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Middleweight (≤75 kilograms), Men

Date10 August 1948 — 19:00
LocationEmpress Hall, Earls Court Exhibition Centre, Kensington, London
Participants24 from 18 countries
FormatTotal of best lifts in military press, snatch, and clean & jerk determined placement. Ties broken by lightest bodyweight.

At the 1947 World Championships, American Stan Stanczyk won this class, defeating his teammate Frank Spellman, while another American, Pete George, won gold as a lightweight. George moved up in weight to compete in London as a middleweight, while Stanczyk also added weight and was in the light-heavyweight class, leaving George and Spellman as middleweight favorites. The defending champion from Berlin was Egypt’s Khadr El-Touni, and he was back in an attempt to add another gold medal, and had to be considered, having won the 1946 World Championship. The lead in the press was taken by Korean Kim Seong-Jip, third at the 1947 Worlds, followed by El-Touni, with Spellman third, and George trailing Kim by 17.5 kg. After the snatch, Spellman and El-Touni were tied at 237.5 kg, followed by Kim with George moving into fourth place. However, the Americans prevailed in the clean & jerk with Spellman winning the gold medal when George failed on his final attempt with 165.0 kg. Kim and El-Touni tied with a total of 380.0 kg but Kim won Korea’s first ever Olympic medal because of his lighter bodyweight (72.92 kg to 74.90 kg).

1Frank SpellmanUSA390.0ORGold
2Pete GeorgeUSA382.5Silver
3Kim Seong-JipKOR380.0Bronze
4Khadr El-TouniEGY380.0
5Gerry GrattonCAN360.0
6Pierre BouladouFRA355.0
7Orlando GarridoCUB355.0
8Bill WatsonGBR350.0
9Georges FirminFRA347.5
10Joe SklarCAN345.0
11Lennart NelsonSWE335.0
12Jan SmeekensNED330.0
13Nasr Sayed Mir GhavamiIRI327.5
14Issy BloombergRSA327.5
15Ernie PeppiattGBR327.5
16Klement SchuhAUT320.0
17Armando RuedaMEX315.0
18Julio BonnetARG312.5
19Fritz MastSUI310.0
20Juan RussoARG310.0
21Orlando ChavesGUY307.5
22Muhammad Iqbal ButtPAK305.0
23Roger RubiniSUI292.5
DNFJørgen MoritzenDEN