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Canadian Doubles, 1,000 metres, Men

Date28 July 1952
LocationTaivallahti, Helsinki
Participants22 from 11 countries
Olympic Record 4:50.1 / Vladimír Syrovátka / Jan Brzák-Felix TCH / 8 August 1936

Reigning Olympic and World Champions Jan Brzák-Felix and Bohumil Kudrna of Czechoslovakia returned to the Games in 1952 in the hopes of defending their crown in the C-2 1000. Brzák-Felix and Kudrna were also the most recent World Champions in the C-2 10000, while Brzák-Felix, a 1936 C-2 1000 Olympic champion, had won gold and silver in the C-2 10000 and C-2 1000 respectively at the 1938 World Championships. Their strongest challengers were likely to be Armand Loreau and Georges Dransart of France, the reigning World runners-up in both events, and the latter of whom had been an Olympic bronze medalist in 1948. France won its heat in the opening round, but the Czechoslovakians were defeated by the Danish duo of Peder Rasch and Finn Haunstoft, who finished in Olympic record time. In the final, France seemed to have the lead, but a series of mistakes saw them drift into another lane and be overtaken by the Danes, Czechoslovakians, and Germans Egon Drews and Wilfried Soltau, who crossed the line in that order. France meanwhile, missed the podium by only 0.3 seconds, while Drews and Soltau captured their second bronze medal of the tournament, having won their first the previous day in the C-2 10000.

1Peder Rasch / Finn HaunstoftDEN4:32.9 (1 h1)4:38.3 (1)Gold
2Jan Brzák-Felix / Bohumil KudrnaTCH4:43.3 (2 h1)4:42.9 (2)Silver
3Egon Drews / Wilfried SoltauGER4:48.4 (4 h2)4:48.3 (3)Bronze
4Georges Dransart / Armand LoreauFRA4:38.8 (1 h2)4:48.6 (4)
5István Bodor / József TuzaHUN4:51.5 (4 h1)4:51.9 (5)
6Kurt Liebhart / Engelbert LullaAUT4:40.2 (2 h2)4:55.8 (6)
7John Haas / Frank KrickUSA4:43.3 (3 h2)4:59.0 (7)
8Len Johnson / Tom HodgsonCAN4:44.9 (3 h1)5:01.4 (8)
5 h1 r1/2Tuomo Tuormaa / Matti HavulinnaFIN4:54.0 (5 h1)
5 h2 r1/2Rune Blomqvist / Harry LindbäckSWE4:50.2 (5 h2)
6 h1 r1/2Aleksandr Krasavin / Sergey ChumakovURS4:54.9 (6 h1)

Round One (28 July 1952 — 12:00)

Top four in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One

1Peder Rasch / Finn HaunstoftDEN4:32.9QOB
2Jan Brzák-Felix / Bohumil KudrnaTCH4:43.3Q
3Len Johnson / Tom HodgsonCAN4:44.9Q
4István Bodor / József TuzaHUN4:51.5Q
5Tuomo Tuormaa / Matti HavulinnaFIN4:54.0
6Aleksandr Krasavin / Sergey ChumakovURS4:54.9

Heat Two

1Georges Dransart / Armand LoreauFRA4:38.8Q
2Kurt Liebhart / Engelbert LullaAUT4:40.2Q
3John Haas / Frank KrickUSA4:43.3Q
4Egon Drews / Wilfried SoltauGER4:48.4Q
5Rune Blomqvist / Harry LindbäckSWE4:50.2

Final Round (28 July 1952 — 17:40)

1Peder Rasch / Finn HaunstoftDEN4:38.3
2Jan Brzák-Felix / Bohumil KudrnaTCH4:42.9
3Egon Drews / Wilfried SoltauGER4:48.3
4Georges Dransart / Armand LoreauFRA4:48.6
5István Bodor / József TuzaHUN4:51.9
6Kurt Liebhart / Engelbert LullaAUT4:55.8
7John Haas / Frank KrickUSA4:59.0
8Len Johnson / Tom HodgsonCAN5:01.4