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Four, Men

Date6 – 7 February 1948
LocationOlympia Bobrun, St. Moritz / Celerina
Participants60 from 9 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 17
Length: 1722 m
Start Altitude: ?
Vertical Drop: 130 m

The four man event was a much more open competition than the two man competition that followed later in the week and as many as eight teams were still in contention at the start of the final run. Olympic experience proved invaluable as, despite the twelve years since the previous Games, the pilots of the first four had all competed in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

The heavyweight Lake Placid Sno-Birds bob driven by 43 year old Frank Tyler placed fifth on the first run but an outstanding second run swept them to the top of the leader board where they remained to the finish.

Behind them was the Belgian sled piloted by the multi-talented Max Houben. Houben won his only Olympic medal in his fiftieth year, and his fifth Olympics, having competed as a sprinter in the 1920 Summer Games before taking up the bobsleigh. Also a footballer who had been a member of a Belgian championship winning side and a competitor in both motor racing and tennis, Houben died instantly in a horrific crash whilst practicing for the 1949 World Championships at Lake Placid.

The other US crew finished third despite the presence of both gold and silver medal winning two-man drivers in the world champion Switzerland I crew. The racing passed relatively smoothly without any serious crashes or injuries although racing was temporarily suspended during the second run when the track was flooded after a water pipe broke.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
1United States IIUSA5:20.11:17.1 (2)1:19.6 (1)1:21.4 (=1)1:22.0 (5)Gold
Frank TylerPat MartinEd RimkusBill D'Amico
2Belgium BEL5:21.31:17.3 (=3)1:20.9 (=6)1:22.0 (5)1:21.1 (1)Silver
Max HoubenFreddy MansveldGeorge NielsJacques Mouvet
3United States IUSA5:21.51:17.4 (5)1:20.7 (2)1:21.8 (4)1:21.6 (2)Bronze
Jim Bickford, Jr.Tom HicksDon Dupree, Sr.Bill Dupree
4Switzerland ISUI5:22.11:16.9 (1)1:21.2 (8)1:22.3 (=7)1:21.7 (3)
Fritz FeierabendFritz WallerFelix EndrichHeiri Angst
5Norway INOR5:22.51:17.3 (=3)1:20.8 (=3)1:21.4 (=1)1:23.0 (=6)
Arne HolstIvar JohansenReidar BergAlf Large
6Italy IITA5:23.01:18.2 (7)1:20.8 (=3)1:22.1 (6)1:21.9 (4)
Nino BibbiaGian Carlo RonchettiEdilberto CampadeseLuigi Cavalieri
7Great Britain IGBR5:23.91:18.5 (8)1:20.9 (=6)1:21.5 (3)1:23.0 (=6)
William ColesJack McLeanPennington CollingsMike Holliday
8Switzerland IISUI5:25.41:17.6 (6)1:20.8 (=3)1:22.3 (=7)1:24.7 (12)
Franz KapusBernhard SchilterPaul EberhardWerner Spring
9France IFRA5:29.41:18.9 (9)1:22.2 (9)1:23.8 (11)1:24.5 (=10)
René CharletJean MorinJacques DescatoireAmédée Ronzel
10Norway IINOR5:29.71:20.0 (11)1:22.6 (10)1:23.6 (10)1:23.5 (8)
Bjarne SchrøenGunnar ThoresenArnold DyrdahlBenn Johan Valsø
11Italy IIITA5:30.21:19.8 (10)1:22.8 (11)1:23.2 (9)1:24.4 (9)
Nino RovelliEnrico AiroldiVittorio FolonariRemo Airoldi
12Argentina ARG5:32.91:20.5 (12)1:23.4 (12)1:24.5 (12)1:24.5 (=10)
Justo del CarrilSalvador CorreaMarcelo de RidderHéctor Tomasi
13France IIFRA5:35.41:20.7 (14)1:24.7 (15)1:24.7 (13)1:25.3 (13)
Gilbert Achard-PicardFélix BonnatLouis Saint CalbreHenri Evrot
14Czechoslovakia TCH5:35.51:20.6 (13)1:24.1 (13)1:25.4 (14)1:25.4 (14)
Max IppenFrantišek ZajíčekIvan ŠipajloEduard Novotný
15Great Britain IIGBR5:41.11:20.8 (15)1:24.3 (14)1:29.8 (15)1:26.2 (15)
Richard JefferyEd MeddingsGeorge Powell-SheddenJames Iremonger