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Canadian Singles, Slalom, Men

Date28 August 1972 — 13:00
LocationKanuslalomanlage, Augsburg
Participants22 from 9 countries
FormatTwo runs, best score of two to count.

Canoe slalom singles appeared at the Olympics for the first time in 1972 (and for the last time until 1992) and, unlike in the sprint events, up to three competitors from a single nation were allowed to compete. West Germany’s Reinhold Kauder was the reigning World Champion and had come in second to his compatriot Wolfgang Peters in 1969, although there were many canoeists in contention. It was an East German, Reinhard Eiben, however, who was in first after run one, with Kauder in second and only 0.39 points behind, and another East German, Jochen Förster in third. Förster had a medal of each color from the C-1 team event at the World Championships: gold from 1971, silver from 1967, and bronze from 1965. Peters, meanwhile, failed to post a score. Eiben recorded an even better score in the second run to earn a well-deserved gold medal, while Kauder failed to improve upon his point total and was forced to settle for silver. American Jamie McEwan, who had been eighth in the first round, pulled off an impressive run in the second stage to slip ahead of Förster for the bronze medal, while Peters came in fourth in the second portion and fifth overall.

PosBibCompetitorNOCTotal TimeRun #1Run #2
1130Reinhard EibenGDR315.84327.50 (1)315.84 (1)Gold
2178Reinhold KauderFRG327.89327.89 (2)350.31 (3)Silver
3373Jamie McEwanUSA335.95421.52 (8)335.95 (2)Bronze
4133Jochen FörsterGDR354.42354.42 (3)365.45 (5)
5186Wolfgang PetersFRG356.25– (DNF)356.25 (4)
6143Jürgen KöhlerGDR372.88372.88 (4)447.70 (12)
7343Karel TřešňákTCH385.07418.70 (7)385.07 (6)
8341Petr SodomkaTCH391.11391.11 (5)398.83 (8)
9337Zbyněk PulecTCH391.38551.46 (16)391.38 (7)
10375Angus MorrisonUSA393.77393.77 (6)482.88 (15)
11388Wick WalkerUSA399.76494.30 (12)399.76 (9)
1299Michel TrenchantFRA405.98446.73 (10)405.98 (10)
13100John AlbertGBR438.40438.40 (9)549.15 (18)
14396Tone HočevarYUG445.40653.41 (19)445.40 (11)
1586Claude BauxFRA463.16498.69 (14)463.16 (13)
16172Bernhard HeinemannFRG467.41498.10 (13)467.41 (14)
17400Damjan PrelovšekYUG483.85483.85 (11)546.11 (17)
1887François BonnetFRA526.17526.17 (15)561.23 (19)
1943William GriffithCAN530.64571.50 (18)530.64 (16)
20116Rowan OsborneGBR561.12561.12 (17)603.08 (21)
21107Geoffrey DinsdaleGBR576.72686.09 (20)576.72 (20)
22306Edy PaulSUI642.50– (DNF)642.50 (22)