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Featherweight (≤126 pounds), Men

Date15 – 20 July 1924
LocationVélodrome d'Hiver, Paris
Participants24 from 17 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

The title bout in the featherweight class was played out between two American fighters, Jackie Fields and Joe Salas, who had proved a class above the rest of the field. Fields, considered the most stylish boxer of the entire games, won a clear decision but was so upset at having beaten his good friend Salas that he went back to the dressing room and cried. At sixteen years and four months old, Fields is the youngest Olympic boxing champion. Unless current age restrictions are removed, it will be an honour that he will hold forever. Born as Jacob Finkelstein, Fields went on to a lucrative professional career including a spell as welterweight champion of the world.

1Jackie FieldsUSAGold
2Joe SalasUSASilver
3Pedro QuartucciARGBronze
4Raymond DevergniesBEL
=5Bruno PetraccaITA
=5Harry DingleyGBR
=5Carlos AbarcaCHI
=5Maurice DepontFRA
=9Livio FranceschiniITA
=9Emilio BautistaESP
=9Olaf HansenNOR
=9Jean SauthierSUI
=9Guillaume TunsBEL
=9Manuel EsmorisURU
=9Herman LevijNED
=9Arthur BeavisGBR
=17Agnew BurlieCAN
=17Gustaf BergmanSWE
=17Luis BruESP
=17Mickey McGowanCAN
=17Henri StuckemannFRA
=17Mossy DoyleIRL
=17Ernie EusticeRSA
=17Jean FlammangLUX
DNSHarry WallachUSA
DNSJ. de MetzNED
DNSJohan VeldtNED
DNSM. PerrierFRA
DNSPeter DonaldsonGBR

Round One

Date15 July 1924
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #115 JulOlaf HansenNOR
Match #215 JulJackie FieldsUSADecisionMossy DoyleIRL
Match #315 JulEmilio BautistaESP
Match #415 JulCarlos AbarcaCHIDecisionGustaf BergmanSWE
Match #515 JulPedro QuartucciARGDecisionHenri StuckemannFRA
Match #615 JulArthur BeavisGBRKnock-outJean FlammangLUX
Match #715 JulMaurice DepontFRADecisionErnie EusticeRSA
Match #815 JulManuel EsmorisURU
Match #915 JulHarry DingleyGBR
Match #1015 JulGuillaume TunsBEL
Match #1115 JulRaymond DevergniesBELDecisionLuis BruESP
Match #1215 JulLivio FranceschiniITADecisionMickey McGowanCAN
Match #1315 JulJoe SalasUSAKnock-outAgnew BurlieCAN
Match #1415 JulHerman LevijNED
Match #1515 JulBruno PetraccaITA
Match #1615 JulJean SauthierSUI

Round Two

Date16 July 1924
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #116 JulJackie FieldsUSADecisionOlaf HansenNOR
Match #216 JulCarlos AbarcaCHIDecisionEmilio BautistaESP
Match #316 JulPedro QuartucciARGDecisionArthur BeavisGBR
Match #416 JulMaurice DepontFRADecisionManuel EsmorisURU
Match #516 JulHarry DingleyGBRDecisionGuillaume TunsBEL
Match #616 JulRaymond DevergniesBELDecisionLivio FranceschiniITA
Match #716 JulJoe SalasUSADecisionHerman LevijNED
Match #816 JulBruno PetraccaITADecisionJean SauthierSUI


Date18 July 1924
Match #118 JulJackie FieldsUSADecisionCarlos AbarcaCHI
Match #218 JulPedro QuartucciARGDecisionMaurice DepontFRA
Match #318 JulRaymond DevergniesBELDecisionHarry DingleyGBR
Match #418 JulJoe SalasUSADisqualifiedBruno PetraccaITA


Date19 July 1924
Match #119 JulJackie FieldsUSADecisionPedro QuartucciARG
Match #219 JulJoe SalasUSADecisionRaymond DevergniesBEL

Final Round

Date20 July 1924
Match 1/220 JulJackie FieldsUSADecisionJoe SalasUSA
Match 3/420 JulPedro QuartucciARGDecisionRaymond DevergniesBEL