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30 kilometres (Classical), Women

Date24 February 2002 — 9:30
LocationSoldier Hollow, Wasatch Mountain State Park
Participants50 from 17 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 30,084 m
Height Differential: 123 m
Intermediate 1: 7.2 km
Intermediate 2: 15.0 km
Intermediate 3: 20.5 km
Maximum Climb: 51 m
Total Climbing: 1,126 m

This was the final women’s event of the 2002 cross-country program. The event had not been held at the 2001 World Championships, when it was cancelled because of weather conditions. The best female cross-country skier of the past five years had been Norwegian Bente Skari-Martinsen, but she was better in the shorter distances. The early leader in this race was Russian Larisa Lazutina, the 1999 World Champion and 2001 Holmenkollen champion in the event. And she was the late leader too, winning by almost two minutes over Italy’s Gabriella Paruzzi. Lazutina led at every checkpoint and had the fastest intermediate split for each time check. But she would not win the gold medal.

In December 2003 it was revealed that Lazutina had tested positive for darpopoietin, an erythropoietin analogue, and was disqualified from all events in Salt Lake City. Her teammate, Olga Danilova, who had originally finished eighth had been discovered two months earlier and was also disqualified. This brought Paruzzi up to a very surprising gold medal, as she had never won an individual medal before at three Winter Olympics or the World Championships. The silver medalist became Italy Stefania Belmondo while Skari-Martinsen won the bronze. For Belmondo this was her 10th Olympic medal, equaling the Winter Olympic record for women held by Soviet/Unified Team skier Raisa Smetanina, both trailing only Norway’s Bjørn Dæhlie among men, who won 12.

153Gabriella ParuzziITA1-30:57.1Gold
248Stefania BelmondoITA1-31:01.6Silver
344Bente SkariNOR1-31:36.3Bronze
451Anita MoenNOR1-31:37.3
541Valentyna ShevchenkoUKR1-33:03.1
642Viola BauerGER1-33:25.1
749Kristina ŠmigunEST1-33:52.7
840Vibeke SkofterudNOR1-35:02.3
947Yuliya ChepalovaRUS1-35:37.4
1024Natascia Leonardi CortesiSUI1-35:46.8
1145Sviatlana NahieykinaBLR1-35:51.6
1250Petra MajdičSLO1-35:51.8
1336Katrin ŠmigunEST1-36:04.0
1434Marit BjørgenNOR1-37:02.6
1527Nina KemppelUSA1-37:08.7
1635Svetlana ShishkinaKAZ1-37:14.5
1738Oksana YatskayaKAZ1-37:25.3
1822Iryna TereliaUKR1-37:32.9
=1929Antonella ConfortolaITA1-37:47.4
=1939Olga ZavyalovaRUS1-37:47.4
2019Laurence RochatSUI1-38:24.2
2121Sumiko YokoyamaJPN1-39:48.8
2331Wendy WagnerUSA1-39:54.8
2416Annmari ViljanmaaFIN1-40:47.9
2533Elin EkSWE1-40:48.2
2632Madoka NatsumiJPN1-41:06.0
2723Kamila RajdlováCZE1-41:57.7
2813Amanda FortierCAN1-42:08.1
2915Natallia ZiatikovaBLR1-42:18.0
3037Iryna SkripnikBLR1-42:49.1
3128Milaine ThériaultCAN1-42:56.9
3210Yelena AntonovaKAZ1-43:37.6
3312Marianna LongaITA1-44:02.5
3430Jaime FortierCAN1-44:26.2
3514Barb JonesUSA1-45:18.7
3617Midori FurusawaJPN1-45:50.0
373Svetlana DeshevykhKAZ1-46:18.1
389Olena RodinaUKR1-46:51.2
3925Anna DahlbergSWE1-46:51.3
4011Kateřina HanušováCZE1-48:52.6
415Luan ZhengrongCHN1-49:37.7
4220Hou YuxiaCHN1-49:45.8
437Tomomi OtakaJPN1-50:00.3
DNF6Satu SalonenFIN
DNF18Manuela HenkelGER
DNF2Anna-Carin OlofssonSWE
DNF26Ulrika PerssonSWE
DNF52Maryna PestriakovaUKR
DQ46Larisa LazutinaRUS[1-29:09.0]1
DQ43Olga DanilovaRUS[1-33:44.1]2