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Team, Open

Date17 – 18 August 2008
LocationXianggang Tiyu Xueyuan, Hong Kong
Participants62 from 16 countries
FormatTwo rounds. Four rider teams. Best three scores in each round determined team total. Separate competition.

The United States came in as the defending champions and led after the first round, tied with Switzerland. Canada was fourth after round one, but moved up in round two and tied the United States with 20 faults, as Switzerland dropped back and would settle for the bronze medal. This was the second time that the team jumping required a jump-off at the Olympics, the first time occurring in 2004. The first three American riders – McLain Ward, Laura Kraut, and Will Simpson – went clear, giving the US a team score of 0.00 for the jump-off. Canada had only three riders, after Mac Cone’s horse Ole was injured and could not compete. When Canadian Jill Henselwood missed an obstacle, the gold medal went to the United States. Canada was led by Ian Millar, who was competing in his ninth Olympics, which tied the Olympic best held by Austrian sailor Hubert Raudaschl. This was Millar’s first medal, and he would return in 2012 and compete at his 10th Olympic Games, a record.

Switzerland won the bronze medal, as noted, but originally Norway had finished ahead of them. However, Norway was disqualified when Tony André Hansen’s horse Camiro tested positive for capsaicin, a topical anti-inflammatory medication often applied to horses’ legs so they do not hurt when they hit obstacles. Without his scores, Norway dropped to eighth place. Germany was also affected by drug controls when Christian Ahlmann’s horse, Cöster, also tested positive for capsaicin. Two years later another German, Marco Kutscher, would be disqualified for a positive doping test in the event, which meant that Germany did not officially have three riders finish the course in either round, although they had originally tied the Netherlands for fourth place.

1United StatesUSA20128Gold
McLain WardSapphire20044
Laura KrautCedric20404
Will SimpsonCarlsson Vom Dach208816
Beezie MaddenAuthentic2011415
Jill HenselwoodSpecial Ed2012DNSDNF
Eric LamazeHickstead2018018
Ian MillarIn Style20044
Mac ConeOle20404
Christina LiebherrNo Mercy3042327
Pius SchwizerNobless M30459
Niklaus SchurtenbergerCantus304812
Steve GuerdatJalisca Solier30459
Angélique HoornO'Brien344812
Marc HoutzagerOpium34156
Vincent VoornAlpapillon-Armanie34162743
Gerco SchröderMonaco3412416
5Great BritainGBR371621
Nick SkeltonRussel3781321
Tim StockdaleCorlato374812
Ben MaherRolette37404
Peter ErikssonJaguar Mail388412
Lotta SchultzCalibra II3852025
Helena LundbäckErbblume38121739
Rolf-Göran BengtssonNinja38044
Peter McMahonGenoa4116DNSDNF
Laurie LeverDrossel Dan4116420
Edwina AlexanderItot Du Chateau41000
Matt WilliamsLeconte4141721
Stein EndresenLe Beau4941216
Morten DjupvikCasino4912416
Geir GulliksenCattani4912517
Tony André HansenCamiro[27][1][1][2]1
AC r3/3GermanyGER542529
Marco KutscherCornet Obolensky541319322
Meredith Michaels-BeerbaumShutterfly54448
Ludger BeerbaumAll Inclusive548614
Christian AhlmannCöster348412DQ (horse doping)3
8 r2/3MexicoMEX
Antonio ChedrauiDon Porfirio
Alberto MichánChinobampo Lavita
Federico FernándezZorro
Enrique GonzálezFrida
10 r2/3UkraineUKR
Jean-Claude Van GeenbergheQuintus
Björn NagelMagic Bengtsson
Katharina OffelLord Spezi
Oleksandr OnishchenkoCodar
11 r2/3Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaKSA
Ramzy Al-DuhamiAllah Jabek
Kamal BahamdanRivaal
Prince Faisal Al-ShalanWido
Prince Abdullah Al-SaudObelix
12 r2/3New ZealandNZL
Kirk WebbySitah
Bruce GoodinYamato
Sharn WordleyRockville
Katie McVeanForest
13 r2/3Hong Kong, ChinaHKG
Patrick LamUrban
Kenneth ChengCan Do
Samantha LamTresor
13 r2/3People's Republic of ChinaCHN
Zhang BinCoertis
Zhao ZhiwenTadonia
Huang ZupingPablo II
Li ZhenqiangJumpy Des Fontaines
AC r2/3BrazilBRA
Rodrigo PessoaRufusDQ (horse doping)4
Bernardo AlvesChupa ChupDQ (horse doping)5
Camila BenedictoBonito Z
Pedro VenissUn Blanc De Blancs

Round One (17 August 2008 — 19:15)

Top eight teams and ties advanced to round two.

