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Team, Men

Date23 – 24 February 1988
LocationCanada Olympic Park, Calgary / Canmore Nordic Centre, Canmore
Participants32 from 11 countries
FormatNormal hill ski jumping and 3 x 10 kilometre relay skiing; placements determined by points table. Three members per team, with all ski jump scores to count towards team total. Pursuit-style cross-country relay race, with skiers leaving in order of their finish in the ski jumping, so that final placement determined by final placement in cross-country ski race.

A team event had been conducted at the World Championships since 1982, won by East Germany in 1982, Norway in 1984, and West Germany in 1985 and 1987. The other medals at the Worlds had always been won by the Soviet Union and Finland. The event consisted of three athletes taking three jumps, with the best two in each round to count, followed by a 3 x 10 km cross-country relay started by the Gundersen Method, with the start order of the relay determined by the places in the ski jumping. After the jumps West Germany led by a 16.0 second margin over Austria, with Norway third, 2:46.0 back. In sixth place was Switzerland, well back at 4:52.0. In the relay, the Germans did not ski well, finishing eighth of 10 teams, but fortunately one team they outskied was Austria, which dropped back to a bronze medal. The ski relay was won by Switzerland, who posted 1-15:57.4, 2:16.1 ahead of East Germany, which had the second best relay time. But for Switzerland, they could only come tantalizingly close to West Germany, falling short by 3.4 seconds. Their anchorman was Fredy Glanzmann, who had the fastest leg of the day, but could not close the gap near the finish.

PosCompetitorsNOCTime MarginSki Jumping, Normal HillCross Country Skiing, 3 × 10 km Relay
1West GermanyFRG629.8 (1)1-20:46.0 (8)Gold
Thomas Müller 197.925:33.6
Hans-Peter Pohl 204.727:26.7
Hubert Schwarz 227.227:45.7
2SwitzerlandSUI+3.4571.4 (6)1-15:57.4 (1)Silver
Fredy Glanzmann 176.225:09.8
Hippolyt Kempf 199.825:12.9
Andreas Schaad 195.425:34.7
3AustriaAUT+30.9626.6 (2)1-21:00.9 (9)Bronze
Hansjörg Aschenwald 204.528:33.7
Günther Csar 193.726:39.7
Klaus Sulzenbacher 228.425:47.5
4NorwayNOR+48.4596.6 (3)1-18:48.4 (3)
Hallstein Bøgseth 195.026:18.6
Trond Arne Bredesen 201.127:04.0
Torbjørn Løkken 200.525:25.8
5East GermanyGDR+2:18.5571.6 (5)1-18:13.5 (2)
Thomas Prenzel 183.926:23.9
Marko Frank 195.926:12.1
Uwe Prenzel 191.825:37.5
6CzechoslovakiaTCH+2:57.1573.5 (4)1-19:02.1 (4)
Ladislav Patráš 192.026:49.7
Ján Klimko 184.726:30.4
Miroslav Kopal 196.825:42.0
7FinlandFIN+4:52.3561.3 (7)1-19:56.3 (7)
Pasi Saapunki 165.026:29.7
Jouko Parviainen 201.926:42.3
Jukka Ylipulli 194.426:44.3
8FranceFRA+6:23.4541.0 (8)1-19:45.4 (5)
Jean-Pierre Bohard 178.027:04.9
Xavier Girard 187.226:43.2
Fabrice Guy 175.825:57.3
9JapanJPN+8:40.3515.3 (10)1-19:54.3 (6)
Hideki Miyazaki 166.225:59.1
Masashi Abe 177.526:54.9
Kazuoki Kodama 171.627:00.3
10United StatesUSA+12:20.9516.9 (9)1-23:42.9 (10)
Joe Holland 181.727:00.3
Todd Wilson 175.727:03.1
Hans Johnstone 159.529:39.5
DNFSoviet UnionURS282.5 (11)– (DNS)
Andrey Dundukov 187.3
Vasily Savin 95.2
Allar Levandi DNS