and the 1982 World Championships, missed their cross-country queen Galina Kulakova, who had ended her glorious career at age 39, after winning a World silver medal with the 1982 team.

After the first leg, Norway had a big lead, Inger Helene Nybråten coming to the first exchange 25 seconds ahead of the Soviet Union’s Yuliya Stepanova. More than ten seconds further behind followed Finland, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland and Sweden. On the second leg, Anne Jahren extended Norway’s lead to almost one minute, with the USSR still second, with Czechoslovakia and Finland close behind. When Brit Pettersen sent Berit Aunli out on the anchor leg, Soviet’s Nadezhda Buryakova was 1:03 behind, with Finland and Czechoslovakia ten seconds further behind. Aunli anchored Norway to a clear victory, but the fight for the other medals were very tight. The Soviet Union’s Raisa Smetanina was soon overtaken by Marja-Liisa Hämälainen from Finland and Czechoslovakia’s Květa Jeriová, and to everyone’s surprise the Czech skiier outsprinted the double Olympic champion Hämälainen in a close duel for silver. The Czechoslovakian team celebrated their first ever Olympic relay medal.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
3-1Inger Helene Nybråten17:02.717:02.7 (1)
3-2Anne Jahren16:35.433:38.1 (1)
3-3Brit Pettersen16:30.150:08.2 (1)
3-4Berit Aunli16:41.51-06:49.7 (1)
4-1Dagmar Švubová17:37.917:37.9 (4)
4-2Blanka Paulů16:58.034:35.9 (3)
4-3Gabriela Svobodová16:46.251:22.1 (4)
4-4Květa Jeriová16:12.61-07:34.7 (2)
5-1Pirkko Määttä17:36.817:36.8 (3)
5-2Eija Hyytiäinen17:01.334:38.1 (4)
5-3Marjo Matikainen16:42.751:20.8 (3)
5-4Marja-Liisa Hämäläinen16:15.91-07:36.7 (3)
42Soviet UnionURS1-07:55.0
2-1Yuliya Stepanova17:27.217:27.2 (2)
2-2Lyubov Lyadova17:07.834:35.0 (2)
2-3Nadezhda Burlakova16:36.351:11.3 (2)
2-4Raisa Smetanina16:43.71-07:55.0 (4)
6-1Karin Lamberg17:45.617:45.6 (6)
6-2Kristina Hugosson17:38.035:23.6 (6)
6-3Marie Risby16:47.052:10.6 (5)
6-4Ann Rosendahl17:19.41-09:30.0 (5)
10-1Karin Thomas17:38.917:38.9 (5)
10-2Monika Germann17:45.235:24.1 (7)
10-3Christina Brügger17:28.752:52.8 (7)
10-4Evi Kratzer16:47.51-09:40.3 (6)
77United StatesUSA1-10:48.4
7-1Susan Long18:09.918:09.9 (7)
7-2Judy Rabinowitz17:13.235:23.1 (5)
7-3Lynn Spencer-Galanes17:28.552:51.6 (6)
7-4Patricia Ross17:56.81-10:48.4 (7)
81East GermanyGDR1-11:10.7
1-1Petra Voge18:57.518:57.5 (10)
1-2Petra Rohrmann17:44.436:41.9 (10)
1-3Carola Anding17:44.654:26.5 (9)
1-4Ute Noack16:44.21-11:10.7 (8)
12-1Klara Angerer18:12.918:12.9 (8)
12-2Paola Pozzoni18:12.236:25.1 (9)
12-3Manuela Di Centa17:25.453:50.5 (8)
12-4Guidina Dal Sasso17:21.81-11:12.3 (9)
8-1Jana Mlakar18:17.518:17.5 (9)
8-2Andreja Smrekar18:04.336:21.8 (8)
8-3Tatjana Smolnikar18:52.055:13.8 (10)
8-4Metka Munih18:31.31-13:45.1 (10)
1111Great BritainGBR1-18:36.2
11-1Lauren Jeffrey20:17.820:17.8 (11)
11-2Nicola Lavery19:35.439:53.2 (11)
11-3Doris Trueman19:43.259:36.4 (11)
11-4Ros Coats18:59.81-18:36.2 (11)
129People's Republic of ChinaCHN1-21:19.6
9-1Dou Aixia20:24.820:24.8 (12)
9-2Tang Yuqin20:33.940:58.7 (12)
9-3Chen Yufeng20:21.91-01:20.6 (12)
9-4Song Shiji19:59.01-21:19.6 (12)