Christina LiebherrNo Mercy12440Q
Pius SchwizerNobless M12440Q
Niklaus SchurtenbergerCantus12440Q
Steve GuerdatJalisca Solier12440Qnon-scoring
=1United StatesUSA12Q
McLain WardSapphire12000Q
Laura KrautCedric12440Q
Will SimpsonCarlsson Vom Dach12880Q
Beezie MaddenAuthentic121183Qnon-scoring
Rolf-Göran BengtssonNinja13000Q
Lotta SchultzCalibra II13541Q
Peter ErikssonJaguar Mail13880Q
Helena LundbäckErbblume1312120Qnon-scoring
=4Great BritainGBR16Q
Tim StockdaleCorlato16440Q
Ben MaherRolette16440Q
Nick SkeltonRussel16880Q
Eric LamazeHickstead16000Q
Ian MillarIn Style16440Q
Mac ConeOle1612120Q
Jill HenselwoodSpecial Ed1618162Qnon-scoring
Marc HoutzagerOpium17101Q
Angélique HoornO'Brien17440Q
Gerco SchröderMonaco1712120Q
Vincent VoornAlpapillon-Armanie1716160Qnon-scoring
Edwina AlexanderItot Du Chateau20000Q
Matt WilliamsLeconte20440Q
Peter McMahonGenoa2016160Q
Laurie LeverDrossel Dan2016160Qnon-scoring
Antonio ChedrauiDon Porfirio26880
Alberto MichánChinobampo Lavita26981
Federico FernándezZorro26981
Enrique GonzálezFrida2616160non-scoring
Stein EndresenLe Beau28440Q
Morten DjupvikCasino2812120Q
Geir GulliksenCattani2812120Qnon-scoring
Tony André HansenCamiro[17][1][0][1]Q
Jean-Claude Van GeenbergheQuintus34880
Björn NagelMagic Bengtsson34981
Katharina OffelLord Spezi3417161
Oleksandr OnishchenkoCodar34DNFnon-scoring
11Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaKSA38
Ramzy Al-DuhamiAllah Jabek38541
Kamal BahamdanRivaal3815123
Prince Faisal Al-ShalanWido3818162
Prince Abdullah Al-SaudObelix3830282non-scoring
12New ZealandNZL45
Kirk WebbySitah45880
Bruce GoodinYamato4512120
Sharn WordleyRockville4525241
Katie McVeanForest4545405non-scoring
13Hong Kong, ChinaHKG59
Patrick LamUrban59981
Kenneth ChengCan Do5921201
Samantha LamTresor5929281
13People's Republic of ChinaCHN99
Zhang BinCoertis9931247
Zhao ZhiwenTadonia9932320
Huang ZupingPablo II9936360
Li ZhenqiangJumpy Des Fontaines9939327non-scoring
Camila BenedictoBonito Z[13][12][1]
Pedro VenissUn Blanc De Blancs[DNF]non-scoring
Rodrigo PessoaRufus[0][0][0]
Bernardo AlvesChupa Chup[12][12][0]
Meredith Michaels-BeerbaumShutterfly25440Q
Ludger BeerbaumAll Inclusive25880Q
Marco KutscherCornet Obolensky[25][13][12][1]
Christian AhlmannCöster[25][8][8][0]

Round Two (18 August 2008 — 19:15)

Eric LamazeHickstead4000
Mac ConeOle4000
Ian MillarIn Style4440
2United StatesUSA88
Laura KrautCedric8000
McLain WardSapphire8440
Beezie MaddenAuthentic8440
Will SimpsonCarlsson Vom Dach8880non-scoring
Gerco SchröderMonaco17440
Marc HoutzagerOpium17541
Angélique HoornO'Brien17880
Vincent VoornAlpapillon-Armanie1727243non-scoring
Pius SchwizerNobless M18541
Steve GuerdatJalisca Solier18541
Niklaus SchurtenbergerCantus18880
Christina LiebherrNo Mercy1823203non-scoring
=5Great BritainGBR21
Ben MaherRolette21000
Tim StockdaleCorlato21880
Nick SkeltonRussel2113121
Edwina AlexanderItot Du Chateau21000
Laurie LeverDrossel Dan21440
Matt WilliamsLeconte2117161
Morten DjupvikCasino21440
Geir GulliksenCattani21541
Stein EndresenLe Beau2112120non-scoring
Tony André HansenCamiro[10][1][0][1]
Peter ErikssonJaguar Mail25440
Rolf-Göran BengtssonNinja25440
Helena LundbäckErbblume2517161
Lotta SchultzCalibra II2520200non-scoring
Meredith Michaels-BeerbaumShutterfly54440
Ludger BeerbaumAll Inclusive54642
Marco KutscherCornet Obolensky[54][19][16][3]
Christian AhlmannCöster[54][4][4][0]