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Normal Hill, Individual, Men

Date17 February 1980
LocationIntervale Ski Jump Complex, Lake Placid
Participants48 from 16 countries
FormatTwo jumps, with both scored on distance and form.
Judge #1Eric MagnussonSWE
Judge #2Keihi NakamuraJPN
Judge #3Walter SchnellerFRG
Judge #4Fred RogersUSA
Judge #5Pavel KrznarićYUG
DetailsK-Point: 86 m

Toni Innauer, the young Austrian who was close to winning the Large Hill competition on his home ground in 1976 when aged only 17, was hampered by injuries in the coming years, even if he did win a silver medal in the 1977 World Ski Flying Championships. His 176.0 m jump from Oberstdorf in 1976 was still the world record, not to be beaten until 1981. In 1980 he was fit for fight again, and in the Normal Hill in Lake Placid he was in a class of his own, winning with the largest margin in the history of Olympic ski jumping. In the first round he jumped 89.0 m, and had a lead of 2.7 points ahead of the 20-year Japanese Hirokazu Yagi, with the Finn Pentti Kokkonen in third position. In the second round, the 18-year old East German Manfed Deckert, lying in seventh position after the first round, made an excellent jump of 88.0 m and was briefly in the lead after two jumps. But Innauer answered immediately with a perfect jump of 90.0 m, taking over the lead by 17.1 points. Yagi could not copy his first jump of 87.0 m, landing an ordinary 83.5 m jump and was equal second place with Deckert. Several of the late starters tried to challenge Deckert and Yagi for the medals. First was the young Austrian Hubert Neuper, lying in 14th place after the first round, who made the second best jump of the second round, 88.5 m, and advanced to a sixth place overall. The Japanese Masahiro Akimoto come very close, but ended 0.7 points behind Deckert and Yagi. The last challenger was Kokkonen, in the bronze medal position after the first round, but he made an ordinary jump and ended in fifth position.

120Toni InnauerAUT266.3Gold
=217Manfred DeckertGDR249.2Silver
=230Hirokazu YagiJPN249.2Silver
441Masahiro AkimotoJPN248.5
546Pentti KokkonenFIN247.6
636Hubert NeuperAUT245.5
72Alfred GroyerAUT245.3
828Jouko TörmänenFIN243.5
943Hansjörg SumiSUI242.6
1042Stanisław BobakPOL242.2
116Martin WeberGDR236.8
1211Armin KoglerAUT234.8
1312Roger RuudNOR234.2
1440Johan SætreNOR231.8
1544Henry GlaßGDR231.4
1615Jari PuikkonenFIN227.5
179Jeff DavisUSA226.3
1819Per BergerudNOR224.0
1947Peter LeitnerFRG223.0
2031Jochen DannebergGDR222.7
2135Aleksey BorovitinURS220.3
2233Leoš ŠkodaTCH219.7
2348Chris McNeillUSA212.5
2438Bernard MoullierFRA210.5
2522Hubert SchwarzFRG209.1
261Jim MakiUSA208.7
277Ivar MobekkNOR208.6
2834Steve CollinsCAN207.7
2916Takafumi KawabataJPN207.2
3032Tauno KäyhköCAN205.4
3126Vladimir VlasovURS204.8
325Kari YlianttilaFIN203.2
3313Yury IvanovURS200.3
3437Jan HolmlundSWE195.5
3529Gérard ColinFRA193.8
3624Jim DenneyUSA192.9
3723Robert MöschingSUI192.6
3845Lido TomasiITA192.5
3921Josef SamekTCH190.3
4018Stanisław PawlusiakPOL183.1
418Horst BulauCAN180.1
423Hiroyasu AizawaJPN176.9
4314Paul EgloffSUI171.7
4425Miran TepešYUG171.6
4510Brane BenedikYUG149.6
464Andrey ShakirovURS147.1
4727Piotr FijasPOL144.0
4839Bogdan NorčičYUG124.6