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Canadian Doubles, Slalom, Men

Date30 August 1972 — 13:00
LocationKanuslalomanlage, Augsburg
Participants40 from 9 countries
FormatTwo runs, best score of two to count.

Canoe slalom doubles appeared at the Olympics for the first time in 1972 (and for the last time until 1992) and, unlike in the sprint events, up to two teams from a single nation were allowed to compete. Jürgen Kretschmer and Klaus Trummer of East Germany were the reigning World Champions, while French brothers Jean-Louis and Jean-Claude Olry had won the tournament in 1969. These two nations were third and fourth respectively after the first round, which was won by Walter Hofmann and Rolf-Dieter Amend of East Germany, the reigning World runners-up in the C-2 and champions in the C-2 team with Kretschmer and Trummer. Their counterparts in the West held the number two position with Hans-Otto Schumacher and Willi Baues. Neither East German team improved upon their record in the second run, which was enough for Hofmann and Amend to earn gold, but France bettered its time sufficiently to leapfrog ahead of Schumacher and Baues. The West Germans, however, performed even better in run two and maintained their silver medal position, leaving France with bronze and Kretschmer and Trummer, who failed to post a score, off the podium.

PosBibPairNOCTotal TimeRun #1Run #2
1139/124Walter Hofmann / Rolf-Dieter AmendGDR310.68310.68 (1)445.51 (10)Gold
2190/158Hans-Otto Schumacher / Willi BauesFRG311.90316.96 (2)311.90 (1)Silver
397/96Jean-Louis Olry / Jean-Claude OlryFRA315.10362.04 (4)315.10 (2)Bronze
4145/155Jürgen Kretschmer / Klaus TrummerGDR329.57329.57 (3)– (DNF)
5255/273Jan Frączek / Ryszard SerugaPOL366.21366.21 (5)386.78 (4)
6392/395Janez Andrejašič / Peter GuzeljYUG368.01– (DNF)368.01 (3)
7187/166Michael Reimann / Olaf FrickeFRG371.86371.86 (6)510.00 (17)
811/19Heimo Müllneritsch / Helmar SteindlAUT375.14375.14 (7)456.72 (13)
9182/175Theo Nüsing / Hans Jakob HitzFRG386.67386.67 (8)414.38 (7)
10326/319František Kadaňka / Antonín BrabecTCH388.88388.88 (9)462.33 (15)
11325/324Gabriel Janoušek / Milan HorynaTCH402.30– (DNF)402.30 (5)
12385/364Tom Southworth / John BurtonUSA407.55427.38 (10)407.55 (6)
13260/261Jerzy Jeż / Wojciech KudlikPOL416.10– (DNF)416.10 (8)
14378/367Russ Nichols / John EvansUSA440.08522.02 (13)440.08 (9)
15101/122David Allen / Lindsay WilliamsGBR447.08– (DNF)447.08 (11)
16332/331Zdeněk Měšťan / Ladislav MěšťanTCH449.10449.10 (11)459.00 (14)
17272/262Maciej Rychta / Zbigniew LeśniakPOL455.70459.64 (12)455.70 (12)
18137/132Jürgen Henze / Herbert FischerGDR508.44– (DNF)508.44 (16)
19405/406Dušan Tuma / Franc ŽitnikYUG558.55558.55 (14)– (DNF)
DNF106/110John Court / Jon GoodwinGBR– (DNF)– (DNF)