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Three-Day Event, Team, Open

Date9 – 12 August 2008
LocationXianggang Tiyu Xueyuan, Hong Kong
Participants52 from 11 countries
FormatFive rider teams. Best three scores in each round to count for the team total. Team/individual competitions held concurrently.

As in 2004, the format consisted of five-rider teams with the three best scores to count in each phase. Germany was favored. They had won the 2006 World Championship and in 2004 at Athina, seemed to win the gold medal, but it was later stripped in a controversial ruling concerning Bettina Hoy and when she had crossed the start line in the jumping. Germany appealed the ruling to the FEI and it was reversed, but on further appeal, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) disallowed the appeal and Germany was dropped back to fourth place. Germany won the dressage phase and still led after the endurance ride. Their last rider in jumping was Hinrich Romeike, gold medalist in the individual three-day event. When Romeike missed only one obstacle, Germany had the gold medal, leading Australia by only 5.1 points, as Great Britain won bronze.

Peter Thomsen-166,1-102,9
Frank Ostholt-166,1-57,8
Andreas Dibowski-166,1-57,2
Ingrid Klimke-166,1-54,7
Hinrich Romeike-166,1-54,2
Shane Rose-171,2-70,5
Sonja Johnson-171,2-58,8
Lucinda Fredericks-171,2-59,6
Clayton Fredericks-171,2-57,4
Megan Jones-171,2-55,0
3Great BritainGBR-185,7Bronze
Sharon Hunt-185,7-95,1
Daisy Dick-185,7-79,9
William Fox-Pitt-185,7-64,2
Tina Cook-185,7-57,4
Mary King-185,7-64,1
Viktoria Carlerbäck-230,5-1.000,0
Magnus Gällerdal-230,5-1.000,0
Dag Albert-230,5-93,2
Katrin Norling-230,5-73,0
Linda Algotsson-230,5-64,3
5New ZealandNZL-240,9
Andrew Nicholson-240,9-1.000,0
Heelan Tompkins-240,9-138,8
Mark Todd-240,9-77,6
Caroline Powell-240,9-73,2
Joe Meyer-240,9-90,1
Fabio Magni-246,4-119,6
Stefano Brecciaroli-246,4-116,0
Vittoria Panizzon-246,4-69,0
Susanna Bordone-246,4-86,6
Roberto Rotatori-246,4-90,8
7United StatesUSA-250,0
Amy Tryon-250,0-1.000,0
Karen O'Connor-250,0-131,7
Becky Holder-250,0-125,7
Phillip Dutton-250,0-68,2
Gina Miles-250,0-56,1
Patricia Ryan-276,1-126,5
Niall Griffin-276,1-109,0
Geoff Curran-276,1-94,1
Austin O'Connor-276,1-87,2
Louise Lyons-276,1-94,8
Samantha Taylor-321,0-188,3
Mike Winter-321,0-145,7
Selena O'Hanlon-321,0-132,9
Sandra Donnelly-321,0-92,2
Kyle Carter-321,0-95,9
Saulo Tristão-334,1-1.000,0
Jeferson Moreira-334,1-110,7
André Paro-334,1-133,8
Marcelo Tosi-334,1-89,6
Jean Renaud Adde-1.138,8-1.000,0
Eric Vigeanel-1.138,8-79,0
Didier Dhennin-1.138,8-59,8