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Kayak Doubles, 1,000 metres, Men

Date20 – 22 October 1964
LocationSagami-ko, Sagamihara, Kanagawa
Participants28 from 14 countries

One half of the defending Olympic champions in the K-2 1000, Sven-Olov Sjödelius of Sweden, returned to the Games in 1964 to defend his crown and was joined by Gunnar Utterberg. The reigning World Champions were Romania’s Haralambie Ivanov and Vasile Nicoară, the latter of whom was also among the most recent European champions. East Germany, meanwhile, was the reigning European and World runner-up, but competed under the banner of unified Germany, which sent West Germans Heinz Büker and Holger Zander instead. Romania won its heat in the fastest time in the opening round, although it encountered a surprising challenge from the Dutch crew, Toon Geurts and Paul Hoekstra, who finished only 0.10 seconds later. Germany, meanwhile, won its own heat comfortably. Sweden, meanwhile, was the fastest in the semi-finals, with Romania and the Netherlands taking the other two heats. The final was fairly well spaced out by the end, with Sweden winning gold, the Netherlands taking silver, and Germany capturing bronze ahead of Romania, who finished a surprising fourth and off the podium.

1135/136Sven-Olov Sjödelius / Gunnar UtterbergSWE3:42.65 (3 h2)3:45.90 (1 h1)3:38.54 (1)Gold
297/98Toon Geurts / Paul HoekstraNED3:40.67 (2 h2)3:49.41 (1 h3)3:39.30 (2)Silver
352/62Heinz Büker / Holger ZanderGER3:44.25 (1 h1)3:47.46 (3 h1)3:40.69 (3)Bronze
4118/122Haralambie Ivanov / Vasile NicoarăROU3:40.57 (1 h2)3:49.02 (1 h2)3:41.12 (4)
572/78György Mészáros / Imre SzöllősiHUN3:46.14 (2 h1)3:52.15 (3 h3)3:41.39 (5)
681/84Cesare Beltrami / Cesare ZilioliITA3:46.43 (3 h1)3:52.27 (3 h2)3:43.55 (6)
7153/154Erik Kalugin / Ibragim KhasanovURS3:44.66 (4 h2)3:50.20 (1 h2)3:46.43 (2 h1)3:44.19 (7)
85/8Gordon Jeffery / Adrian PowellAUS3:50.42 (6 h1)3:51.19 (1 h1)3:50.98 (2 h3)3:44.52 (8)
941/42Preben Jensen / Hans-Viggo KnudsenDEN3:47.01 (5 h2)3:51.43 (2 h1)3:51.20 (2 h2)3:47.31 (9)
4 h1 r3/4112/106Władysław Zieliński / Stefan KapłaniakPOL3:47.71 (4 h1)3:52.49 (3 h1)3:49.24 (4 h1)
4 h2 r3/432/29Gabor Joo / Michael BrownCAN3:51.57 (6 h2)3:53.97 (2 h2)3:52.90 (4 h2)
4 h3 r3/417/18René Roels / Rik VerbruggheBEL3:50.07 (5 h1)3:57.27 (3 h2)3:53.66 (4 h3)
4 h1 r2/4145/140Tony Ralphs / Gert GrigoleitUSA3:54.01 (7 h2)3:45.31 (4 h1)
4 h2 r2/490/89Hideo Kobayashi / Katsufusa KashimuraJPN4:00.94 (8 h2)4:03.67 (4 h2)
DNS166/167Aleksandar Kerčov / Staniša RadmanovićYUG– (DNS h1)
DNS12/14Kurt Heubusch / Günther PfaffAUT– (DNS h1)

Round One (20 October 1964)

Top three in each heat advanced to the semi-finals. All others advanced to the Repêchage.

Heat One (11:10)

1Heinz Büker / Holger ZanderGER3:44.25Q
2György Mészáros / Imre SzöllősiHUN3:46.14Q
3Cesare Beltrami / Cesare ZilioliITA3:46.43Q
4Władysław Zieliński / Stefan KapłaniakPOL3:47.71
5René Roels / Rik VerbruggheBEL3:50.07
6Gordon Jeffery / Adrian PowellAUS3:50.42
DNSAleksandar Kerčov / Staniša RadmanovićYUG
DNSKurt Heubusch / Günther PfaffAUT

Heat Two (11:20)

1Haralambie Ivanov / Vasile NicoarăROU3:40.57Q
2Toon Geurts / Paul HoekstraNED3:40.67Q
3Sven-Olov Sjödelius / Gunnar UtterbergSWE3:42.65Q
4Erik Kalugin / Ibragim KhasanovURS3:44.66
5Preben Jensen / Hans-Viggo KnudsenDEN3:47.01
6Gabor Joo / Michael BrownCAN3:51.57
7Tony Ralphs / Gert GrigoleitUSA3:54.01
8Hideo Kobayashi / Katsufusa KashimuraJPN4:00.94

Repêchage (20 October 1964)

Top three in each heat advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (15:20)

1Gordon Jeffery / Adrian PowellAUS3:51.19Q
2Preben Jensen / Hans-Viggo KnudsenDEN3:51.43Q
3Władysław Zieliński / Stefan KapłaniakPOL3:52.49Q
4Tony Ralphs / Gert GrigoleitUSA3:45.31

Heat Two (15:30)

1Erik Kalugin / Ibragim KhasanovURS3:50.20Q
2Gabor Joo / Michael BrownCAN3:53.97Q
3René Roels / Rik VerbruggheBEL3:57.27Q
4Hideo Kobayashi / Katsufusa KashimuraJPN4:03.67

Semi-Finals (21 October 1964)

Top three in each heat advanced to the final.

Heat One (10:50)

1Sven-Olov Sjödelius / Gunnar UtterbergSWE3:45.90Q
2Erik Kalugin / Ibragim KhasanovURS3:46.43Q
3Heinz Büker / Holger ZanderGER3:47.46Q
4Władysław Zieliński / Stefan KapłaniakPOL3:49.24

Heat Two (11:00)

1Haralambie Ivanov / Vasile NicoarăROU3:49.02Q
2Preben Jensen / Hans-Viggo KnudsenDEN3:51.20Q
3Cesare Beltrami / Cesare ZilioliITA3:52.27Q
4Gabor Joo / Michael BrownCAN3:52.90

Heat Three (11:10)

1Toon Geurts / Paul HoekstraNED3:49.41Q
2Gordon Jeffery / Adrian PowellAUS3:50.98Q
3György Mészáros / Imre SzöllősiHUN3:52.15Q
4René Roels / Rik VerbruggheBEL3:53.66

Final Round (22 October 1964 — 15:00)

1Sven-Olov Sjödelius / Gunnar UtterbergSWE3:38.54
2Toon Geurts / Paul HoekstraNED3:39.30
3Heinz Büker / Holger ZanderGER3:40.69
4Haralambie Ivanov / Vasile NicoarăROU3:41.12
5György Mészáros / Imre SzöllősiHUN3:41.39
6Cesare Beltrami / Cesare ZilioliITA3:43.55
7Erik Kalugin / Ibragim KhasanovURS3:44.19
8Gordon Jeffery / Adrian PowellAUS3:44.52
9Preben Jensen / Hans-Viggo KnudsenDEN3:47.31