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4 × 10 kilometres Relay, Men

Date19 February 2006 — 10:00
LocationStadio del Trampolino, Pragelato Plan
Participants64 from 16 countries
DetailsCourse Length: 10,000 m
Height Differential: 59 m
Maximum Climb: 54 m
Total Climbing: 376 m

Norway had dominated men’s relay competition since the 1992 Winter Olympics, winning all Olympic gold medals except for the classic battle against Italy in 1994, and losing only once at the World Championships since 1991, that in 1999 Austria. Italy had finished second to Norway at the 1998 and 2002 Winter Olympics, losing by no more than 3/10ths of a second in both races. It desperately wanted to win the gold on its home snow.

Canada’s Devon Kershaw surprisingly led the first leg, with Norway second, and Italy back in fifth. But Canada dropped to 14th on the second leg when Sean Crooks posted the slowest leg of the entire race. At the second exchange, the Czechs led, followed by Russia, then Norway, with Italy still fifth. But Pietro Piller Cottrer then skied the fastest leg of the event for Italy, giving Norway a six-second lead over Sweden at the final hand-off. Italy would win the race they most wanted, by almost 16 seconds over Germany, with Sweden taking the bronze. Norway had a lackluster race, and finished only fifth.

PosNrTeamNOCTimeSplit (Pos)
4-1Fulvio Valbusa25:54.025:54.0 (5)
4-2Giorgio Di Centa26:50.652:44.6 (5)
4-3Pietro Piller Cottrer24:59.11-17:43.7 (1)
4-4Cristian Zorzi26:02.01-43:45.7 (1)
2-1Andreas Schlütter25:53.925:53.9 (4)
2-2Jens Filbrich26:50.252:44.1 (4)
2-3René Sommerfeldt25:18.91-18:03.0 (4)
2-4Tobias Angerer25:58.41-44:01.4 (2)
7-1Mats Larsson25:53.425:53.4 (3)
7-2Johan Olsson26:55.452:48.8 (6)
7-3Anders Södergren25:00.51-17:49.3 (2)
7-4Mathias Fredriksson26:12.41-44:01.7 (3)
6-1Christophe Perrillat-Collomb26:05.426:05.4 (12)
6-2Alexandre Rousselet26:46.252:51.6 (7)
6-3Emmanuel Jonnier25:47.11-18:38.7 (7)
6-4Vincent Vittoz25:44.11-44:22.8 (4)
1-1Jens Arne Svartedal25:53.025:53.0 (2)
1-2Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset26:50.852:43.8 (3)
1-3Frode Estil25:42.81-18:26.6 (5)
1-4Tore Ruud Hofstad26:29.71-44:56.3 (5)
63Russian FederationRUS1-45:09.9
3-1Sergey Novikov26:03.726:03.7 (11)
3-2Vasily Rochev26:39.852:43.5 (2)
3-3Ivan Alypov25:58.21-18:41.7 (8)
3-4Yevgeny Dementyev26:28.21-45:09.9 (6)
15-1Reto Burgermeister26:02.026:02.0 (8)
15-2Christian Stebler26:50.252:52.2 (8)
15-3Toni Livers25:46.41-18:38.6 (6)
15-4Remo Fischer26:32.31-45:10.9 (7)
9-1Aivar Rehemaa26:45.726:45.7 (14)
9-2Andrus Veerpalu26:39.953:25.6 (10)
9-3Jaak Mae25:32.01-18:57.6 (9)
9-4Kaspar Kokk26:26.21-45:23.8 (8)
98Czech RepublicCZE1-46:03.3
8-1Martin Koukal26:01.626:01.6 (7)
8-2Lukáš Bauer26:41.352:42.9 (1)
8-3Jiří Magál25:19.61-18:02.5 (3)
8-4Dušan Kožíšek28:00.81-46:03.3 (9)
12-1Sami Jauhojärvi25:56.125:56.1 (6)
12-2Tero Similä27:28.953:25.0 (9)
12-3Olli Ohtonen25:53.41-19:18.4 (10)
12-4Teemu Kattilakoski27:17.71-46:36.1 (10)
13-1Devon Kershaw25:52.325:52.3 (1)
13-2Sean Crooks29:30.655:22.9 (14)
13-3Chris Jeffries26:02.31-21:25.2 (13)
13-4George Grey26:50.71-48:15.9 (11)
1211United StatesUSA1-48:44.2
11-1Kris Freeman26:03.126:03.1 (9)
11-2Lars Flora28:27.854:30.9 (12)
11-3Andrew Johnson26:44.11-21:15.0 (12)
11-4Carl Swenson27:29.21-48:44.2 (12)
10-1Andrey Golovko26:03.526:03.5 (10)
10-2Dmitry Yeryomenko27:48.553:52.0 (11)
10-3Maksim Odnodvortsev26:18.91-20:10.9 (11)
10-4Yevgeny Koshevoy28:52.71-49:03.6 (13)
14-1Roman Leibiuk26:36.726:36.7 (13)
14-2Volodymyr Olshanskyi28:32.555:09.2 (13)
14-3Oleksandr Putsko26:28.51-21:37.7 (14)
14-4Mykhailo Humeniak28:24.21-50:01.9 (14)
1516People's Republic of ChinaCHN1-50:40.5
16-1Xia Wan27:27.927:27.9 (15)
16-2Li Geliang28:46.356:14.2 (15)
16-3Zhang Chengye26:23.61-22:37.8 (15)
16-4Zhang Qing28:02.71-50:40.5 (15)
5-1Martin Tauber28:07.528:07.5 (AC)
5-2Jürgen Pinter27:59.556:07.0 (AC)
5-3Roland Diethart26:58.21-23:05.2 (AC)
5-4Johannes Eder– (AC)