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Kayak Singles, Slalom, Men

Date11 – 12 August 2008
LocationShunyi Aolinpike Shuishang Gongyuan, Mapo, Shunyi
Participants21 from 21 countries

Only two former Olympic medalists, both from 2004, travelled to the 2008 edition to take part in the men’s K-1 slalom once again. Great Britain’s Campbell Walsh, the silver medalist, had since been the 2008 European champion, as well as the 2007 European and 2006 and 2007 World bronze medalist. Third-placed Fabien Lefèvre of France, meanwhile, had been the 2005 World runner-up. The only other recent World medalist at the Games was Peter Cibák of Slovakia, the 2005 bronze medalist, while the only other recent European medalists were Austria’s Helmut Oblinger, the 2005 champion, Slovenia’s Peter Kauzer, the 2005 and 2007 runner-up, and Italy’s Daniele Molmenti, the 2008 runner-up.

Kauzer, Lefèvre, and Molmenti were the top three canoeists in the qualifying round, while Oblinger was sixth, Walsh was ninth, and Cibák was eleventh. The Beijing Olympics introduced a one-round semi-final for the remaining 15 participants, which was won surprisingly by French-born Benjamin Boukpeti, who was representing Togo at the Games. Perhaps even more shocking was that Cibák, Kauzer, and Walsh were all eliminated. Boukpeti then surprised spectators even further by winning the first run ahead of Australia’s Warwick Draper and Lefèvre. Molmenti and Oblinger, meanwhile, were eighth and ninth respectively. It was Germany’s Alexander Grimm, however, who ended up taking the gold medal, being bumped up from fourth after the first run thanks to an excellent performance. Lefèvre’s second-place finish was good enough for silver overall, as Draper was eighth in the second-run, while Boukpeti’s third was enough to allow him to hang on to bronze and become Togo’s first ever Olympic medalist in any sport.

12Alexander GrimmGERGold
23Fabien LefèvreFRASilver
317Benjamin BoukpetiTOGBronze
48Eoin RheinischIRL
513Warwick DraperAUS
610David FordCAN
79Helmut OblingerAUT
812Dariusz PopielaPOL
915Robert BoutenNED
104Daniele MolmentiITA
1114Vavřinec HradilekCZE
1211Peter CibákSVK
131Peter KauzerSLO
1416Guillermo Díez-CanedoESP
156Campbell WalshGBR
1618Pablo McCandlessCHI
177Mike KurtSUI
1820Kazuki YazawaJPN
1919Atanas NikolovskiMKD
205Scott ParsonsUSA
2121Ding FuxueCHN

Qualifying (11 August 2008)

Two runs. Total points determined placement. Top 15 advanced to semi-finals.

Downstream gates?
Total gates21
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
121Peter KauzerSLO166.4981.79 (1)84.70 (5)Q
219Fabien LefèvreFRA168.0685.66 (9)82.40 (2)Q
318Daniele MolmentiITA168.5985.13 (5)83.46 (3)Q
420Alexander GrimmGER169.2684.90 (2)84.36 (4)Q
510Dariusz PopielaPOL171.0285.51 (7)85.51 (6)Q
613Helmut OblingerAUT171.7586.21 (10)85.54 (7)Q
78Vavřinec HradilekCZE172.0285.61 (8)86.41 (10)Q
85Benjamin BoukpetiTOG172.2690.17 (20)82.09 (1)Q
916Campbell WalshGBR172.4486.72 (14)85.72 (8)Q
109Warwick DraperAUS172.5886.28 (13)86.30 (9)Q
1111Peter CibákSVK172.9586.26 (=11)86.69 (11)Q
1216Guillermo Díez-CanedoESP173.0284.95 (4)88.07 (13)Q
1312David FordCAN174.8485.35 (6)89.49 (17)Q
147Robert BoutenNED175.1686.26 (=11)88.90 (16)Q
158Eoin RheinischIRL176.3388.52 (18)87.81 (12)Q
1618Pablo McCandlessCHI176.6488.24 (17)88.40 (14)
1715Mike KurtSUI178.6687.58 (16)91.08 (19)
182Kazuki YazawaJPN179.8789.82 (19)90.05 (18)
193Atanas NikolovskiMKD181.1992.63 (21)88.56 (15)
2017Scott ParsonsUSA220.5484.91 (3)135.63 (20)
211Ding FuxueCHN228.3987.47 (15)140.92 (21)

Semi-Finals (12 August 2008 — 15:40)

One run. Top 10 advanced to final.

Downstream gates?
Total gates21
Upstream gates?
18Benjamin BoukpetiTOG86.081:26.080Q
26Warwick DraperAUS86.091:26.090Q
314Fabien LefèvreFRA87.211:27.210Q
412Alexander GrimmGER87.311:27.310Q
52Robert BoutenNED88.401:28.400Q
63David FordCAN88.461:28.460Q
711Dariusz PopielaPOL88.491:28.490Q
813Daniele MolmentiITA88.561:26.562Q
910Helmut OblingerAUT88.691:28.690Q
101Eoin RheinischIRL88.851:28.850Q
119Vavřinec HradilekCZE88.971:28.970
125Peter CibákSVK89.411:27.412
1315Peter KauzerSLO89.421:25.424
144Guillermo Díez-CanedoESP90.061:28.062
157Campbell WalshGBR95.741:33.742

Final Round (12 August 2008 — 17:17)

Downstream gates?
Total gates21
Upstream gates?
PosOrdBoatNOCTotalRun OneRun Two
17Alexander GrimmGER171.7087.31 (4)84.39 (1)
28Fabien LefèvreFRA173.3087.21 (3)86.09 (2)
310Benjamin BoukpetiTOG173.4586.08 (1)87.37 (3)
41Eoin RheinischIRL176.9188.85 (10)88.06 (4)
59Warwick DraperAUS177.8586.09 (2)91.76 (8)
65David FordCAN178.3588.46 (6)89.89 (5)
72Helmut OblingerAUT178.8388.69 (9)90.14 (6)
84Dariusz PopielaPOL179.6888.49 (7)91.19 (7)
95Robert BoutenNED227.9988.40 (5)139.59 (9)
103Daniele MolmentiITA230.9388.56 (8)142.37 (10)